Discontent In The NPP - NSA Director Replaced

By A Correspondent
Monrovia, Liberia

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

January 12, 2004

The former president of Liberia and one of the key figures of the NPP, Mr. Moses Z. Blah, told local journalists that NPP appointed Assembly man, Sando Johnson of Bomi County, is insane and needs to see a psychiatrist. Mr. Blah promised to pay Johnson's psychiatry bill. The former president further warned Mr. Johnson that he (Blah) is not Archbishop Michael Francis and that the next time Johnson lies on him, he (Johnson) will be dealt with thoroughly.

Mr. Blah's annoyance came as a result of an accusation made by Sando Johnson that the former president had connived with Chairman Gyude Bryant to terminate the services of Rancy Moore as head of the National Security Agency. Representative Johnson further said that Mr. Blah is on a "mission" to destroy the NPP.

Rancy Moore was made head of the NSA through nomination by the former government of Liberia (GOL). It is believed that his selection as head of NSA was influenced by Charles Taylor.

Mr. Moore’s dismissal stemmed from the fact that he has allegedly kept an open line of communication with Charles Taylor, indicted war criminal who is now residing in Calabar, Nigeria. Chairman Bryant, on several occasions, warned Mr. Moore but Mr. Moore refused to disengage. Chairman Bryant then informed former President Blah that Mr. Moore had to go.

The NPP through Mr. Blah has recommended Freedie Taylor (former brother-in-law of Charles Taylor who served as the first NSA Director of the former Liberian dictator) for the slot.

Sando Johnson, a high school degenerate and an alleged arsonist used the defunct Kiss radio station owned by Mr. Taylor to rain insults on Archbishop Michael K. Francis on a regular basis during the Taylor administration.

As for Rancy Moore, he is said to be one of those who still think that Taylor will make a come back. Perhaps, he is still reflecting on Charles Taylor's farewell speech: God's willing, I will be back.