Fighting On Whose Behalf Speaker Tyler?

By John H. T. Stewart Jr

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 24, 2016



According to some Legislators, embattled House Speaker Alex Tyler’s fight to remain as Speaker is right and just because, in their eyes Speaker Tyler is fighting against Presidential excesses and tyranny. By their logic, the Speaker is protecting the gains of democracy acquired through decades of unrelenting struggle against minority rule in Liberia and is therefore justified in his actions.

But according to pundits, such logic sounds hollow because, on closer scrutiny, it appears that Speaker Tyler’s last ditch stand is driven by fear of mafia elements suspected to be involved with the Russian State owned company, GAZPROM, who are alleged to have dished out lavish sums of cash some time ago to some GOL officials including Speaker Tyler but without no returns so far. The money was said to have been given to Tyler, Neyor and others in an attempt by GAZPROM to acquire an oil block during the bidding process some time ago.

And despite assurances allegedly given them by former NOCAL Chief Executive, Christopher Neyor and Speaker Tyler in the main, the deal was never consummated and the oil blocks were said to have been awarded to CHEVRON instead. But both men are said to have benefitted immensely, although illegally, and the onus to deliver on the promises has now rested squarely on the shoulders of embattled House Speaker Alex Tyler who is allegedly being pursued by the Russians.

And there are those who argue, amongst them members of the Legislature standing in support of Speaker Tyler, that the anti-Tyler bloc is proceeding wrongly in attempting to either remove him or have himself recused from presiding over the House while a criminal indictment hangs over his head. And they have threatened to ensure that Tyler hangs on until elections in 2017, irrespective of the fact that he may be facing trial soon.

How such tactics on the part of Tyler and his band of loyalists are going to save his hide from being removed or how is it going to land GAZPROM the sweetheart oil deal for which they allegedly paid huge sums in bribes remain unclear. What remains clear is the fact GAZPROM has not gotten the deal, his hold on the Speakership has been seriously eroded by the turn of events, is weakening by the day and that Speaker Tyler’s bid for the Presidency in 2017 is taking repeated blows from which he may not easily recover. Such may eventually truncate the fulfillment of his ambition to become the next President of Liberia and thus effectively shut the door perhaps forever to GAZPROM.

And perhaps, just the mere thought of the possibility of Russian mafia assassins, notorious for their deadly and ruthless efficiency, coming after him to exact tribute for failing to deliver on promises, well paid for in advance, was sufficiently chilling and frightening enough to have spurred him into declaring that his life was in danger. And rather than from the Russian mafia as would have been expected, the danger posed to his life, he declared, was coming from President Sirleaf who he inferred was the mastermind behind the mysterious killing of Harry Greaves.
What Speaker Tyler however did not disclose according to sources at the Capitol was that he had been deeply involved in failed attempts to secure a sweetheart deal for the state owned Russian oil company, GAZPROM, from which he had allegedly received large amounts of cash and that a payback would certainly be in the cards, more certainly than not, from the Russian mafia in the event of his failure to deliver on promises.

And apparently Speaker Tyler had forgotten that he too was also accused of being the mastermind behind the mysterious death or killing in similar fashion of the NOCAL whistleblower, Michael Allison who had pointed accusing fingers at the Speaker for alleged involvement in unsavory deals concerning the sale of Liberia’s oil blocks. Whether it was Allison’s threatened exposure of Speaker Tyler’s alleged involvement in secret deals behind the intended but unsuccessful sale of the oil blocks to GAZPROM that led to his untimely death may perhaps never be known since Michael Allison has taken those secrets to his grave.

At the time then, Speaker Tyler and former Speaker Snowe were reported to have been on the best of terms and it is alleged that former Speaker Snowe played a key role, on behalf of Speaker Tyler, in funneling cash obtained from illicit deals to members of the House in order to ensure their acquiescence to the signing of several shady deals.  And to be sure, there were many of such illicit deals that were struck under the gavel of House Speaker Alex Tyler allegedly with the close involvement of former Speaker Snowe. But by a strange twist of fate, both men are now known to be openly at loggerheads and have been engaged in verbal spats recently.

