LPP USA Issues Statement On  “The Recent Killings In Liberia”


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
February 13, 2015



The gruesome remains of Harry Greaves
- Courtesy of the Informer

The Liberian People's Party-USA and affiliates observed with utmost regret and disgust, the recent wave of mysterious killings that have engulfed Liberia. First, it was Michael Allison, then Dan Orogun and now Harry Greaves.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims, and pray that the almighty God will intervene to help relieve their pains and to help solve the mysteries behind these inhumane occurrences.

We don't want to be hasty to hold our government responsible for these barbaric activities, as is already being done in many quarters, however, we cannot downplay the history of similar activities of the past which eroded the public trust and resulted in a crisis that destroyed more than 250,000 lives. The possibility also exist that some wicked officials could be supporting these kinds of action purely on vindictive grounds. Equally, these actions could be the work of a few unscrupulous citizens or foreign individuals who persist because of the blatant reluctance or inability of our government to forcibly pursue and bring them to book.

To date, many months after the killing of Mr. Allison, our government is yet to provide any concrete indications as to who or what was responsible, despite the claim of an investigation. More disappointing, our Justice Minister could not adequately respond to inquiries about the final disposition of his remains at a recent MICAT press conference. In our minds, if this investigation remains ongoing, it is reasonable to infer that the investigator would not know whether the remains was buried or is being withheld. To be clueless on this matter, as was displayed by the minister at the press conference was a true representation of the lackadaisical approach that our government has over and over again adopted in these kinds of critical moments.

 We are appalled by the government’s inaction on this glaring display of insensitivity or incompetence, and call for a significant reorientation and improvement of its investigative methodology. To continue to conduct numerous autopsies and not be able to utilize the findings to pursue and apprehend the culprits is tantamount to a waste of public resources.

We are cognizant that in some cases, our security forces are hindered by both financial and material inadequacies in the conduct of their duties investigations. However, at this juncture, we can no longer use this as an excuse to shy away from bringing an end to these killings. They represent a reversal to the dark activities of the past, and significantly dilute the gains made so far in the attempt to transition from war to peace. They have the propensity to restore carnage, insecurity and distrust amongst our citizenry if left unchecked.

Therefore, we call on the government to re-prioritize, and recognize the gravity of this carnage, and give credence to investigating and bringing an immediate end to this ugly emerging trend. By this, we mean redirecting financial and material resources from other areas of less importance so as to augment the capacity of our security forces. This is important because it helps our government to vindicate itself, in the wake of accusations already pointing at her, and to fully accomplish its obligation to provide security and justice for its citizens. Additionally, our government must reach out to its willing partners for assistance in areas of conducting investigation where it is incapacitated.

Finally, we must emphasize that we cannot build a civil, just and peaceful society in the absence of citizens' participation. We cannot watch as these evil activities consume our nation. They are extreme contradictions from our cultural and moral values, and cannot be allowed to continue unabated. There is nothing to gain from the cruel elimination of productive citizens.

 Therefore, we call on our fellow citizens to assume their rightful roles to help bring an end to these evils. Such roles include civil, lawful, and peaceful actions to put pressure on our leaders to act promptly and effectively. Most important, our citizens must resist every attempt to involve them in these kinds of activities. They have an obligation to report every solicitation and, citizens who have information on individuals involved in these activities must stand up and report them promptly to law enforcement, and they must be protected by law enforcement.

May the souls of the victims rest in peace, and may God bless their families and the nation and its people.

Moses Vankpanah
Acting Chairman, LPP-USA
Email: mulvankpanah@msn.com

Sylvester Moses
A worthy stand for investigations into these mysterious killings many believe are murders.
Sylvester Moses at 02:38PM, 2016/02/14.
Kou Gontee
"I take your statement as a serious threat to my person because in our part of the world when a President with all the power of the State wants to destroy a citizen, the order is usually followed to the letter.

Destroying a citizen can take many forms including made up accidents, poison, fabrication of stories that attacks one’s integrity or loyalty to the State (sedition, terrorism, etc.) or any combination of these plus more. I know you and your son are capable of this because we have gone down that road before when including when he tried to frame me as anti-American and had me under 24hr surveillance when I was removed from NOCAL. Madame President, you swore in your oath of office as our President to uphold the constitution, which guarantees the protection of life, liberty and property of every citizen." Dr. Christopher Neyor -Former OIL Adviser to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Following the strange, sudden, and at times mysterious deaths of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf´s critics, I have always known this woman is very vindictive or keeps grudge, and is in fact very wicked, ESPECIALLY following the revelation above by her former advisor who chose to run against Ellen´s son Robert Sirleaf.

