Information Minister Warns Against Unethical Media Reports

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
August 6, 2015



Information Minister Lewis G. Brown says Government will remain firm in instituting administrative actions against media entities involved in unethical media reportage that undermine the nation’s peace.

The Chief Government spokesman also warned that Government will not continue to take kindly or treat as “business as usual,” inappropriate media reports that border on falsehood and could prevent the country from receiving needed assistance that will further improve the lives of ordinary Liberians.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information regular press conference in Monrovia Tuesday, Minister Brown noted that the Government will explore all administrative avenues to ensure that media houses be held culpable for erroneous media reports.

The Information Minister’s statement comes in the wake of reports by some media entities in the country that the U.S. Government is in possession of a list containing names of African officials, including Liberian officials, who are considered to be “corrupt.”

He quoted the media report as emphasizing that the U.S. Government is intending to address the situation.

Brown noted that such reportage is not only intended to denigrate the image of the government, but also has the proclivity to negatively portray the nation to the extent where Liberia will be denied much needed assistance to enhance its recovery process.

“We also believe that these falsehoods are intended to give the impression that this government is engaging in massive corruption, and that nothing is being done to address the situation,” Brown emphasized.

According to the Information boss, such reports also have the potential to tear apart the nation’s hard-earned reputation as well as bring down the nation and its people, adding, “The government will engage the Press Union of Liberia to ensure that necessary actions are taken.”

sylvester moses
Minister Lewis Brown’s threat is another salvo in the on again off again war against the press because of the persistence with which print and broadcast journalists keep reminding President Sirleaf about intensifying the just war on corruption. That this move was made after the furor over the US Statement Department’s Human Right’s Report didn’t surprise. American Policy expert Samul P. Huntington says, “Power remains strong when it is in the dark, exposed to the sunlight, it begins to evaporate”. Hopefully, the press will learn an invaluable lesson for 2107 from EJS’s stultifying stress test.

For before her true color began blinding Liberians with brightness, the resume wowed the press, and they swallowed the sugary pill of recovery, reconciliation, and reconstruction. But unknowingly they aided a Machiavellian. Social psychologist Richard Christie, the 1960’s author of “Studies in Machiavellianism”, foretold the education of a once pro Ellen press when he termed such behavior “as a ‘psycho – political syndrome’, the psychological capacity to treat other human beings as objects, and thus to feel free to manipulate them”. That’s not news to some veterans of the i985/ 1989 invasions, and UP partisans.

sylvester moses at 10:47PM, 2015/08/08.
Sylvester Moses
Mr. Lewis Brown is reportedly a former National Security Adviser, therefore, he knows that runaway corruption takes away funds from meaningful policy priorities such as providing equality of opportunities, which is the main driver of disaffection, and polarization. So the question is: why should media efforts to end the practice be seen as unpatriotic?
Sylvester Moses at 08:35AM, 2015/08/09.
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