Apparently something must have gone wrong somewhere down their road of conviviality to have engendered such mutual suspicion and hostility. Tyler it is said, is known as the “Eat All Man”, meaning that he always end up eating the lion’s share of proceeds obtaining from illicit deals. According to transparency watchdog Global Witness, nearly all of the concession agreements save a few numbering not more than five (5) were all illegal and did not meet the tests of transparency and accountability.

In other words, for eleven (11) long years Speaker Tyler has presided over the signing of illegal concession agreements mortgaging the future of generations unborn. So how he can now justifiably claim that he is fighting to protect the gains of democracy when it is apparent to all and sundry his is a fight for gravy and nothing more. Just recently according to media reports, it has been revealed that Speaker Tyler and the head of the Liberia Opportunities Industrialization --- had allegedly been illegally expropriating funds allocated as subsidy to that institution.
And lest we forget that it was under Speaker Tyler’s gavel of authority that thousands of dollars are dished out to members of the House each year under the guise of what is called Legislative Impact Project. It simply means that large amounts of money are being set aside for the use of members of the House to buy favors in their respective constituencies under the cloak of development. And as if this is not enough they are asking for financial autonomy which would give them ultimate power to squander scarce national resources without accountability.

That power of autonomy which they seek is to some extent restricted by the law which requires Presidential warrant for the expenditure of public funds. The fact that members of the National Legislature has so far kept themselves immune from probity and accountability suggests that the exercise of that financial autonomy which they so desperately seek will be subject to no accountability regime such as audits by the General Auditing Commission (GAC). Perhaps the uncertainties associated with the possible loss of perks and privileges due to an imminent change in leadership is the rallying concern of pro-Tyler loyalists.

And concerns about the possible loss of perks and privileges is not farfetched if one considers the fact that the Speaker of the House, rather than being  first among equals “primus inter pares” is in fact a virtual dictator dispensing out favors, perks and favorable appointments to those Representatives who support him. Unlike the House of Senate where Committee heads are elected by their colleagues, in the House of Representatives, it is the Speaker who has the sole discretion to appoint or dismiss Committee heads based on no defined criteria.
And it is Speaker Tyler who perhaps stands the most to lose. For example for the past eleven (11) years, the budget allocated to the running of the Office of Speaker has reportedly stood at not less than 3m US dollars annually. Total budgetary allocation to the Office of Speaker over the same period will amount to about 33 million US dollars if we get the math right. So how has Speaker Tyler actually been spending such funds intended for the running of his office? We may never know since the Legislature is immune to GAC audits.

But we know, for example, when Representative Alex Tyler became Speaker, following the ouster of Representative Edwin Snowe as Speaker, he appointed Representative Emmanuel Nuquay as head of the House’s Ways and Means Committee, a very powerful committee indeed. Soon the legislative pair became almost inseparable, like “shirt tail and butt hole” in common speak, managing the finances of the House of Representatives.

And together, according to sources, emboldened by such power, they plotted the formation of a new political party, initially dubbed “Native Peoples Party” to oust the ruling Unity Party from office in the 2017 elections and catapult Alex Tyler to the high office of President. But such relationships based on mutually acceptable greed are not made to last especially when one partner has or displays, in excess of his partner, a very strong sense of inordinate greed and ambition.

Apparently such was the case of the Tyler-Nuquay love affair when the partnership fell apart for unexplained but apparently ostensible reasons. Nuquay was sacked from his post as head of the Committee on Ways and Means by Speaker Tyler and reassigned to another far less powerful Committee and Tyler, in the wake of the demise of their jointly proposed idea of a Native People Party, went on to form his Liberian People Democratic Party (LPDP) in preparation for 2017 much to the chagrin of Nuquay,

The Party was launched with great fanfare in Kakata City, capital of Margibi County, a County where Tyler has a huge investment in real estate sporting a lavish restaurant, bar, and luxurious hotel dubbed Jandy’s Paradise. On the day of the launch, scores of brand new white painted Nissan pickup trucks could be seen driving at top speed through the city of Kakata with horns and sirens blaring. And such a lavish display of pomp and wealth may have angered Representative Nuqua who Tyler had earlier given the boot.

