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Congratulatory Message to Madame Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President-elect, Republic of Liberia

County Federation in USA Congratulates newly-Elected Government

Africa's First Female President's Private Visit Turned Into a Semi-Official Visit

Grand Gedeh Association Concerns About Recent Developments in Liberia

"The World Will Give its Verdict After the Election:" History is on the Side of the 2005 Presidential Election Observers
(By William E. Allen)
The allegation by Mr. George Weah, the recently defeated Liberian presidential candidate, that international observers conspired to cheat for the winner, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, is difficult for the majority of Liberians to believe. This is so because international observers have a long history of correctly assessing Liberian presidential elections. Since the 1920s, Liberians had begun to rely entirely on international observers to confirm their suspicion that the results of presidential elections were rigged.

Holding Entrusted Authority Accountable: An Update on the Probable Misapplication of State Funds at the LPRC
(A Press Statement Issued By TheCenter for the Democratic Empowerment (CEDE) on November 29, 2005)
The owl whose night-bound eyes are blind unto the day cannot unveil the mystery of light
. Kahlil Gibran (The Prophet)Khalil Gibran, a Lebanese Philosopher, was born in 1883. He moved to New York in 1912 and devoted himself to writing and painting. He died in 1931. This great thinker and the phrase above got me thinking about the behavior of state functionaries in our country. I am specifically referring to the behavior of the Management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company, who happen to believe that they have the inalienable right to misapply state money and the rest of the populace must simply look the other way.

The Center for Democratic Empowerment (CEDE) applauds the conduct of October 2005 Elections
(A Press Statement Issued By TheCenter for the Democratic Empowerment (CEDE) on November 25, 2005)
The Center for Democratic Empowerment (CEDE) applauds the conduct of October 2005 Elections and the November 2005 Run Off Election. The maturity and exemplary attitude of the general public and the electorate manifest the inherent ability of the Liberian people, once given a genuine opportunity, to make sound and intelligent judgment.

The Impact Of HIV/AIDS On The Civil Service In Africa
(Presentation by Dr. Chinua Akukwe at the 2005 National Academy of Public Administration Conference)
I thank the National Academy of Public Administration and the Africa Working Group for this opportunity to share my insights on the impact of HIV/AIDS on Africa’s civil service. The Africa Working Group of the Academy under the leadership of Professor Sy Murray deserves credit for its focus on HIV/AIDS in Africa.

MY LAST WILL: I Like The Sun Rise Again
(By James Thomas-Queh)
For the centennial celebration in 1947, President Tubman commissioned the famous Duke Ellington to do a composition in our national honour. The album that came out “Liberian Suite” had its first piece entitled: “I Like The Sun Rise.” It has been over half a century since then and out of the ashes of total destructive madness...

Law to possess Jeeps: Interim Legislators’ shameless act
(By Wellington Nyema-Toe Newton)
It is grossly shameful and is criminal for the interim national legislators to pass a law giving them personal ownership of vehicles purchased for their official use. They even overturned the interim president’s veto- one of the few manly acts the interim president has done.

(Observations of His Surrogate Mother)

(By Alice M. Johnson)
If Sumowuoi David Pewu of Fort Worth, Texas, were alive today, I believe he would have already written a forthright commentary on the recent Liberian elections process and its outcome. There would have been plenty of discussion at home about it and the phones would have been in use - non-stop. It would not have surprised us if he had already made plans to go to Liberia for while to work with the new government.

Counselor Jonathan Fonati Koffa Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
A story many in the Liberian communities and other interested parties have followed is coming to a climax: The News Observer has reported that Counselor Jonathan Fonati Koffa has pled guilty to “four federal charges related to the suspected embezzlement of $500,000”. The paper also reports that Koffa could face as much as “10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.” He now awaits sentencing, which occurs in January.

Moving Liberian Youth From At-Risk To Promise And Hope
(By: Emmanuel Dolo)
As the title suggests, my aim is to discuss the elusive subject of chronic poor social development among Liberian youth. I first offer introductory remarks and raise some questions for setting the context of the discussion. The ultimate goal here is to orient readers to the subject of youth development in nations recovering from war. Further, I offer some general recommendations for dealing with this problem from the perspectives of youth development and mental health policies.

