The Need For Class Action Against The Government Of Liberia, Companies & The World Bank


By CLLR. Frederick A. B. Jayweh

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 26, 2013


Dear Mr. Editor:

The confession of Robert A. Sirleaf as to the role played by The World Bank in writing the Concessionary Oil Agreement (Block 13) in Liberia is quite interesting. 

The revelation and public confession of Robert A. Sirleaf appears to bring to light and to public attention the roles that multi-National Concessions have played and are playing to promote and protect their business and primary interests in poor nations, while assisting corrupt leaders in Africa including Liberia to drill the hole of poverty, disease, unemployment, corruption and mismanagement deeper down the throats and in the heads of their own people. 

Chairman  Sirleaf may have told the Liberian people the truth about the role of the World Bank and how uneven handed these Agreements are today in Liberia. 

Submitting that the confession and revelation of Mr. Robert A.  Sirleaf is true, what were the roles of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Robert A. Sirleaf? What did Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Robert A.  Sirleaf do to get the Oil Concessionary Agreements passed by the National Legislature into Law in Liberia? 

History has over and over again shown that Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf personally strives and survives on bribery. Did Mrs. Sirleaf and Robert A. Sirleaf bribe the National Legislature to consciously and unlawfully mortgage the natural resources of Liberia? Are  foreign concessions/companies in the business of violating the US Foreign Corrupt practices Act in Liberia and the domestic laws of Liberia assisted by Mrs. Sirleaf and Robert A. Sirleaf with impunity?

What role can Liberian Civil Society Organizations jointly and collectively play to make public all concessionary agreements signed by Liberia and these foreign  companies?  Why not bring class action in a US District Court against these US companies for the violation of US Laws and Class Action against the foreign companies and the Liberian Government for the violation of Liberia's domestic contract laws; along with Petition for Cancelation before the Courts of Liberia? 

Only two out of the 68 concession agreements entered by the Sirleaf led Government with these foreign companies are reported to be lawful, according to international report. Something must be done and that something must be initiated by Liberian Civil Society Organizations.

Liberia's Civil Society Organizations both here and in Liberia need to sue for the violation of US and the Laws of Liberia. These companies and the Liberian Government must be held to account.

CLLR. Frederick A. B. Jayweh

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