A Rejoinder to “The Misguided Taylor's Apologist”

By Jenkins K.Z.B. Scott

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 3, 2004

In reference to the article " The Misguided Taylor's Apologist" by Winsley S. Nanka, dated November 12, 2001, I am now convinced as to how the United Nations and the world was misinformed by some individuals which led to the placement of my name on the UN sanction list.

I was never appointed or employed by the Taylor Government as Legal Adviser but rather I was hired as a lawyer or legal counsel to the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs, and of course Legal Counsel to the President. My professional ethics does not permit me to discriminate against a person simply because of what people perceive as the character of the individual. In short, the code of ethics permits me to render legal services to anyone who needs legal assistance so long as the objective is not to violate the law. I was never Taylor's legal adviser, but Counselor Jimmy E. Pierre was the Legal Adviser and my boss during my tenure with the Taylor Government.

In response to the allegation that I along with Emmanuel Shaw defrauded the government of Liberia, I wish to inform the writer that I had nothing to do with government revenue, or government funds other than what was legally paid to me by the government of Liberia for services rendered. Most of the information and allegations made by many Liberians are merely what I refer to as the art of wrong doing through the politics of negation of false allegations for the sole purpose of displacing or removing the incumbent leaders and employees of government. This is true giving that the critics of previous governments of Liberia have proven themselves no better than those they criticize nor have they done any better than their predecessors. Therefore, I recommend that Liberians must learn to only say the truth and to suggest a better approach to achieve national peace, unity, honesty and justice other than those of the individuals they criticize.

I wish you would publish this response and advice I have given you in your next article so as to help my nation and people to move forward and think positively. Remember the saying, "All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God" so you must be better than those you criticize.