Nuquay, according to sources had then vowed to settle scores with Tyler at the opportune moment which apparently is now. It is not surprising therefore to see him (Representative Emmanuel Nuquay) featuring prominently in the lineup calling for Speaker Alex Tyler to recuse himself or step down as Speaker. But Tyler has stubbornly refused to recuse himself or step down as Speaker. Sources at the Legislature say that Speaker Tyler has been spending big to maintain his support and standing among his colleagues.

And he appears determined to do so even if it means that the affairs of the nation be stalled and ordinary people suffer needlessly. For these so called “Honorables” then, so be it if the people suffer because, in their ill-conceived idea, the gains of democracy must be protected by Speaker Tyler, an individual whose very hands are dripping with the blood of the Liberian people for having shoehorned into legal existence, so many bad and illegal concession agreements that have virtually mortgaged the future of this country.

And sources further say that the dispensing of huge amounts of cash to drum up support to hang on was or is being made possible by his unfettered access to funding allocated to the running of his office. At last review, the amount stood in excess of 3 million United States dollars annually. Now with the most recent decision by his colleagues with the support of the Executive to order the freezing of accounts of the House of Representatives until the dust is settled, it remains to be seen whether Speaker Tyler will be able to sustain this fight without such access to funds provided for the running of his office.

But truth be told, Speaker Tyler needs to realize the futility of his “fight to the death” campaign and step aside forthwith as Speaker because in the finally analysis, he will have to do just that. And let him be informed that his is no just fight to protect the gains of democracy or whatever. His recalcitrance even when it has become clear that he can no longer effectively preside over the House as he has lost the confidence of his colleagues reflects a strong lack of any modicum of honor and self-respect on his part. But the question may be asked, is there any honor among thieves?

In our eyes, the eyes of the Liberian people, Speaker Tyler has come to equity with hands soiled with blood just as all those of his colleagues who may have received bribes to pass laws and approve agreements hostile to the interests of the Liberian nation and people. They should and must be held to account and it does not matter whether it is President Sirleaf or President Lazaquellie leading the charge.  And the sooner Speaker Tyler realizes that his gravy train has gotten stuck in a pile of “deep shit” from which there is no way out, the better it will be for us all.


About the Author: Mr. John H.T. Stewart, Jr. is a Freelance Journalist and Former Commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia.

sylvester moses
Although you hit the nail on the head with this well – written piece, partner, your topic question seems to miss a crucial point. The impasse resulted from demand for Tyler's recusal based solely on a Global Witness report, which origin is seen as specious, and suspect. Furthermore, Chapter V, Article 49 of the 1986 Constitution that stipulates he can be removed for cause by a two – third majority of his colleagues prohibits a partisan putsch against him. This means that if the “vacate chair” block in the Lower House reach that number, there shouldn’t be any problem about kicking him from the speakership.

A good number of our legislators care less that “to vote is to express an opinion on the future course” of Liberia, and, like you rightfully suggest, use political power for personal gains instead of effective representation of those that elected them. We aren’t amazed therefore that some became vampires. But the question is, who morphed Speaker Tyler into the Frankenstein this piece posits he is; who ensured that legislators and others get bonanza pay packages totaling a third of the annual budget amid pervasive poverty; or authorized two different NOCAL management teams to give him millions of US dollars as bribes when hospitals had neither sufficient gloves nor ambulances?

As far as the Russians’ Oil Block is concerned, some of us heard something similar when Rep Snowe publicly claimed that he escorted Russian nationals to the president’s house at night, but Mr. Robert Sirleaf kept him out of the meeting he and his mother had with them. Dr. Neyor’s name wasn’t mentioned then, though powerful forces were allegedly after him. And the death of Counselor Allison was declared a “drowning” accident by a government led by EJS. In other words, no matter where you turn, the finger prints of an omniscient omnipotent presidency are all over the place. This isn’t the fault of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf per se: it is the limitless powers given to the office by our constitution.

That would explain why most of our presidents have been wrongfully perceived as arrogant totalitarian bullies, and kleptomaniacs.

So, in this reverberating ruckus, we believe in restricting the untrammeled powers by insisting on the Separation of Powers, and opting for adherence to the constitution. We’re totally against a president bypassing established investigative, and prosecutorial institutions to conduct in – house criminal probes that would send citizens to court. Because were that precedent set in an emerging democracy, a closet despot occupying our highest office could investigate citizens for treason from some bedroom, and send innocent people to death based on trumped - up charges.

