A Silvery Night

By: Ezekiel Pajibo

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

February 18, 2004

My return to the country of birth has given me renewed inspirations to write poetry and I would like to share with you one of the poems I have written since my return. There are more where these come from.

A Silvery Night

It is a silvery night
A moon shines against the darkly sky
The metal sheets reflect its glow
Lightening strikes in its shadow
No thunder sounds, the quiet is beautiful

The silvery night is enveloped in silence
There is only the humming of the generators, spewing toxin to the still winds
The cricket shrieks, the frogs croaks
While humans snore

This silvery night
When all is quiet
Thoughts of my honey flow thru my mind
Oh honey where are thou

Sharing a longing in my absence
Hearing the rumblings of the great Atlantic
Walking the streets of a concrete jungle
Thinking of me as I of you

It’s a silvery night the cricket goes quiet
The humming persists
The frogs are quiet now
But you are living in my thoughts.

Why is the quiet so gorgeous
The heavens bright and intriguing
The barking dog not threatening
A beautiful world this is

It ‘s a silvery night
Passion is high
Longings are haunting
Beauty in the sky.

Oh my honey
Wish thou was in my arms
A heavenly embrace that would be
Smack against my lips are yours

No thrusting this time
And cousin mosquito would not buzz
You and me in arms lock
Thinking - what a silvery night.