Did Liberia pay $500,000 per consultant?
J. Yanqui Zaza
Another independent report (i.e., Government Accountability Office audit, an investigating arm of the United States Congress-GAO) completed in July 2005 accuses international experts of inflating prices of projects in Afghanistan. (11/07/05, NY Times). Did Liberia, in the expense of the $520 million, pay an annual fee of $500,000 per consultant to private corporations as Afghanistan did?

Weah's Theory of fraudulent elections
(By Mohamedu F Jones)
Media reports out of Monrovia indicated that Ambassador George Weah gave a statement following the election, which laid out the theory of his claim of fraudulent elections and outlined the thematic underpinnings of his allegations that the outcome of the November 8th elections was bogus – that he was cheated of victory. Analysis of Mr. Weah’s statement lays bares the spuriousness and speciousness of his contentions.
International Observers’ Reports Raise Very Serious Questions About The validity and legitimacy Of Ambassador Weah’s Claims That He Was “cheated”
(By Mohamedu F. Jones)
During recent the recent November 8, 2005 presidential run-off elections in Liberia, the National Elections Commission reported that it accredited 369 observers from 29 international observation missions to monitor Liberia’s elections.

Is This The Best Liberia Has To Offer?
(By Philip A. Z. Banks, III)
I had the occasion a few days ago to meet colleagues from other African nations---lawyers, economists, engineers and many more. Liberia”, they said, “used to be the pride and joy of the African continent, a nation many envied, a nation we could look to when we faltered and were in despair.” Today, they continued, we are frightened of Africa’s future because of what Liberia is offering the continent.”

Ambassador Weah, Please Accept the Election Result
(By Gayah Fahnbulleh)
Fellow Liberians, there is an old Chinese adage that says, " A million mile journey begins with the first step. In this case, it was the elections. Even though the elections are over, the conclusion of legislative and presidential elections do not ultimately translate them into lasting peace. The obtainment of peace is a long and enduring process that requires genuine commitment and tolerance to nationhood.

Please Do The Honorable Thing, Weah
(By Wellington Newton)
I am adding my voice to the many calls for George Weah and his supporters to concede in the interest of peace. This is the right and honorable thing to do.

Powerful African Leaders Endorse Liberia’s Election (Forum)
Seven African leaders meeting in Abuja Nigeria, have rated the run-off election between CDC George Weah and UP Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as free, fair and transparent.

The People Have Spoken - Mawolo (Forum)
A campaign political officer of the Unity Party, Tarnue Mawolo, says the vote on November 8 run-off election was an expression of the will of the Liberian people and this was expressed unequivocally and clearly; writes, Josiah S. Hallie.

Karter Urges CDC to Concede Defeat (Forum)
(By: Obadiah Karnah, II)
A resident of Besely Drive Stone Mountain in Atlanta Georgia, USA, says he is impressed with the conduct of the first and second rounds of the post-war presidential elections in the West African state of Liberia.

Who Is The Grassrooter? (Forum)
(By: Kaazogon-gbay Geekan)
Since the possibility of a presidential run-off election between George Weah and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf become apparent, a new language crept into the vocabulary of “sidewalk intellectuals” and “Hatai politicians.” As a member of this new breed of informal parliamentarians,

Int’l Election Observers Declare Run-off Credible (Forum)
(By: Lewis K. Glay)
Several international election observers who witnessed Liberia’s run-off election have declared the process as being free, fair and orderly thus putting the country on the path of genuine peace and stability.

"In the Cause of the People:" Liberian Voters Plainly Reject the "Congo-Country" Divide
(William E. Allen)
The result of the November 8, 2005 Liberian run-off election strongly indicates that the voters' choice of Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was made undeniably "in the cause of the people." Voters from across Liberia’s diverse cultural landscape spurned the temptation to select a candidate based solely on his or her ethnicity, or in other words, they refused to choose someone because he or she was entirely "Congo" or entirely "Country."

Criminal Charges Hang Over George Weah?
(By Sonkarley T. Beaie)
The news from Liberia after the November 8 run-off election between Weah and Sirleaf is very worrisome and I kindly ask Mr. Weah to give peace a chance by accepting the results which had been described as free, fair and transparent by observers.

George Manneh Weah: Give It Up
(By Winsley S. Nanka)
The November 11, 2005 edition of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported that defeated Liberian presidential candidate, Mr. George Manneh Weah, has challenged the result of the November 8, 2005 run-off presidential election, indicating that the election was rigged in favor of Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf.

