Why Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai should not run for President in 2017?

By: Kadiatu Musa-Frantz

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 31, 2015



Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai is a very good family man, a wonderful husband and a loving father who has served successive Liberian governments – from President Tolbert to Presidents Doe and Sirleaf.  However, the Vice President must not attempt to seek the Office of President of the Republic of Liberia in 2017 and here is why: He failed President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the current Liberian administration miserably.   Moreover, he failed the Liberian people during the last ten years as Vice President of the nation.   Undoubtedly, the President must be regretting her choice of Vice President considering all that she is undergoing with no refreshing help from her number two.

Both President Sirleaf and Vice President Boakai were elected by the Liberian people.  The position of Vice President is not an appointed cabinet level position and is not dismissible.  Yet, the Vice President provides excuses that he is only a Vice President whenever he is questioned about failures and problems in the current Liberian administration.  This is not leadership.  Liberia needs a strong and effective leader and not someone who does not take responsibility by providing unacceptable defense mechanism.  Secondly, the Vice President is too passive (or weak) and seems to be concerned more about his personal wellbeing than the wellbeing of the Liberian people.  As Vice President, elected like the President, he is expected to be actionable and proactive in addressing the ills and issues that continue to plague the country and the administration, including rampant corruption.  Apparently, every signal from the Vice President seem to suggest that he knows nothing about what is happening in the Liberian government and the country, leaving President Sirleaf to struggle in dealing with a nation of about four million people with diverse interests and behavior patterns, built over a 14 years of war period.

If Vice President Boakai was effective and provided the necessary support to President Sirleaf and the administration, many of the lapses that the President struggles to deal with would have been minimized or non-existent.  The President alone cannot be dealing with international engagements as well as struggle to curtail the ugly tendencies of officials in the administration, opposition groups and others in the country.  A typical example is the President’s struggles with the House of Representatives and the Liberian senate, a combined body that the Vice President interacts with constitutionally.  In essence, the Vice President is an absolute failure to our President, and the Liberian people. Our country cannot and must not settle for a disastrous failure again because we have had enough.  Electing the Vice President as President of Liberia must not be an option in 2017.   Liberians cannot reward the ruling Unity Party for failed policies. Electing Vice President Boakai will be rewarding the failed policies of the current Liberian administration or choosing a man who does not take responsibility for anything, including the spread of corruption, failure in addressing the Ebola epidemic heads-on from the start, the poor educational system, massive poverty and hunger, and the high unemployment nationwide. 
Lastly, the Vice President is a respected elderly man and the typical retirement age is 65. He has already exceeded that, at age 70 plus.  After age 70, bodily and mental fatigue become to take firm roots.  The human body by this time needs more relaxation, care and attention.  In many instances, involuntary mental distractions and persistent sleep syndrome take a hold on individuals, no matter whether they are wealthy or not.  And the Vice President is no exception from this, particularly at age 70 plus.  No degree of argument can erase this medical and physiological fact.  And the fact that presidents in other African nations are passed age 70 does not mean Liberia should be palatable to that.  So if the Vice President is really patriotic and loves Liberia, which I believes he does, the best thing he can do is to retire honorably along with President Sirleaf.  After all, he has too much money to live off on for the rest of his life.
About the author: Kadiatu Musa-Frantz is a young Liberian businesswoman from Lofa County, Liberia. She lives in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg with her husband Dr. Frantz and their son, Mus.  She can be reached at kadimusafrantz@yahoo.com

Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Commonsense or common logic tells Joseph Boakai is as criminally corrupt as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Thus even discussing the possibility of him (Joseph Boakai) taking over after vain, wicked, and criminal minded Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her children get off the backs of the Liberian people, is like after catching a rogue in your house, you turn around and leave your home keys with his accomplice or partner in stealing.