Thanks again, Mr. John H.T Stewart, for the infectious passion which you always emit on behalf of accountable governance, and advocacy for the voiceless. Those who knew you as a teenager at Mamba Point say that that empathy has been a fervent fixture forever. Of course, we envy the single - mindedness of purpose on behalf of many unknown nameless faces, and hope that knowing you would make some of it rub off on us.

sylvester moses at 02:39PM, 2016/08/24.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
John Stewart by all implications you are A SHAMELESS LIAR when you say "the affairs of the Nation is been stalled with the ordinary people suffering" because the nation's constitutional principle of "INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY", the law that the Speaker shall only be removed for good cause by a two third majority, and there is no rule that the Speaker be recused, ARE BEEN UPHELD BY WHAT MAY BE ACCEPTED AS HALF OF THE TOTAL MEMBERSHIP OF THE HOUSE!


You should be ashamed of yourself a so called progressive and former commissioner of the TRC behaving as one paid to write such crap supporting the abuse of Power by am incompetent and notoriously corrupt president, and acts and omissions contrary to law and violating the Nation's constitution.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 03:09PM, 2016/08/24.
Kou Gontee
This excerpt of Dr. Neyor´s letter is what actually shocks the conscience and proves Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is not fit for leadership!

"I brought to your attention that $2 million had been offered to me in bribe with a request that I do not take certain executive action against an oil company. I quoted to you portion of my remarks when I took over NOCAL few months earlier that no amount of money would be big enough to make me betray you and our people. What I got out of that was your ridicule of me before the Petroleum Technical Committee in the Cabinet Room at your office that I was parading myself as the most perfect man in the government boasting that I could not take bribe. Justice Minister Christina Tah and your Legal Advisor Cllr Seward Cooper (now NOCAL Board Chairman) were among those at that meeting. They can bear witness. Most of those at that meeting told me later how shock they were with your characterization of me." Chris Neyor

Mr. Zoedjallah,

I too became very suspicious of John Stewart´s article when he mentioned Chris Neyor. So I went back to Chris Neyor´s open letter to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf exposing the dirty and massive corruption of the very Ellen and her son Robert Sirleaf.

Here below I have reposted Chris Neyor´s open letter to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf which is a proof that Ellen Johnson is a really corrupt public official; for if this were not the case she would have taken legal action against Chris Neyor. The fact that she and her son kept their mouth shut, proves that John Stewart is indeed a liar and have been paid by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to TANNISH the reputation of the Speaker J.Alex Tyler her now political enemy. Read below the letter from Neyor:

Christopher Neyor’s Open Letter to President Sirleaf

Tue, 06/17/2014 - 09:14 admin1


June 13, 2014

Her Excellency

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


Republic of Liberia

Monrovia, Liberia

Dear Madame President:

I have been reliably informed of your venomous statement on more than one occasion that you will destroy me so that your son Robert A. Sirleaf can have an easy path to the Senate seat for Montserrado County and eventually to the Presidency of Liberia in the 2017 election to succeed you. Your threat to destroy me comes at a time when there are media reports of your son, Robert frantically trying to buy off all the Montserrado County’s senatorial candidates and promising cash for others to abandon their political parties to support his candidacy for Montserrado. Your threats to destroy me emanates from the fact that I have grass root support and I cannot be purchased even with Robert’s millions. Despite these threats, I will remain a formidable candidate for the senate race.

I take your statement as a serious threat to my person because in our part of the world when a President with all the power of the State wants to destroy a citizen, the order is usually followed to the letter.

Destroying a citizen can take many forms including made up accidents, poison, fabrication of stories that attacks one’s integrity or loyalty to the State (sedition, terrorism, etc.) or any combination of these plus more. I know you and your son are capable of this because we have gone down that road before when including when he tried to frame me as anti-American and had me under 24hr surveillance when I was removed from NOCAL. Madame President, you swore in your oath of office as our President to uphold the constitution, which guarantees the protection of life, liberty and property of every citizen.