“Putting Liberia First - An Appeal To Ambassador Weah”
(By Coker A. J. George) On one of our several meetings with President Tolbert, he said: “Mr. George, I told Mrs. Tolbert, that beside God, nothing comes before Liberia. He continued, I put Liberia first in all that I do. It was on the occasion when the Minister of Agriculture had requested that I be relieved from serving as General Manager of his Wiloria Estate in Bellefana, Bong County in order to pursue graduate studies in Soil Science. Dr. Tolbert asked me, “Mr. George, what do you have to say?”

Now We Know The Real George Manneh Weah: A True Unifier Or Confusionist?
(By Michael B. Bull)
Prior to the 2005 Electioneering campaign in Liberia, many Liberians from diverse political and social backgrounds crowded the field for the presidency. After continuous public out cry, the politicians narrowed the crowd to 22 candidates.

CDC Demonstrates
Open Letter to Ambassador George Oppong Weah, National Standard Bearer, CDC
From Citizen Christian K. “Noko4” Nelson)
The game is over. Please take note and govern yourself accordingly. This was an experience we all treasured and cherished, while it lasted. It was a good exercise for a fledging democracy; that you were allowed to compete in such a high-stake race. This sent the message out from Liberia to the world at large that any citizen who has certain prerequisite qualifications can run for the highest office of the land. Your run for the presidency was really a good experiment.

George Weah’s supporters are demonstrating in central Monrovia today
All businesses in the city are closed due to fear of looting. So far there has been no casualty reported. Weah and his supporters feel that the Liberian soccer legend was cheated in the just ended run off election. Mr. Weah came first in the first run but got fixated around 40% in the run off. With the exception of Maryland County, he won the whole of Southeastern Liberia – Grand Kru, Grand Gedeh, River Gee and Sinoe Counties.

Post Elections Analysis: How George Weah Lost
(By: John S. Morlu)
It is a well established axiom that elections are not won on Election Day. Election Day is just the validation of the political planning, strategic and tactical maneuverings that the winner executed. As we went into the first round of voting, the Liberian media and international media characterized the race as a struggle between Ivy Leaguer and former Finance Minister Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and internationally acclaimed soccer super star George Manneh Weah.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
The Parties And Candidates Who Didn’t Make It Should Concede
(By Bishop Bennie D. Warner)
I greet you in the name of the Great Arbiter of human events. The long awaited time has come when Liberians voted to elect openly, a leader for the 21st century Liberia.

An Appeal to Ambassador Weah to be Magnanimous and Concede Defeat
(Issued By The National Communications and Strategy Committee UP (USA))
We wish to congratulate the candidates, the NEC and the Liberian people for conducting themselves in an appropriate and professional manner in service to the country and the democratic process during the November 8, 2005 run-off election.

Give Peace A Chance:Open Letter to King George (Weah) & Supporters
(Peter A. Davis)
As a Liberian residing in the United States like many others, I have quietly been following developments in our country, and have been very impressed with the elections (the October 11 and Nov. 4 Run-off).

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf: Looking Strong in Early Results Liberians voted quietly yesterday in the runoff election in a bid to choose a leader who will resurrect the country after 14 years of brutal civil conflict that destroyed this West African country. Turnout was not as good as in the October 11 elections. The runoff is between soccer legend George Weah and Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf otherwise known as the “Iron Lady”.
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf: Africa’s First Female President?
The run-off election for war-ravaged Liberia is set for tomorrow. In the first round where 22 presidential candidates contested, no candidate got the needed 50% plus one vote to win the elections. As per the elections law, the two highest vote-getters will meet in the runoff. Liberia’s soccer legend George Weah and Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf a veteran politician and an international figure were the two highest vote getters who will meet in the runoff tomorrow.

Fear The Child Who Bites Before Birth
(By James Seitua)
He’s called the great unifier; the man who has supported no insurgency, but if utterances political candidates make are anything that matter, the Liberian people must vote wisely on Tuesday or be prepared for the last hole on the belt, more displaced centers, refugee camps, and final abandonment by the world.