With the both of them (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Joseph Boakai) POLLUTING the seats of the presidency and that of the vice presidency, patriotic lawyers should start making a case against Joseph Boakai to have him (Joseph Boakai) spend the rest of bhis life in imprisonment (after 2017) as expected of his boss Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who is doomed to spend the rest of her life in imprisonment for her war crimes.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 04:50AM, 2015/11/01.
sylvester moses
“Liberians cannot reward the ruling Unity Party for failed policies. Electing Vice President Boakai will be rewarding the failed policies of the current Liberian administration or choosing a man who does not take responsibility for anything, including the spread of corruption, failure in addressing the Ebola epidemic heads-on from the start, the poor educational system, massive poverty and hunger, and the high unemployment nationwide”.

Madam Kadiatu Musa – frantz, the above eloquently said it all. Incumbent political parties don’t get reelected for a third term after almost two terms of unresponsive, unaccountable, and unrestrained rout by corruption. Moreover, WHO and New York Times reports informed us that the last Ebola epidemic originated from the Guinean side of the Kissi Forest, and entered Liberia via the vicinity of Foya. The question is: if it wasn’t for tribalism, why would the people of that district want to petition the VP after he sat supinely while health workers in his district were on strike when the virus struck the area? Didn’t he know what was happening in his home town as senior UP senators became Ebola deniers? Couldn’t he open his mouth to say that the virus was causing havoc among his people? What type of representation was he providing to that primary constituency when oblivious to their plight?

Our stupidity on the continent is mindboggling. We follow our warped sensibilities rather than our common senses, and continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, yet except better outcomes. So why do we care that this election should be about trying other parties? First, past performance predicts future behavior; UP has already fooled the electorate twice. Second, the party leadership arrogantly deny the failures, and hence don’t see the need for change. Third, after receiving international funding to support Good Governance and Security Sector Reform, the UP regime is still incapable of achieving the post – conflict UN – mandated “Confidence Restoration”. This means that previous UN Security Council assessments that Liberia is a “fragile, factional and fraught” state still hold true, never mind the rhetoric of “relative peace”. And, truth be told, any political party or combination of political parties can do better than Vice President Bockai, and UP.
sylvester moses at 07:11AM, 2015/11/03.
Arthur Tamba
Madam Frantz, you have just exhibited the saying that " MY PEOPLE PERISHED BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE" You have just proven the BIBLE right.

This is the biggest shame that have seen in recent time. Your civics tells you that the Vice President is the Head of Government and is responsible to run the day to day affairs of Government? Which part of the Constitution tells you that?

It is sad. I am very sorry to say but I am very constrained to ask you this question. Which school did you go to and what did you read? Maybe your response will help me understand your argument.
Arthur Tamba at 02:52AM, 2015/11/10.
David M. Johnson
Sylvester Moses you just exhibited intellectual incompetence. As Vice President, Boakai is the second highest official of government. To suggest that he knows nothing or is not seeing or hearing about the nasty theft of public funds in Liberia is absolute stupidity.

Gayah Fahnbulleh, you Moses and others who have nothing good to do but support Boakai for president are demonstrating why Liberia is backward. As for Gayah he is a total sham. This is the same man who goes around condemning President Sirleaf but yet claims that Boakai is doing a good job in the same corrupt government that forces young girls to become sex prostitutes because of hunger.

Boakai is a quiet man but very dangerous. Recently, he silently asked the Liberian national police to stop a registered Liberian political rally by the All Liberian Party of Urey. Granted, we may disagree with the way Urey got his wealth but for Vice President Boakai to undermine a growing democratic process is sad. If he is doing this nasty stuff as Vice President guess what he will do as president.

Mind you, Boakai also secretly tried to undermine President Sirleaf last year by supporting a potential demonstration in Liberia with the view of removing the President so that he could become president by virtue of being the Vice President. For this the police director called him for questioning. The man is old and he sleeps. Besides he has nothing to offer creatively and action-wise. Gayah Fahnbulleh is a failure and a hypocrite who only looks after what he can get. His disjointed rebuttal is sign of his selfish objective only aimed at what he is getting now rather than what Liberia will become.
David M. Johnson at 01:59AM, 2015/11/13.
David M. Johnson
Sorry Mr. Sylvester Moses. I meant Arthur Tamba and Gayah Fahnbulleh.
David M. Johnson at 02:01AM, 2015/11/13.
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