Donor's Meeting for Cape Mount Hospital and Clinics

(A Press Release Issued by National Association of Cape Mountainians in the Americas)


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
March 25, 2005

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Cape Mount Citizens residing in the United States will host a major donor's meeting on Saturday, May 7, 2005 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to support the St. Timothy's Hospital in Robertsport and other health centers throughout the county. The program will begin from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM at 6838 woodland Avenue, Philadelphia, PA to be climaxed by a social evening that day.

The outpatient unit at St. Timothy will be formally re-opened by the first week of April, 2005 through the initiative of the National Association of Cape Mountainians in the Americas, NACA Inc. Communications have been sent out to several Cape Mount citizens to donate at least $100.00 during the donor's conference.

NACA has already provided funding to carryout minor repairs at the hospital, purchase furniture, supplies and other materials as well as drugs for St. Timothy. The Association will provide monthly honoraria for nurses and other hospital staff beginning this April, and has begun discussions for regular doctor's visit to St. Timothy.

The Association has also set up a seven-member implementation Committee that will oversee the St. Timothy operation which includes the chief medical officer of Cape Mount as Chairman, the St. Timothy hospital administrator, Mr. Andrew Hoff, Sr., Foday Kiatamba, Boima K. Metzger, Elijah Gbanja Seh, M.B. Kamara and a representative of the County Superintendent as well as a member of the county's legislative caucus, who will serve as advisor. NACA has established guidelines for the health project in Cape Mount which require accountability, monthly reporting and evaluation. The Association recently contributed funds to the County Administration to carryout a general clean up campaign in Robertsport.

In November 2004, the Association commissioned a fact finding mission to the county to assess the needs of the people. The assessment team made its report in December 2004 which prioritized the re-opening of St. Timothy and other health centers in the county. The County Superintendent, Hon David Kiazolu and Hon. Edison Gbana, representing the county in the Interim Assembly have been very support of the Association's efforts.

The St. Timothy donor's conference is geared at galvanizing financial support to ship at least a container of hospital equipment, drugs, furniture and other materials as well as educational supplies to the county, and to also augment current efforts to keep the hospital open. Currently, there is no health facility in Robertsport and other major towns in the county.

Based on the support from Cape Mount citizens, NACA is contemplating on conducting health workshops in major towns especially mid wifery training, and to provide health kits to towns where the training will be conducted. The Association is pleading with Cape Mount citizens not to only attend the fund raiser but to also mobilize fellow Cape Mountainians and well wishers in order to have an impressive turnout.

Superintendent Kiazolu in a recent letter to the Association, highlighted the desperate health needs in the county, and pleaded with NACA to remain engaged in order to provide some relief to our people. Hon Edison Gbana in the Interim Legislature has also made similar passionate plead to the Association, lamenting the living condition of our people most of whom are returning from refugee and displaced camps.

NACA has already communicated with its chapter heads and organizing chapters to rally Cape Mount citizens in their states for the donor's conference which is being coordinated by Mrs. Mamusu Sirleaf Cole of Massachusetts, NACA Program Coordinator. The chapter leaders include Boima Pusah of the Delaware Chapter (Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey), Mrs. Jemah Gray Brumskine of New York, Mr. Dwight Harvey of Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Bai Dordor Kanneh of the New England Chapter (Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut, Mr. Stanley Kamara of Ohio, Dr. Henry Konuwa, Jr. of Texas, Ms Hawah Kpakah of Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia, Mrs Maima Massaley Dahn of Indiana, Sedia R. Sherman of Michigan, Mr. Samuel Cooke of Minnesota and Mr. Mohammed Massaley of North Carolina.

Meanwhile, NACA is appealing to Liberians and friends of Liberia to assist the people of Cape Mount by attending the donor's conference in Philadelphia and contribute to the health project in the county. Those wishing to make material donations are free to contact the Secretarial at or at or at (609)954-0193/(215) 868-2822.

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