Xenophobia Against Liberian Refugees in Ghana?
(A Letter)

From Joe Wandah


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 27, 2004


Well, of late the Analyst's advertisement with respect to recruitment placed in their paper is a matter of great concern here - with both print and electronic media having this issue on their talk shows and in newspaper commentaries almost every day since the advent in Monrovia!

Our concern here is that, with t

The experiences of Liberians in Guinea and the Ivory Coast have thought us a lesson - countless Liberians died in these Countries because of similar rumors…! Ghana being the last safe haven for those of us who are still around here in the sub-region. Hearing this kind of information, Liberians on the Buduburam camp were over the weekend subjected to another wave of security check and raid at the camp at dawn in search of dissident groups and arms.

This is not the first time the camp has been raided in this manner. As far back as the Taylor's regime, his then Vice President Moses Blah also gave some fake information to the Government here and they acted upon it by lining out all able-body men under the hot sun indicating that they were in search of arms and drugs!

About three days now, the Ghanaian Interior Minister was interviewed and he confirmed the raid but said that it was in line with the news from the Analyst. He also said that the camp was filled with ex-combatants and such raid would often come from time to time!

So what I want to get across to members of the fourth Estate through you is that they should please cross check their information before going to the press because anything that comes out of this war-torn Country is often believed by the hearer and reader due to the fact that we were once principal actors in this game of conflict!

I do understand all media houses are fighting to make ends meet, but not at the expense of their poor devastated brothers and sisters in refugee camp like the Buduburam camp here in Ghana!

Even as I write to you now enough of security measures about the movement of Liberia from and to the camp are in place. The Interior Minister out rightly said that even the police sub-station on the camp was often attacked by the Liberians! So in their elections period they will not leave any visible doors open but make sure to keep security at its fullest especially on people who were once in this crisis country!

So this is how events have been unfolding here and I hope to keep the general public informed through you as careful eyes are placed on all Liberians here! Take care and let's keep in touch.