An Open Letter to Mr. George 'Oppong' Weah

By Pianapue K. Early

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

April 19, 2004

Dear Mr. Weah,

I write to congratulate you on published reports on BBC interactive of your intentions to vie for the Presidency of Liberia Football Association.

I have noticed your good passion and intentions for Liberia. We have seen over the past few years how you have tried to help improve Liberia in the area of sports. Your involvement in numerous charitable foundations, which have benefited Liberians at home and abroad, is worthy of some recognition.

I, along with others who believe in this, want you to know that you are appreciated. I hope some of us, in the position, will find in our hearts to help Liberia in similar fashion. We chose to give you this recognition to encourage you to seek the presidency, even if the BBC report were not so. Go for it.

I wish you God's blessing, Allah's mercy, and in the Hands of the Ancestors.

Peace out!

Pianapue K. Early