Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Embarks On Humanitarian Program, Calls For Greater Unity

By Josephus Moses Gray
Monrovia, Liberia

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

June 16, 2004

What one might describes as a challenging and difficult task for a single individual especially a female to undertake in a country that is devastated by a 14-year of bloody war, is what a Liberian political figure is embarking upon.

Madam Johnson-Sirleaf, who is combining politics and humanitarian activities together to bring some relief to destitute and war weary Liberians, is Chairperson of the Governance Reform Commission and believed to be the Standard-Bearer of the Unity Party (UP).

The introduction of this new dimension into the Liberian society is not known but vividly the Unity Party flag-bearer once said, "our people's needs are great, let us now relax politicking and focus on the rebuilding of Liberia and under take humanitarian programs, aimed at improving the livelihood of the suffering people”.

The humanitarian program, which is expected to reach several rural parts of the country is being under taken through Measuagoon, a non-governmental, non-political, non-for-profit and non partisan organization, established few years back by Madam Johnson-Sirleaf to carter to the destitute and vulnerable population of the Liberian society.

Since its establishment, Measuagoon has successfully implemented dozens of projects and undertaken several meaningful projects in the areas of socio-economic and humanitarian empowerment for its targeted beneficiaries.

One of such programs that Measuagoon has implemented in recent time is the construction and dedication of a six-room latrine built in Kuwait, the Duala Market
area, out side Monrovia. The project is in response to an appeal made to the UP standard-bearer by marketers of Duala.

The dedication ceremony of the latrine was marked by appropriate activities, with the marketers rendering beautiful selections, while other danced to the tune of a traditional music. The occasion, which was also characterized with powerful speeches amidst the heavy downpour of rain, took place on 8 June 2004.

In her brief statement delivered at the program, Madam Johnson-Sirleaf urged the beneficiaries to manage and protect the facility and reminded them of the importance of the latrine, warning the users to use it wisely if it is to serve the purpose.

"We bring great joy to our people", Madam Johnson-Sirleaf indicated, and added that "we are the catalyst, we make things happen for the best of our people". Additionally, the Chairperson of the Governance Reform Commission also used the occasion to recount her organization achievement over the years.

Besides the newly dedicated facility, Madam Johnson-Sirleaf said Measuagoon has also provided ten scholarships to the Kuwait marketers to enable them to broaden their skills and knowledge in the areas of self empowerment.

According to Madam Johnson-Sirleaf, funds used to construct the six-room latrine came from Madam Celina Desola of AmeriCare, adding that Measuagoon is very grateful to Madam Desola. "We are doing things that serve the community for a long period of time", she stated.

Speaking further, the UP standard-bearer said her organization does not discriminate in reaching out to the people in dire need. She said Measuagoon will
continue to remain steadfast in implementing its aims and objectives.

Also speaking at the occasion was Mr. John Flomo, an elder of the community. He lauded Madam Johnson-Sirleaf and Measuagoon for the latrine facility. He prayed for God's bountiful blessings upon Madam Johnson-Sirleaf and members of the Measuagoon family.