Crisis at The Liberian Embassy



The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
March 14, 2005


The crisis surrounding the Consular Section at the Embassy of Liberia is growing thicker and could have far reaching repercussions.

As reported by this paper two weeks ago, the Ambassador of Liberia in Washington, DC, Mr. Charles A. Minor, closed the consular section, chained its doors and issued a statement saying that his actions were prompted by corrupt practices in the section where some employees were pocketing consular funds. Since then, there have been some new developments.

A team of investigators, comprising the Inspector General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Auditor General of the Republic of Liberia came to Washington DC to look into the financial and administrative issues at the embassy. Upon their arrival the Inspector General ordered Mr. Minor to open the the Consular Section and allow the consular officer to enter her offices, although no consular functions were carried out during the investigation.

On Friday, March 11, 2005, the team completed its audit and inspection. The Inspector General then asked Ambassador Minor to allow the Consular section to carry out its functions in accordance with a directive received from the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The ambassador refused to open the section. He then called Chairman Gyude Bryant in Monrovia and put him on a speakerphone with the Inspector General. The Chairman sided with the Ambassador and told the Inspector General that the consular section should remain closed until they (the investigators) bring the reports back to Monrovia.

Could this matter lead to a serious crisis between the Mansion and Foreign Ministry? Stay tuned!

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