Because of the seriousness I attach to your statement (which could be reason for impeachment in a non-imperial democracy), I am forced to issue this Open Letter to you so that our citizens and international friends can beware of how far you would go for one son to the detriment of your own administration and our country.

I cannot fathom why you would come after me with such vengeance, Madame President, one who has considered you a mother, admired you, have membership in the same church with you, utilized his own resources and connections to support you politically and was a shining star in your first term. Is it because I am the son of another Liberian mother from the rank of the marginalized?

I met with you on April 24 at your Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in presence of your Chief of Staff Dr. Edward McClain and informed you of my intent to honor petitions to contest the Montserrado County Senate seat in the October 2014 Special Senatorial Elections in order to help the National Legislature be more responsive to the critical issues of the country. You inquired why I wasn’t running for the Rivercess senate seat instead and I explained among other things that I was born and raised in Montserrado County to a father who came from Morweh in Rivercess and I was a registered voter in Montserrado. You stated it would be a difficult task for me but I told you that elections is about number and from survey, I had the number to win in the county. You told me then that others had approached you for the same seat and that you would do your own survey and see whom to support. I said that was fair enough for I was just informing you out of courtesy but not necessarily for your support.

Since I left your office that day and began consultations with cross section of Montserrado citizens, you have been doing everything to undermine my participation in the election in favor of your son whom you did not reveal to me that he intended running for the same seat. You have been trying hard to coerce officials of your government who are supporting or sympathizing with my anticipated candidacy to work with your son instead even when some advised it would not be a good idea for your son to contest the Montserrado County senate seat.

Madame President, democracy brings all qualified candidates into an election and the voters determine who they believe is the best candidate suited for a post. It would be a violation of the constitution and elections laws to coerce or entice support for your son to be elected senator. I am very much aware of your plan to have your son become “senator at all costs”, have him made President Pro Tempore of the Senate and then position him for the 2017 presidential election to succeed you. Your son, if he has given up his US citizenship and legally become a Liberian citizen again, is entitled to run for any position if qualified under our election laws but let the voters make the choice whom to support and elect. It would be a violation of your oath as President to misuse your office to make your son senator and eventually president of our country, especially when your own performance as President does not leave much to be desired now.

I wonder why you harbor so much bitterness against me, Madame President. In addition to your remarks to destroy me, you have also stated emphatically that you will make sure I am NEVER elected senator of Montserrado County. Why Madame President? Is it because as CEO of NOCAL I refused to give in to you and your son Robert’s adventurism to exploit the oil resources for your own benefits? I think the public should get to know why you are so bend on “destroying” me and trying to legitimize the already unconstitutional power you have given to your son Mr. Robert Sirleaf.

You are very much aware that I tutored you and Robert on fundamentals of oil and gas and informed you of the potential wealth of the emerging Liberia petroleum sector, the hard-to-resist temptation of millions of dollars demanding those of our citizens with the highest integrity in its management and advised you to give the sector more attention. From the time Robert was appointed to the Board of Directors of NOCAL in 2010 and he realized the millions involved, he started to position himself overnight as an oil and gas expert and instructing me on how we could make a lot of money. When I didn’t go along, he began to undermine and intimidate me as CEO as well as then Chairman of the Board Clemenceau Urey.

When I started the reform process at NOCAL learning from the errors of most of the African oil-producing countries and formulating a foundation for empowering Liberians through lucrative local content participation in this new extractive sector, you know that Robert interjected that it was unwise politically to allow citizens to have money like that, especially when the 2011 elections was around the corner.

You were fully aware that Robert began to portray himself as the de facto head of NOCAL and began soliciting huge amounts of money from individuals and companies with interest in acquisition of oil blocks. Some of these companies approached me and I brought those to your attention only for Robert to tell them not to pay attention to me because I was going to be removed after the 2011 elections and he was going to become Executive Chairman (which was later proven right). Oil blocks were promised to these people of which you are fully aware and millions was brought in irregularly for the campaign with cash brought in on private jets and taken to your home.

