Chapter Presidents of Sinoe County Association Pledge Support to the Jarbah-Peal Administration
(A Joint Statement Issued by Chapter Presidents & Officers of SCAA)


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
January 24, 2005

WE, members of the Board of Directors, presidents, officers and members of local chapters constituting the Sinoe County Association in America, Inc.- SCAA, an entity duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, United States of America, convened our annual Executive- Board meeting in the city of Bladensburg, Maryland from January 14th thru the 16th, 2005; and having assembled a constitutionally mandated quorum at said meeting and consistent with chapters’ constitution and by-laws, do solemnly resolved the following:

THAT Klahn-Gboloh Jarbah, being duly elected as National President of Sinoe County Association in America and subsequently inducted into office on July 10, 2004 in the city of Detroit, Michigan, continues to enjoy the confidence, trust, and cooperation of majority of the association’s membership;

THAT by constitutional requirement, the national president of Sinoe County Association is the Chief Executive Officer and principal spokesperson of the association;

THAT the majority of the membership of the association including elected and appointed executive members, presidents and members of local chapters reaffirmed their support and confidence in the Jarbah administration during aforementioned joint Annual Executive-Board meeting; and now therefore,

PURSUANT to the constitution of the Sinoe County Association in America, and consistent with the will and consent of the majority of the elected and appointed executive members, presidents, officers and members of the local chapters comprising the association, it is hereby agreed in assembly, that Klahn-Gboloh Jarbah, national president and Chief Executive Officer of the Sinoe County Association is duly authorized and empowered to represent and/or act on behalf of the association in all official matters without contravention of the constitution. These include but not limited to social/legal disputes, administrative matters, public relations, finance, diplomatic missions, negotiations, contracts, etc.

THAT we fully support, without reservation, the Jarbah-Peal Administration to lead our association for their full term of office; and that we commit ourselves and members of our respective chapters to work with and support the leadership of the Jarbah-Peal Administration;

THAT the Statements issued by the members of the so-called break away faction of the SCAA are NOT the official position of the National Sinoe County Association in the Americas, Inc. general body which we represent;

THAT we denounce the so-called resolution circulated by a handful of disgruntled members calling for the impeachment of our constitutionally elected president, Klahn-Gboloh Jarbah;

THAT we further condemn the action of a few disgruntled members for carving out of SCAA a faction bend on creating chaos and division in our Association;

LET it be further resolved therefore;

THAT Klahn-Gboloh Jarbah, National President, and Willie Mae Duncan Peal, National Vice President are duly constituted, authorized officers of the Sinoe County Association in the Americas, Inc., a corporation organized and existing under the Laws of the State of Pennsylvania;

THAT we do NOT recognize NOR support the faction of Elijah Tarpeh, and Victoria Gbojueh;

THAT we call upon all members of our respective chapters, all Liberian community associations, Liberian County Associations, and Friends of the Sinoe County Association to join us in support, and accord the Jarbah-Peal Administration all official and personal accommodation, respect, cooperation, and recognition;

THAT anyone doing business with individuals purporting to represent the Sinoe County Association in the Americas, Inc. (SCAA), a corporation registered and operating in the State of Pennsylvania other than the legitimate SCAA headed by Klahn-Gboloh Jarbah, is doing so at his/her own risk.

J. Wellington Massah, President, Texas Chapter

Laverne Jones-Williams, President, Greater Washington Metro Chapter

Chea Chancy Bolo, President, Minnesota Chapter

Theresa Johnson-Kingston, President, New York Chapter

Fannie Nannie-Bates, Acting President/Vice President, Delaware Valley Chapter

Farleyson Tarley, Vice President, North Carolina Chapter

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