NPA Managing Director Matilda Parker, Others  Suspended for Alleged Corruption

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Atlanta, Georgia
April 23, 2015


Suspended NPA Managing Director Matilda Parker

Editor's Note: According to information reaching The Perspective, Managing Director Matilda Parker, Comptroller, and non-statutory Members of the Board of the National Port Authority have been suspended with immediate effect by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf based on report filed by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission.  Published below is the President statement:

Good evening:

Today, based on the findings of an investigation by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), involving the Managing Director and the Comptroller of the National Port Authority (NPA), I have suspended, with immediate effect, Mrs. Matilda W. Parker and Mrs. Christina K. Pealay as managing Director and Comptroller, respectively.

I have directed the Ministry of Justice to collaborate with the LACC, and all accused persons associated with this investigation, in order to inform additional actions, should they be required.

In an unrelated matter, except for statutory members of the Board of Directors of the NPA, and the Chairperson who was recently named, I have suspended all other members of the Board.

Furthermore, I have instructed the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs to immediately liaise with all chairpersons of Boards of all State-owned Enterprises to collate, and report to me, all resolutions which have been passed by these Boards especially on board fees, benefits and other compensations.

Where it is established that Boards have assigned emoluments to chairpersons and members that are inconsistent with established policies of this administration, it will be my pleasing duty to reverse all such resolutions.  And in this regard, I will not hesitate to direct additional remedies, should they be required, to cure such unacceptable actions, wherever they are found to be practiced.

May God continue to bless the honest works of our hands and save the State.

Source: The Liberian Government

Gleh Appleton
Long awaited and overdue actions. But appreciated.
Gleh Appleton at 11:13PM, 2015/04/22.
Sarr Abdulai VANDI
The statement and/or belated action is a smokescreen with no consequence. It is the Régime of the Corrupt and the Incompetent.
Sarr Abdulai VANDI at 06:19AM, 2015/04/24.
Anthony Cofrancesco
It is the truth seen too late.
Anthony Cofrancesco at 05:29AM, 2015/04/27.
sylvester krah
this form of aggressive administrative action is long over due. while it is true that nobody is against any government official but we are of the opinion that corrupt individuals must be brought to light.
i am one first who strongly appreciate this approach by the president but at the same time disappointed in her government.
my disappointment stand from the fact that the president is being very selective in instituting her constitutional responsibility.

It can be recalled that since the establishment of the LACC, there has been so many government officials indicted for alleged corrupt practices and our president has being silent for more than 8yrs today.

sylvester krah at 07:29AM, 2015/04/27.
Degan Ballayan
The natural fact of this suspension or removal of the Managing Director is not that it is overdue, it happens every time with this president. She will have the facts in her possession and still says she wants to make sure before she take action. In other words, she buys time to aid her friends to get financially settled and then brings about the bogus investigations. This has happened thousand times and beyond. Does this president that in the US, corrupt officials( Representatives & Senators)really serve time in jail, publically disgraced and also pay restitutions? Ellen is really encouraging corruption practices in her government regardless of what she publically says. When the brown-bags changes hand, there is no telling what next to expect. All the so-called investigations are usually swept under the rug....always!! How can the government really be taken seriously?? What a country!!
Degan Ballayan at 04:23PM, 2015/05/30.
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