I brought to your attention that $2 million had been offered to me in bribe with a request that I do not take certain executive action against an oil company. I quoted to you portion of my remarks when I took over NOCAL few months earlier that no amount of money would be big enough to make me betray you and our people. What I got out of that was your ridicule of me before the Petroleum Technical Committee in the Cabinet Room at your office that I was parading myself as the most perfect man in the government boasting that I could not take bribe. Justice Minister Christina Tah and your Legal Advisor Cllr Seward Cooper (now NOCAL Board Chairman) were among those at that meeting. They can bear witness. Most of those at that meeting told me later how shock they were with your characterization of me.

Madam President, the interest and protection of the wealth of Liberia is more important to me than personal wealth. Far too long, Liberians have suffered from bad economic management of their natural resources and your administration, unfortunately, has not moved any further from the past. Unarguably, mismanagement of public resources is at the zenith during your administration.

Out of desperation, Robert tried to wickedly tag me as anti-American following a speech I made to the Liberia Business Association that diversification in future allocation of oil blocks was in our long term economic interest, a strategy agreed to and promoted by even American advisers. There was nothing anti-American about that, realizing the United States is our closest friend, prime source of economic support and currently have about 80% of contracted oil blocks. I was glad that our international partners and Liberians did not buy into such mis-guarded and unsubstantiated propaganda.

Robert got furious that the international watchdog Global Witness had referred to me as a “reformer” appointed by you to clean up NOCAL in its damaging report of September 2011 on corruption in the Liberian oil sector. The credit was to you that you had seen it fit to finally appoint a reformer at NOCAL but that didn’t go down well for your son who sent his friend and one of your trusted ministers after me, instructing that I made untrue statements to Global Witness. I still have those ugly emails exchanges with that friend who is still a minister today.

As your Energy Advisor, with your approval, I started quiet diplomacy with the Nigerian Government including then President Yar Adua’s office and the Petroleum Resources Minister to resume crude oil allocation to Liberia. The diplomacy continued when President Goodluck Jonathan took office. The convincing reason we gave to the Nigerians and later to the Kuwaiti was to use the proceeds from the allocation transaction to reduce the high cost of electricity in Liberia until we have in place more affordable power generation sources. Both for Nigeria and later Kuwait, when those sensitive negotiations I initiated and spearheaded was about to close, you put your son, Robert in charge of the closing as the Special Envoy. The Nigerian oil allocation intended to support lower electricity bill has been flowing now for years yet electricity cost in our country is the highest in the world. Not a penny from the allocation has gone to LEC fuel expenses and cost of power continues to be unaffordable to most of your citizens in areas where electricity is provided.

Every time I met with you as head of NOCAL, your constant remark was we were sitting on tons of money in NOCAL bank accounts. I responded every time that the monies were earmarked for capacity building and social interventions like the projects we were doing around the country impacting the lives of our people. One of Robert’s closest confidants tried to convince me to take $4- 5 million out of NOCAL’s account to give you as campaign contribution. He intimated to me that all my colleagues were doing that but I told him they would have to account some day but I cannot even give it a thought to do such.

Interestingly, I was the only head of a major state enterprise that was removed after your 2nd term inauguration though by all accounts you knew of my stand against corruption and my insistence on productive performance at NOCAL. It was not surprising when that same confidant of your son Robert came to me after my removal and said; “You see why I was telling you to give the old lady some money during the campaign?” The confidant is still alive and around.

Despite all that, God has been good to me and the company I established after leaving NOCAL, the Morweh Energy Group, is doing well. Though I make no income internally, I bring in what I earn overseas and employ Liberians in my office and my home, give away to scholarships and other social causes and pay various taxes including office lease (Coast Guard), payroll and income taxes. For the past two years, you and your NPA MD have given me the runaround for port land my partners and I want to lease in Buchanan to build an oil and gas logistics base that will provide opportunities for Liberians and Liberian businesses to profitably participate in provision of goods and services to exploration drilling operations now going on in Liberia.

Madame President, you know the value of a logistics base and the opportunities it provides to local citizens for business. I got at NOCAL three months before exploration drilling commenced and there was no preparation for a logistics base. I took you on one of the oilrigs where you noticed Ghanaians were providing catering and other services and I warned you that we had to do something about a logistics base. The highlight of your state visit to Angola in 2011 was a tour we made of the Luanda oil and gas logistics base. Since I left NOCAL, the initiative for a logistics base was stalled until I mobilized seven other Liberian investors and international expertise to construct the base upon lease of appropriate land at the Port of Buchanan from the NPA. Two years and counting, the land has not been granted though you tell me you support the project but then have your NPA head told to not do it. Yet millions of dollars are pumped into the Ghanaian economy for each oil well drilled in Liberia while our young people go unemployed, the education system is a “mess” according to you and people continue to live in unbelievable slums, most of them around Monrovia. This is just fundamentally wrong.

