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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 1/12/05: Liberian women in Pennsylvania invoke critical thinking among Liberians and raise the bar as the country prepares for its presidential elections in October. The women grouped as the Association of Liberian Women in Pennsylvania, ALWPA, held an insightful debate with three of Liberia’s “40” presidential aspirants in attendance. The forum focused on crucial issues of political, social and economic reforms in Liberia and was held at the Grace Presbyterian Church in South-West Philadelphia on January 8, 2005.

ALWPA president, Mrs. Edith Gongloe-Weh, speaking to reporters, says the event provides a medium for Liberians, especially women, to constructively engage individuals who seek to govern the country. Mrs. Gongloe-Weh stated that Liberian women have witnessed and experienced the damaging effect of passivity in the last 14 years, and they have vowed to no more remain silent on national issues in Liberia. The ardent advocate for social justice and good governance pointed that Liberian women are the militants for peace and accountability in the new Liberia.” She added, “ALWPA members, in partnership with our men counterpart, are now prepared to bear the torch for transparency in our troubled country”. Mrs. Gongloe-Weh hopes that the event and subsequent ones would help Liberians make informed decisions in the coming elections.

ALWPA was formed in 2003 to call international attention to the spiraling destruction of lives in Monrovia caused by Taylor and other war Lords during the final and most brutal phase of the civil war. Since its formation, ALWPA has been instrumental in focusing international attention on Liberia through a series of rallies held in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia.

Now that the killing has subsided, ALWPA focuses on maintaining women’s involvement in the search for lasting peace in Liberia. The symposium, held under the banner “PALAVA HUT TALK” is the first of a series of civic awareness forums the organization is scheduled to host before the elections.

The ALWPA leader, however, identified the need to provide in-depth awareness programs to members in their capacity building agenda.

The Association invited 14 presidential aspirants to participate in the forum. Those invited included, Mr. Milton Teahjay, Dr Margaret Thompson, Cllr. Varney Sherman, Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Dr. J. Kollie Barclay, and Cllr. Charles Brumskine. Others included Dr. Joseph Korto, Dr. George Kieh, Mr. Scott G. Toweh, Dr Edwin Zoduah, T.Q. Harris, Samuel Divine, George Opong Weah, and Mr. Winston Tubman.

However, in attendance were Mr. Samuel Divine, Dr. Joseph Korto, and Dr. George Kieh. Cllr. Sherman and others did not attend due to other engagements. For his part in response, Cllr. Sherman thanked the women for their efforts and contributed two hundred fifty ($250) dollars to the organization..

Mrs. Satta Carlon-Taylor, member and Gurly Gibson, Secretary General of the Association served as moderators, while Mrs. Edith Wolo Smith, member served as the MC. The moderators set the rules and asked the aspirants a series of questions followed by questions from the audience.

Participants and observers expressed satisfaction with the structure and content of the debate. Many encouraged the Association to repeat such forum in various parts of the U.S. and later in Liberia before the October elections.

The question and answer period was followed by a lavish reception. D.J David Zubah later entertained the elated crowd with several great contemporary African hits.


Dr. George Kieh
Dr. Joseph Korto
Mr. Samuel R. Divine, Sr.