Leadership for a Nation in Crisis: Liberia
(By: Abraham James)
The Liberian nation is at a major crossroads, and Liberians are being called upon to select one of two candidates to provide effective presidential leadership beginning this January. The nation is in crisis and needs a leader with crisis management abilities.

Let The Best Player Have The #1 Jersey – The Presidency
(By Coker A. J. George, Jr.)
We join thousands of Liberians in the USA, and the Diaspora in congratulating you for the well disciplined and civilized manner displayed in the exercise of your franchise during the first of the presidential and vice presidential elections.

Liberia Needs More Than ‘Common Sense’ For Its Reconstruction
(Wollor E. Topor)
I read the FrontPageAfrica.com interview with presidential candidate Ambassador George Weah in which he gave emphasis to his ability in using ‘common sense’ in the rebuilding of war-torn Liberia. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, ‘common sense’ is “the habit of the first principle.” No one doubts Hon. Weah’s natural logic in developing Liberia. God has seen it fit to endow each creature with talent or power commensurate to its nature.

More Support For Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
As Liberians prepare to elect a new leader at this crucial juncture of our political history, it is worth emphasizing how utterly important this decision is. Although this may seem as just a political decision, it actually encompasses the totality of our social, economic and political well-being.

Baccus Should Be Last to Talk About Instability - Says Dr. Fahnbulleh
Former Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. H. Boimah Fahnbulleh says Gabriel Baccus Matthews should be the last to accuse anyone of bringing instability in Liberia.

FINAL BATTLE!-Who Brings the Light; Ellen or Weah? (Forum)
Liberians in their droves go to the poll again tomorrow to choose between Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of the Unity Party and football legend turned politician, Mr. George Oppong Weah during a run-off election

Blah Falls in Trouble
Former President Moses Z. Blah may no longer enjoy his United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) offered security amenity immediately after the run-off election.

We Don’t Want to Turn to Ugly Pages of History Any More - Mulbah
University of Liberia Associate Professor of Mass Communication Joe W. Mulbah says Liberians do not want repeat the ugly pages of history any more following decades of chaos in the country.

Brumskine Still Sitting On The Fence
Cllr. Charles Brumskine remains committed to his decision not to declare support to any of the contestants- George Weah of Congress for Democratic Change and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Unity Party for the run-off.

Ellen Is The Way, Light and Hope
JUDGING BETWEEN LIGHT and darkness, political substance and national vampires, the virtues of democracy and negative political approaches all in the face of the prevailing phenomenon where Liberia pitifully stands at the crossroad, we think Ellen Sirleaf of the Unity Party remains the light,

The significance of choosing a candidate and the danger of being neutral
(By: Zack G. W. Sharpe, III )
I am a member of Liberty Party and we supported a candidate for the presidency of Liberia because we believe he was the right man with great vision and with whom we were to change the political landscape in Liberia. During the campaign season, we worked very hard to have him elected because we felt he was the best candidate to govern Liberia and still feel the same today. Unfortunately for me and many Liberians, our candidate did not make it to the runoff. This decision by most Liberians has shown us that democracy doesn’t always give you the best or most competent candidate for an elected position.

Boye Charles: A Lier In Disguise?
(By D. Zeogar Wilson)
I was appalled by a story from Mr. Josephus Moses Gray, posted to The Perspective Website dated November 2, 2005, Captioned “George Weah Linked To Rebel Group MODEL By Two Lone Star Players”. According to Mr. Gray, Messrs Dionysius Sebwe and Jonathan Sogbe on Tuesday, November 1, 2005 appeared on the 50-50 talk show of Sky 107 FM and stated, amongst other things, that Ambassador George Manneh Weah was a supported of the disbanded rebel group “Movement for democracy in Liberia (MODEL)”,

Weah Identifies Political Godfathers(France, Italy) to Reconstruct Liberia
–Accuses America of Supporting Ellen

What appears to be a budge in political alliance to change Liberia’s close ties with Washington seems to be surfacing as the Standard-bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), George Weah, has reportedly found European godfathers as his backbone to develop Liberia should he win the presidency.

“My Husband Is Not Prepared” - Clar Weah Breaks Silence
Mrs. Clar Weah, the legally wedded wife of Ambassador George Weah says she sees Liberia as a dangerous state under the administration of Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).

Moses Blah Booed in Ganta
Former President Moses Blah over the weekend reportedly received a shock of his life in the Commercial City of Ganta, Nimba County when he was part of a campaign team of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).