You have confided to some that I think you are a fool to grant approval for this vital national project when I had badmouthed your son, referring to the time in a NOCAL Board meeting when he was insulting and I told him the truth that he knew nothing about the working of the oil business and he would be cause for you not having a good legacy. You rather let Ghanaians and Ghanaian companies benefit from jobs and contracts on oil rigs operating in Liberia using the Port of Takoradi as logistics base than having a Liberian spearhead the building of one here in Buchanan for the benefit of our economy because of your vindictiveness.

You and your son, Robert have a complete stranglehold on the economy, depriving and punishing any Liberian who dare or desire to have an independent mind and who refuse to participate in looting the country of its resources. Closing the economy to perceived enemies is preventing job creation in Liberia!

Had the House of Representatives not imposed a freeze on oil blocks, Robert would have sold all of our remaining oil blocks by now. I know as a fact that he has lined up companies most of who have contributed heavily to the Robert Sirleaf Foundation for award of oil blocks. In your interview with FrontpageAfrica, you even confirmed contributions made by companies to the Robert A. Sirleaf Foundation, while Robert was serving as Executive Chairman of NOCAL and Senior Advisor to the President of Liberia demonstrating how you and your son were trying to concentrate all the oil money into the hands of your family.

One can understand why that new oil and gas act drafted by your son left out provisions for defined citizens participation and oil revenue management mechanism but emphasized only the giving away of oil blocks, exempting future awards from the Liberian PPCC law. Have you read the draft act? It was a mockery when you openly praised your son for “completing his task” in “reforming” NOCAL with submission of the draft oil and gas act to the National Legislature just before his resignation from NOCAL due to public and international pressure. Robert resignation is also a joke because it is an open secret that he still calls the shot at NOCAL. Well, actually, he does at every agency where money and natural resources are involved including trying to give away Wologisi after the Western Cluster fiasco.

The primary purpose of a government is to protect and empower its citizens but as President of our country, all I have experienced at close range with you is a selfish desire to protect and empower only your family where your son Robert Sirleaf and your sister Jan Barnard are given power our constitution does not assign to instigate appointments, dismissals and amass ill-begotten wealth. You are good at showing two faces, one to the international community where you have been awarded medals and accolades and degrees and the other to your people at home where you have shown disdain and manipulation and deception and malice. You have been unable to reconcile the country because of your history of vindictiveness and putting Liberians against each other.

Why I am doing this

I am sure this open letter is shocking to you, knowing my quiet nature. I am not doing this because I just want to be Senator for Montserrado. I am prepared to withdraw from the race once I know we have a winning candidate who will not compromise the hopes and aspirations of the suffering people of Montserrado County…and you know that candidate is not the son you are trying hard to legitimize as your successor. The people of Montserrado deserve better and this is why I decided to get in the senate race to ensure that their interests are fully protected.

I am writing this because our country and the international community need to know who you truly are from someone who knows you well, having interacted with you on many matters of state where your decision and actions betrayed the people’s trust. I am writing this because at such a time when so many Liberians are crying out for skills building and college graduates cannot find internships or meaningful employment, when roads to slum communities are almost impassable during this raining season, when there is massive budget shortfalls due to corruption and incompetence which you have admitted to, when so much is at stake for the country requiring the best of leadership to put us back on course, you have made a decision to spend most of your time to be Campaign Manager for your son, Robert to become a senator at all cost

I have prayed about this Open Letter to you and I have a sense of relief in my spirit that this is the right thing to do for the good of our country. You and I are members of the First United Methodist Church and serve on the Annual Conference Advance Committee. In keeping with Scripture, I brought your deceptive behavior to attention of our pastor and the bishop. The bishop spoke to you about my concerns but you downplayed it as usual, saying you had nothing against me.

