LURD Gives Bryant Ultimatum

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 13, 2004

The High command of LURD has written Chairman Bryant calling for the replacement of the finance Minister. The movement gave the Chairman 24- hour to act or they will stop their fighters from disarming. But UNMIL held a news conference which and during the conference UNMIL said it will use force to disarm any group that might refuse to be disarmed.

Additionally, sources indicate that MODEL has nominated their choice to serve as the executive Governor for the Central Bank. They have written to Chairman Bryant, Jacques Klein, ECOWAS, AU and UN on the decision for that position. Ignatius Clay, said to have lobbied for the position during the Accra Peace Conference, was a fixture at the Central Bank. It is not clear if Mr. Clay who has allegedly done so much harm to the bank is the person nominated by MODEL