Kofi Woods Says No Thanks to Chairman Bryant

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

February 11, 2004

After it was reported in the news that Samuel Kofi Woods had been appointed to the National Human Rights Commission, Mr. Woods' office issued the following statement to say no thanks to Chairman Bryant:

The attention of the Foundation for International Dignity (FIND) has been drawn to a recent pronouncement appointing its Regional Representative, Mr. Samuel Kofi Woods as a member of the Independent Human Rights Commission of Liberia (IHRCL).

FIND has consulted with Mr. Woods and would like to publicly state that Mr. Woods is not disposed to serve on the Commission.

While Mr. Woods recognizes the critical role that the Commission can play in consolidating the gains of peace, he emphasizes the right of every citizen to respectfully choose where their fullest potential may be realized in the reconstruction of the country.

Mr. Woods therefore reaffirms his support and commitment to the peace process and will be available to work with various components of the Liberian government and the International Community through FIND to enhance peace, stability, respect for human rights and human dignity.

Daniel D. Johnson

In another development, Chairman Bryant has selected Cllr. Frances Johnson Morris to head the Elections Commission. Cllr Morris currently serves as director of the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission. Other members of the commission nominated nominated by Chairman Bryant include: Cllr. Elizabeth Boryenneh, Mrs. Mary Brownell (retained), Cllr. Karmo Soko Sackor, Mr. James Fromayan, Mr. James Chelly and Mr. James Gileyenneh.