“Questions for those Seeking the Liberian Presidency”

By Pianapue K. Early

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 3, 2004

From the numerous lists of political parties and interest groups in post-war Liberia, one can easily say that anyone who desires the presidency of Liberia must be very ambitious. This ambition should also take the shape of providing answers to concerns raised by Liberians at home and abroad.

These three sets of questions are not intended to solicit response from each person seeking the presidency of Liberia. Their sole purpose is to raise questions, which are important to many Liberians at home and in the various places outside Liberia where Liberians live. This includes persons in the refugee camps, in colleges and universities in the USA, Canada and Europe, among others. If however, a candidate or his/her party or supporters feel the need to respond to the questions, we have no problem. After all, who are we not to hear your response?

Candidates for the presidency (or any public office for that matter) must be sure “the ducks are in row.” Whether an aspirant, a standard bearer, a hopeful, or a dreamer, these questions (many more to come) serve as our way of determining who to vote for, or who not to vote for. Or they may be helpful when you put together your campaign package.

The first set of questions:

What motivates you to aspire to be president of Liberia, especially after the war? What qualifies you to be president? Why should the voters or electorates choose you over another person? What plans for lasting peace do you have for our war-torn nation? What plans and/or programs do you have for Liberia? Under your presidency, what should Liberians at home and abroad expect in the first five years or beyond? What plans do you have in place for the youth, the elderly, and the children of Liberia? What plans do you have for health care system of Liberia?

How will your projects or plans be financed? How much do you or your party have to initiate and to implement such projects or plans? How do you wish to raise money? What accountability procedures will you use? How do you plan to “sell“ your ideas, giving a clearer picture of your proposed projects?

The next set of questions:

What are your goals or plans for involving all Liberians (local, as well as those in the refugee camps, in America, Europe, USA, etc.)? Will you remember Liberians in the Diaspora in the rebuilding, reconstruction process? For example, how would you involve Liberians at home and abroad in these projects? Will Liberians (technocrats, medical professionals, teachers, professors, wheel-borrow boys and girls, ‘here-na’ boys and girls, market women and men) be a part of the rebuilding and reconstruction process? How specifically will these people be involved in your administration, especially, when they are not members of your party? How do you plan to work with your opponents or opposition politicians?

The other set of questions:

List five of your priorities for wanting to be the President of Liberia? What is your philosophy for Liberia? Will your personal religious background influence your political decisions? Describe your projects and plans for the rural areas of the country. What will you present to an anxious, angry, impatient public after your first 180 (six months) days?

How do you hope to revamp the Liberian economy? Can your government fund itself and sustain itself financially? How are you going to pay civil servants and set a minimum wage for all working Liberians? How will you provide equipment that civil servants would need to be effective and efficient? How will you get computers, typewriters, papers, and other office needs? What about Field Workers? What are your practical plans for dealing with the pandemic of corruption in the public and private sectors?

These are the first set of questions to come your way. I will come again with questions on education, the justice system, the sewer system, and the development of the rural areas, among others. I wish you a good life.

About the Author: Dr. Early can be reached at: tarsuahkpehdyu@yahoo.com