But in all honesty, I never and could never imagine Ellen been this wicked to Harry A. Greaves Jr. who actually propelled her to power! Or is the brutal killing of Harry Greaves a warning from her to the likes of Amos Sawyer, Togba Nah Tipoteh, Boima Fahnbulleh, etv. etc.?

AND WHAT ERASES ANY DOUBT IS HER CONDUCT SURROUNDING SUCH A MYSTERIOUS DEATH as REVEBERATED by LPP USA: "We are appalled by the government’s inaction on this glaring display of insensitivity or incompetence, and call for a significant reorientation and improvement of its investigative methodology. To date, many months after the killing of Mr. Allison, our government is yet to provide any concrete indications as to who or what was responsible, despite the claim of an investigation".
Kou Gontee at 04:06AM, 2016/02/15.
Charles Cheapo Price

My heart and prayers go to the bereaved family of the late Mr. Harry Greaves.

Notwithstanding amidst the speculations as to the perpetrators of the crime, it makes one to wonder as to what would Ellen gain from directly or indirectly plotting the murder of Mr. Greaves? She would absolutely gain nothing since this is her last term.

Liberian political parties do not discuss the core issues and pinpoint a genuine paths to nation building. What they are are good at is spreading fears and frenzy among the people. And so these chains of murders that are happening as the country comes closer to an election season suits the taste of the candidates that lack ideas; they can now use the killings to divert the citizens from the crippling joblessness, poverty and mass illiteracy that have plagued Liberia for decades.

Anybody who want to become a viable politician in Liberia at this time must use Ellen as his or her punch bag. There is absolutely no more room for reasoning and objectivity.

Using the expertise and findings of the best forensic pathologist in the world will never allay the rumors, fears and frenzy that have been spread by certain malevolent politicians.

Some party leaders are in fact creating false threats on their lives based on their own figment of imagination with the motive of making the world to see Ellen as a leader whose government is bent on reining terror on its citizenry.

They are using Ellen as the culprit so that their interlocutors in Liberia and the foreign parts can use their fabrications to rally for funds and other support for their causes.

It will all come back to haunt them!

Charles Cheapo Price at 03:38PM, 2016/02/15.
Kou Gontee
Mr. Charles Price Cheapo,


YOUR NAIVETY viz the phenomenon of "who gets what", and your obvious lack of knowledge as to the fact that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a chronicly VINDICTIVE PERSON by nature and character, have made possible your comment above.

Certainly, if Ellen were not (1)DESPERATE to have her would be successor save her from going to prison for her war crimes, and (2) ENSURING that what she and and her children are not held accountable for what they have stolen, and (3) if she weren´t a very vindictive person, she "would have nothing to gain in killing her once closest friend" or ally who accoring to her has become a foe to her personally!

So when she hears Harry A. Greaves who has been at her side from day one and propelled her to power making such statments quoted below, she believes she must order his brutal killing as dictated by her vidictive nature and as a matter of injecting fear into others! This is precisely why she made special instructions to her death squad that they brutally kill him, strip him naked and dump his naked body to be found later.

Here below is such statement from her former ally who according to her has become a foe to her personally!:

"I believe also that their proposed transitional period coinciding with the 2017 election calendar, there may be a hidden agenda at work here, i.e. the intent for the ministry, as interim regulator, to issue licenses willy-nilly during the transition period in order to generate secret commissions (chopping) for people at the ministry to put into their pocket before they ride out of town. That's another reason why it is a bad idea to have the commission sited in the ministry, even for one day.” - Harry A. Greaves, Jr., CPA, Founder & Bossman, Brescelco, harry_greaves49 (Skype)/ Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 4:02 AM

Look, Charles, if Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (or any leader for that matter) weren´t the one who ordered that brutal killing she would have not brought in such dubious pathologist!!! She would have in fact asked independent institutions and the family of the victim to bring in their own pathologist at the expense of the government.

Precious Andrews the widow of Harry A.Greaves remained calm and did not weep when she was called by the police to ascertain as to whether it was her her heusband´s corpse, because she had long forseen such eventuality and had warned her husband. And that is what happens when grief, powerlessness, and anger, are jointly affecting the psyche.