Madame President, this is not just against me, it is against the country. You uprooted from the government and around you those with the best integrity and competence to help you move our country further. John Morlu, Nagbalee Warner, Tiawon Gongloe, Alfred Brownell, Wilson Tarpeh and your own co-Nobel laureate Leymah Gbowee are among those you have made enemies simply because they tell you the truth and will not betray their country and people to enjoy the spoils of corruption for a season.

Sando Moore, Liberia’s foremost photojournalist, who hails from Bomi with you and was instrumental in your reelection was told by you not to attend your 2012 inauguration simply because he had a difference with your son Robert. It was just fundamentally wrong for a president to come down this low to prevent a Liberian and a top journalist from attending inauguration because of a disagreement with the president’s son. NOCAL’s ad in his IMAGE magazine was pulled down as a result.

I fully understand the consequences of this Open Letter to you. I know you will come after me with vengeance utilizing all the apparatuses of the State. I am prepared for all eventualities.

I want you to succeed Madame President because when you succeed, the country succeeds, but it seems you don’t want yourself to succeed. For some strange and inexplicable reason, you take decisions that are inimical to your own government just to satisfy your son or your sister. You and your son Robert Sirleaf are driving our country down a cliff. Even your international supporters are gradually seeing that your governance is horrible and they are beginning to distance themselves from you.

A leader should be all-powerful to do good but at the same time restrained from doing evil. The new Liberia we are trying to build on the blood of over quarter million of our fellow citizens who lost their lives in the civil upheaval is one where we do not sit and watch the country go down that path of destruction again. We must all speak out for in doing so, our country will be freeing itself of presidents who abuse our rights and misuse our resources for their own selfish interest.

Madam President, you have the right as a mother to support your son for senator. But you do not have the right to threaten to destroy me or any other Liberian, or coerce anyone in the process. Your son must convince Liberians to vote for him on the merits not on the basis of using the power of the presidency to make him senator and then president at all cost. In this new Liberia, that is not going to happen. I do not take threats to my personhood lightly, especially coming from an all-powerful, imperial president. It is high time that vindictiveness is stopped!

I pray that God softens your heart and you change course for your own good and that of the country. I will be watching. I have much more to publish including email you begged me to destroy when I was at NOCAL.

Sincerely yours,

ChristopherZeohn Neyor

Christopher Z. Neyor

Former President & CEO, NOCAL

President & CEO, Morweh Energy Group

Senatorial Aspirant, Montserrado County

cc: African Union Mission, Monrovia

ECOWAS Representative Office, Monrovia

SRSG, UNMIL-Monrovia

US Embassy, Monrovia

Delegate of the European Commission, Monrovia

Embassy of Norway

The Liberia Council of Churches

The Moslem Council

National Traditional Council
Kou Gontee at 03:51AM, 2016/08/25.
Nyan Zikeh
Mr John Steward piece is a classical mind twisting note that many of the so called progressives present to the public to impress that it is from a well informed researched analysis of events in our country. Liberians who are not able to reflect or recollect from recent events or source real facts from available records will swallow this piece. I consider this article as a piece geared at confusing the reading public, reduce support and deflect the public mind from the constitutional issue that the Tyler recusal or removal force has presented on the national platform at the national legislature. Pieces like these (article) become historical notes after many years and are then refer to as facts.
Thank you Mr Moses, Mr ZOEDJALLAH and Ms Gontee for your quick response to this skewed article. Your contributions is re-enforcing the balance needed for information in Liberia. Mr Steward's article is a total twist of what has been release to the public by those directly involved in the mysterious oil concession deals in Liberia from the past.
The only truth in this article is that Mr Tyler has presided over all the ratification of the bad concession contracts in Liberia during the last ten years. For this Liberia is waiting to serve notice of employment termination in October 2017 and severance of contractual employment in January 2018.
Nyan Zikeh at 07:41AM, 2016/08/28.
Gsrsuah Gborvlehn
Nyan Zekeh, we need intelligent minds like you on this site. Your evaluation of John Stewart's SPIN OR BASKET OF LIES MIXED WITH ONE IR TWO GRAINS OF FACTS IS A VERY BRILLIANT TRUTH!
Gsrsuah Gborvlehn at 06:03AM, 2016/09/03.

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