The Birth and Death Of Unity Party Under Ellen and Joe

By Charles Russell

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

July 12, 2016




As we go into the 2017 presidential election with Unity Party once again feeding a presidential candidate and being the ruling party, it would be fair to scrutinize and grade the party for the benefit of ordinary Liberians who are catching hell under this UP led Government. It is the poor people who stand in line for hours waiting to cast ballots in favor of candidates who they believe would represent their interests.  When Madam President appeared on the political landscape through the backdoor of the Unity Party by ditching out cash to the party stakeholders to become the standard bearer without any party primary; giving the fact of her strong political background and advocacy, the poor people embraced her undemocratic action because they   felt the day of hardship was coming to an end with good governance in placed.

When Ellen Sirleaf picked Joseph Boakai as her running mate, the poor people again jubilantly embraced Ellen and Boakai with the symbol by putting the painting of their heads on lappers, t-shirts and banners. It was all pageant and pageantry! Subsequently, the people expectation for good governance had short lived and hatred of the Unity Party begun to surface amongst the ordinary Liberians.   The ruling Unity Party had turned itself into Industry of Corruption where officials of government find pleasure in looting the country’s resources with impunity.   Evidence shows that massive corruption in the Unity Party’s government continues to undermine national progress. Poverty has become a way of life amongst our people while elected and appointed officials are living in luxurious. Many of these officials have built and are building huge mansions, own fleet of expensive cars along with fat bank accounts and all of them have become frequent flyers international airlines. That is why some government officials blatantly refused to declare their assets when asked to do so and those who appeared lied under oath with impunity and to date, the government remain mute.

V. P. Joseph N. Boakai

The Ellen and Joe Unity Party’s Government entrenched with a high level of dishonesty. Most top officials of this government have become pathological liars and therefore, have no respect for the rule of law.  Officials have been consistently engaging in corrupt activities since the Unity Party took state power that has led to an erosion of confidence. Unfolding events at the party’s convention would lead one to the bitter conclusion that the Unity Party has become too weak and consequently unable to carry the burden of democratic values and has therefore exposed itself to violating the code of conduct that was signed into law by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who is the leader of the party. The Code of Conduct prohibits presidential appointees from actively engaging in party politics by not   contesting for elected positions and evidence shows that Unity Party officials continue to deliberately, knowingly and recklessly violated the Code of Conduct with impunity while the UP presidential candidate VP Joseph Boakai is asleep.

Unity Party has miserably failed to improve the living standard of the suffering people. Schools are substandard, massive unemployment, poor health care system, poor transportation system and government intolerance to uncompromising criticism exposing ills in every government institution. While transparency and accountability are products of good governance, the Unity Party government has exhibited a serious deficiency in these areas and therefore Liberians should not compromise their lives with a Unity Party government beyond 2017.  The poor people have had enough of miscarriage of justice, disconnected and disorganized policies surfacing at every level of this government making it impossible for sustainable growth and development. The 2017 election is going to be about the people not wanting to continue with the hardship that they have experienced for almost 12 years of failed leadership under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Presidential Candidate Joseph N. Boakai. There cannot be a born-again Unity Party Government.

Sylvester moses
A stern straightforward sentence to death for UP, but don't toll the funeral bells yet. Because the fundamental assumption here is that 2017 has be a referendum on the lackluster performance of EJS, the question though is: really?

Like we contended elsewhere, the majority of our rural folks are traditionalists, conservatives, and they trust the older "devil" they know more than the new angel they don't. To make matters more problematic regarding defeating the ruling party, one can't imagine the opposition parties merging to rally around the most electable among them. Moreover, reportedly, their strategy boils down to waiting until the First Round of voting, and then supporting the opposition presidential candidate with the most that aren't decisive in clinching victory.

The downside is that depending on the non - contractual future performance of someone to achieve a goal isn't a strategy, it's hoping, or wishful thinking, if we may. One thing can't be overstated anyway - Liberians want a well - monitored, credibly, and carefully conducted free general elections. Thank you Mr. Charles Russell for not mincing words; God knows that this is a debate worth having.
Sylvester moses at 09:00AM, 2016/07/12.
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