Rebels Must Not Be Allowed To Sabotage The Peace Process

By Simon Reeves


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

January 29, 2004

The recent call by rebels for the replacement of Chairman Gyude Bryant is yet another indication of their desire to prolong the suffering of the Liberian people. This call is timed to undermine the efforts of well-meaning Liberians and our international friends. It is geared toward creating doubts in the minds of our international partners and weakening their resolve to help Liberians out of this national darkness.

These rebels have not hidden the fact that the interest of the country is not on their agenda. They have consistently shown to us that they will not stop at anything to accomplish their nefarious aims even if it means keeping the people in bondage and making sure that the country remains in the gutters. They don't mind creating conditions that lead to hunger, deaths and the lack of hope for the majority.

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand the simple truth that Liberians are fed up with the systematic destruction of the country by a bunch of selfish and wicked people. And if these killers are not opposed and stopped this nightmare will be around even after next year's elections. Liberians must stand up strongly against these angels of death and knock into their heads that the period when they were free to unleash terror and mayhem is over. The time when they raped, maimed and killed is finished. They time when they entered people homes and stole their food and belongings is gone. We need to inform some of them that it will be better if they sort out their marital differences instead of continue to hold the people hostage.

This suffering has gone on for a long time. The people are tired of running around like headless chicken and living in squalor at home and in refugee camps. It is time for us to bring lasting peace to the country and ensure that the future by educating our children. The nation's future leaders must be nourished, everything associated with a decent living must be made functional. We must now pluck those dry leaves from our midst so that our country can provide a sense of hope to its people.

Finally, my praise goes to US Ambassador Blaney and others who were very quick to oppose this wicked scheme the rebels had tried to promote. No one must be allowed to sabotage the peace process. Absolutely no one!

About the author: Simon Reeves is a Liberian journalist and writer residing in Sweden. He formerly worked for The Inquirer Newspaper in Monrovia