The Revitalisation Of The Association Of Liberian Students In Nigeria

Press Release

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

January 6, 2004

Fellow Liberians, Our Nigerian brothers and friends, all and sundry:

As the wheel of history turns it becomes increasingly compelling for conscious men to provide the lubricant that keeps the vehicle of progress in action. This vehicle must involve sincere men that will synergize their abilities, positive will and resources inorder to keep active the continuum and to ensure the momentum of their onward drive to progress.

It is precipitated against this conscious backdrop that on December 31, 2003 as another year slipped into the bosom of history and while ushering in a new vista of hope, enthusiasm and possibilities that we the Liberian students in Nigeria, glowing with the flame of knowledge, love for the Fatherland and an earnest desire to ensure national healing amongst our already divided people, decided to convoke on the Oru Refugee Camp, Ogun State, Nigeria to form, fix, establish and to elect a new corps of officers for our noble organisation, Association of Liberian Students in Nigeria(ALSIN).

This gathering of Liberian students from various Nigerian universities, polytechnics, theological seminaries, schools of nursing and other tertiary institutions after a hectic two-days session gave birth to a new leadership to direct their course for a period of one year. Emerging from this intellectually tensed, politically charged, and democratically transparent process were the following students: Mr. Richard Fatorma Ngafuan from the Department of Demography and Social Statistics, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife President; Mr. Tailey

Garley, Department of Accountancy, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Vice-President and Mr. P. Obediah Browne, Department of Civil Engineering, Anambra State University of Science and Technology, Uli Secretary-General. Also elected were Mr. Ernest G. Smith Jr. Department of Computer Engineering, Ibadan Polytechnic, Financial Secretary and Mr. Alton V. Kesselly, Department of Physics, University of Abuja, Abuja Public Relations Officer.

In keeping with the usual style and tradition, the official swearing in and turning over ceremonies were held immediately after the election at which time the official documents and properties of ALSIN were turn over to the President-elect, Mr. Richard Fatorma Ngafuan, on behalf of the elected officials by Mr. James Zulu Grear, the out-going Secretary-General of the organisation.

The newly elected officials were given the mandate to ensure, inter-alia, the fostering of academic excellence and unity among all Liberian students, the soliciting assistance for needy students, the rehabilitation and revitalization of the already shattered edifice of the mental sanctity of the Liberian youth, and the portrayal of a positive nationalistic image by keeping the emblem of Liberia aloft in the constellation of nations.

In this light, the Leadership of the Association of Liberian Students in Nigeria(ALSIN) is calling on all well-meaning Liberians, the Interim Government of Liberia, Liberian youth and civic institutions, the Federal Government of Nigeria, Non-governmental organizations and Philanthropic institutions to collaborate with us as we endeavour to achieve our dream for the benefit of our fellow Liberians and mankind in general.


Alton V. Kesselly
Public Relations Officer(PRO)

Richard F. Ngafuan