DO YOU THINK HAD IT BEEN (God forbid) ROBERT SIELEAF or(God forbid) any of her loyal confidantes KILLED IN SUCH MANNER, ELLEN JOHNSON SIRLEAF WOULD HAVE BROUGHT IN SUCH A QUESTIONABLE PATHOLOGIST whom she herself had discredited in the past? NO!

This is why when she Ellen went to the people home to express her crocodile "sympathy",and promising to spend millions on the burial of their beloved lost one the people retorted: "neither silver nor gold will bring back our loved one, we leave our own to God!!!"
Kou Gontee at 03:29AM, 2016/02/16.
Charles Price Cheapoo
Mr. Kou Gontee:

Are you willing to be summoned as a state witness since you have enough clues as to who murdered Mr. Harry Greaves?

Do you have the spine to approach the proper authorities and assist them as an expert witness?

Rather than you becoming livid over my personal opinion, I think that you will really be doing a great service to the family of Mr. Greaves and the country by helping to dispel the vicious rumors.

Only spineless men who stand by and allow evil to thrive. With all the vital knowledge and clues that you have as to the killers of Mr. Greaves, you will be doing a great disservice to the country if you do not show yourself up to assist in the prosecution of the case.

Charles Price Cheapoo at 07:13AM, 2016/02/16.
Kou Gontee
Mr. Charles Price Cheapo,

Be informed that I am not a male but rather a married female with several children and grand children. Secondly, if the PRESS is not qualified to be a state witness in this case, you bet, neither ordinary people as you or me can be qualified. Sharing one´s views does not qualify him to be a state witness.

Now, Mr. Cheapo, in order to have you grasp some amount of insights into this case, and why my position is as it stands, I am pasting hereunder three paragraphs from the current evidences on the case provided by Frontpageafricaonline:

"But more importantly questions are being asked regarding why the body was washed prior to the arrival of the Pathologists from the U.S. But Nagbe told the VOA Tuesday that a lot of those concerns would be answered when the toxicology results expected from the St. Louis University Toxicology Department are finalized.

For now, the circumstances surrounding Mr. Greaves’ death and the controversy that continues to dog the autopsy findings of Dr. Bennett and Dr. Okoye appear to be on a collision course toward a state of uncertainty. With no witnesses, no trace of the clothing, the jeans and T-Shirt Mr. Greaves was last seen wearing at the RLJ Resort, the political whodunit that has all the makings of an unsolved mystery is being compounded by what forensic experts say is a difficult case to crack because drowning as has been determined by a first autopsy, can be difficult to prove.

What skeptics and many Liberians agree on is that Mr. Greaves’ death remains a mystery, now compounded by an observation report from the government’s own hospital which appears to have contradicted the findings of Dr. Bennett and Dr. Okoye. U.S. forensic experts, if their government agree to jump in and help, will have their work cut out as an antsy nation await a conclusion to not just Mr. Greaves’ death but the sudden appearance of high-profile figures turning up dead in the same vicinity behind the seat of the Liberian presidency. It is a strange development for a nation prepping for life after United Nations Mission exits; but eclipsed by an aura of lingering security concerns on the verge of a critical democratic transition." PLEASE READ THE FULL STORY - SMOKING GUN? on www.frontpageafricaonline.com

Secondly, Mr. Cheapo, as I mentioned earlier, you do not know Ellen Johnson Sirleaf nor the type of President she is. She is the Machiavellian type!

And according to Nicolo Machiavelli, a leader must alwys live with the same common people; but he can easily do without the same nobles, having the power to create them and to destroy them from day to day and to take away and give back their prestige as he or she sees fit!

In other words, according to Nicolo, those who commit themselves and are not greedy should be honoured and loved;those who do not commit themselves can be analysed in two ways:

They act in this manner out of fear and a natural lack of courage, in which case the leader should make use of them (ie. Amos sawyer, Abdoulaye Dukule, Emmanuel Dolo etc. etc.), since in prosperous times they will gain you the leader honour and in adverse times you the leader need not fear them.

"But when, influenced by ambition, justice, democracy, or otherwise, and refrain from committing themselves to you the leader" (as became the case with Ellen´s erstwhile ally - Harry A.Greaves Jr., according to Nicolo Machiavelli, "the leader SHOULD BE wary" of such individuals or moralists "and fear them as if they were open enemies, because they will always, in adverse times, help to bring about you the leader´s downfall"!

This is how Ellen Johnson Sirleaf saw Harry Greaves at least since he started exposing her dedebas!

Kou Gontee at 05:39AM, 2016/02/18.
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