Life In Monrovia (Part III)

By Abdoulaye W. Dukule

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

March 2, 2004

These pictures would hopefully give you a glance of what life looked like in January 2004 in Monrovia. They are part of a multimedia production. The video will be ready next week and available for a small fee to be determined as soon as we get out of production. The video contains interviews with people we randomly met in the streets. The video also contains a dance and music performed by the cultural troups at their site at Kendeja village. In our work, we tried to focus on common people, children and what makes the city vibrant and gives people hope. Enjoy the pictures with your family and the video will be available by the end of next week. We will let you know how to get a copy. © 2004

To view the pictures, click on the thumbnail of the first picture or any thumbnail in the collage. Then use the left or right pointing arrow or the PREV or NEXT button at the bottom of the picture to view other pictures. Click Page 2 at the bottom of the collage to move to the next collage.

[ Women marching for peace... with rhythm ]
[ Cleaning the SKD damaged stadium ]
[Lecture at the Democracy Resources Center - Broad St. ]
[ Drive Safely near the Baptist Church]
[ George Weah Leads UNICEF Disarmament ]
[ Mechlin Street ]
[ Newport Street Mosque ]
[Providence Insland ]
[Sheikh Kafumba Konneh of the inter-religious committee with colleagues ]
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