Etwida Cooper Admonishes UP Partisans
(By: Buxton Davies)
The Executive Directress of the Liberia Women’s Initiative (LWI) Ms. Etwida A. Cooper is admonishing members of the United Youth for Ellen Presidency (UYEP) and partisans of the Unity Party to be vigilant and committed in their campaign spree so that Liberians will enjoy the fruits of their mother land following their victory.

Did The System Fail Weah, Or Did He Make A Choice?
(By Gbe Sneh)
When campaign rhetoric deviates from the truth, it becomes hard to bear. The system failed Weah.” That is what Winston Tubman alleges in defense of Weah’s limited education. Tubman does not elaborate on this flowery phrase, so we will just chalk that off as a mere attempt to be philosophical without the attendant support for the claim. Let’s assume that by system” Tubman is making reference to the Liberian Education System. What else could be inferred from such a phrase? So let’s find out why all the young Liberian professionals of today made it, but Weah didn’t.

Sumowuoi Pewu
A Symbol of Liberian Tragedy and Hope: A Memorial to Sumowuoi Pewu
(William E. Allen)
On Saturday, October 15, 2005 as Liberians continued the post election celebration of probably their freest election, Sumowuoi Pewu was buried quietly in Forth Worth, Texas; he died earlier on October 2, of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. In many ways, Pewu’s life was a symbol of the tragedy and the hope of Liberia. The tragedy is the age-old social injustice that spawned the national violence of April 1979, which turned uncontrollably into years of devastating civil war. Like his fellow Liberians, and this is the hope, Pewu strongly believed that in spite of the bloodshed and bitter division, Liberians could still enjoy a bright future.

George Weah Linked To Rebels Group MODEL By Two Lone Star Players
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
It has been revealed that George Weah, a flag-bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and one of the two presidential candidates in the November 8 run off election, is a supporter of the disbanded rebel group-Movement for democracy in Liberia (MODEL). But Mr. Weah has vehemently reacted to the allegations, saying that all are propaganda against him, and should not be taken for granted.

George Weah Pulls Out Of Political Debate, Disappoints Thousands of Liberians
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
The much awaited and final round of a live presidential debate between the two frontrunners in the first round of Liberia’s post-war elections, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Sports Ambassador George We has been abruptly put off by the organizers –the International Republican Institute (IRI) and National Democratic Institute (NDI) owing to the inability of Amb. Weah to live up to his commitment to show up for the intellectual thought provocative political showdown.

Why the E.U. Concept of Development in Liberia is Dangerous?
(By Moses Geply)
The economic history of nations, developed and now emerging economies in Asia such as South Korea and the new economic superpower, China and even Botswana in Africa, shows that such vibrant economies were never built solely by foreigners but through true patriotic and nationalist leaderships of those countries. In the Middle-East similar facts of world history have taught us that pre-war industrialized Iraq...

Liberians Must Choose Unity Over Division
(By Edith Gongloe-Weh)
Liberia’s political landscape is again fearfully gearing for self-destruction in spite of the current deplorable condition of the country and the polarization of tribal groups, if it is true that Mr. Weah, with the advice of his political strategists, has promised to “wipe the tears of Grand Gedeans”.

Last Chance, Last Hope! - Many Prefer Ellen (Forum)
With the November poll just a stone’s throw away in the face of what is called “choosing the lesser of two evils” several Liberians are beginning to take a glimpse at the writing on the wall of the international community and therefore guiding themselves to make a choice that would be a lasting solution for Liberia’s compounded problems.

Let’s Read the Writing on the Wall (Forum)
THE RUN-OFF election which is expected to introduce the war weary people of Liberia to a new day and a new political dispensation regarding vibrant democracy and emancipation from the state of poverty, ignorance and disease among other national destructive vices takes place on November 8 with the Unity Party and the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) flag bearers, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Mr. George Oppong Weah expected to stand the poll for proper evaluation and final selection.

Sectarian Politics: Its Danger to Our Fledging Democracy (Forum)
Liberia is today going through new political dispensation as the people continue to demonstrate their democratic rights in electing their leaders in the ongoing election. But be as it may there appears to be political venom: Congo-native sentiment that is rearing its ugly head in our political landscape by certain politicians.