A Message To All Liberians


From Bennie D. Warner, Former Vice-President (77-80)


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
January 11, 2005

A great opportunity is unfolding before us to return to normalcy and band ourselves together to begin the process of rebuilding Liberia.

Let us put down hatred, envy, bitterness, evil, anger towards one another, fighting, and return to civility, common sense, orderly behavior, to restore trust, love community, and rebuild the institutions of the economy, education, social behavior, rebuild the infrastructures-roads, communications, electricity, homes, factories, markets, churches, industries etc..

It has been, for some of us, over twenty years that Liberians have not known peace and more so during the last fourteen years. The circle of violence, looting, brutality, murder and suffering must now come to an end. What has anyone gained from this ruthless violence, except for the warlords and the sorrowful looters? I urge you now to come together as one people and make the sacrifice for the common good of all.

Let us put down the weapons of death and destruction and pick up the tools of reconstruction. Let us make the words of the Biblical prophet Isaiah come true: “They shall beat their swords into plow shares and their spears into pruning hooks; (a person shall not lift up their sword against another) neither shall they learn war no more.”

Let us return to sobriety, reason and common sense. See what we have done to ourselves, repent and remember that in the first civil war-1989 to Taylor’s election, more than 150,000 died; followed by another 300,000 and thousands of refugees.
Ask yourselves, for what? There has been a senseless madness perpetuated by those who are hungry for power and driven by greed.

We must stop now. A new window of opportunity for us to make right for all Liberia is at hand. Let us not abuse it or let it slip away from us. The year 2005 must be the decisive year for us to return to a democratic constitutional government of law and order, national unity, reconciliation, peace and progress.

May God bless Liberia!
Grace and Peace!