ULAA’s President is “Disappointed” in the Interim Government

By Winsley S. Nanka

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

March 30, 2004

Mrs. Roberta Davis-Rashid, the National President of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) says, “recent news stories from Liberia including the government crackdown on some members of the Liberian press and the uncontrolled spending by the Liberian government are disheartening”. Mrs. Davis-Rashid expressed her displeasure with the state of affairs in Liberia recently in an interview. Mrs. Davis-Rashid says she is “disappointed” that the interim government of Gyude Bryant has engaged “in reckless spending without consideration for the interest of the Liberian people”. Those are “the kinds of behaviors that bankrupt Liberia under the deposed regime of Charles Taylor”, she said.

President Davis-Rashid stated despite “assurances from Chairman Bryant during his recent visit to the United States that the interim government will protect the freedom of expression in Liberia and safeguard the interest of the Liberian people, the interim government has elected to behave otherwise”. “If the interim government believes cars for government officials are more important than providing basic services for the Liberian people, then what is the difference between the Gyude Bryant interim government and the deposed regime of Charles Taylor? She asked.

Continuing, Mrs. Davis-Rashid expressed serious concerns that the recently held Donors Conference may not benefit the Liberian people if the interim government becomes responsible for the disbursement of the proceeds. “Recent events in Liberia are warnings to the international community that it must be careful regarding how it gives funding to the interim government”, Mrs. Davis-Rashid said.

Mrs. Davis-Rashid believes Liberians in the Diaspora have to make their voices heard. She believes Mr. Ranny Jackson, the representative of Liberians in the Diaspora in the legislative assembly, could accomplish it. Concluding, she said “anyone who has concerns about the interim government may address it to Mr. Jackson at vze2wx7c@verizon.net”.