"The Government Has Failed," Says Mills Jones

By Jerry Wehtee Wion

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
February 23, 2017


Former Bank Governor Mills Jones & President Sirleaf

"The government has failed," says another Presidential candidate, Mills Jones who also milked the system with his reported US $20,000.00 a month salary plus benefits as Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia. And as Governor of the Cental Bank, Mills Jones helped President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to fuel the failure of the government by unlawfully and unconstitutionally diverting "over $10 million" of our money into Ellen's so-called private "development agenda account" at EcoBank.

Daniel Woart, the student leader blindly asserts: "Before we could make this decision (to endorse Mills
Jones for President), we had a consultation and we did background investigations on ALL of the (presidential) candidates and Dr. (MILLS) Jones is the best person for this job (of President of Liberia.)" Really? Mr. Woart needs political binoculars because he and his fellow students leaders probably were looking in the wrong places for any political sins on the former Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia.

Let me get right to it and not bore you with his one-man free "stimulus money" giveaway to market women that many now say amounted to campaigning. The exact amount is still debatable and the terms for repayment to the government a guessing game.

Now, in the great United States that literally invented economic "stimulus package" money giveaway, first, the Congress of the United States that is the legal custodian of the American people's money must and always is notified and then has to give the approval for any money. In Liberia, it is a one-man show, and the corrupt Board of Governors.

Well, first thing is Governor Jones printed thousands of T-shirts with his picture on the front that he gave away to potential voters/ market people. Next, Mills Jones himself is in the market places giving out money.

But what I wanted to bring to the attention of voters in Liberia is Governor Jones' role in 2009 when he revealed in the wake of the $1.1 million bank signature forgery scandal. 

Some low level and top officials at both Finance and the Central Bank were caught in a money scandal where some of the guys reportedly forged the signature of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and diverted for their own use "$1.1 million" of our tax money.

The investigation, led in part by the former no nonsense head of the General Auditing Commission of Liberia, Mr. John Morlu revealed that an illegal triangle or tripartite ring had been in existence involving President Sirleaf's office, the Ministry of Finance and its then Deputy Minister for Revenue, Ms. Eldreda Tamba-Stewart and the Central Bank former Deputy Governor Ethel David and Governor Mills Jones himself.

This illegal and unconstitutional triangle had already siphoned off over "$10 million", according to Governor Jones and deposited same into what became known as the "development agenda account" belonging to President Sirleaf at EcoBank. It was the copycat of said account that led to one Mr. Kollie and gang bejng busted after forging the signature of President Sirleaf in which Kollie and gang made away with the $1,1 million.

Kollie and gang were ordered by Deputy Governor Ethel David to deposit the $1.1 million that had come in from LPRC into Ellen's development agenda account at EcoBank. But the guys opened their own account under the name "E. Jee Sirleaf" using the same account number as the President's development agenda account. And the money was gone.

According to Governor Jones who was not in the country at the time Kollie and gang cleverly forged President Sirleaf's signature, Jones later told a news conference that the reason the bank authorities didn't question the authenticity of the forged letter and signature was " because the Central Bank had acted on similar directives from the President and had by then tansferred money from the Central Bank totalling over $10 million into President Sirleaf's private development agenda account at EcoBank" and I may add, without the prior knowledge, advice and consent of the Liberian Legislature.

President Sirleaf, Ethel David, Mills Jones and Eldreda Steward-Tamba all never saw inside a courtroom for this mother of all all crimes and it became business as usual but poor Kollie and his buddies went to jail.

Eldred a is now head of the equivalent of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with a salary of US $109,000.00 a year while Ethel David was rewarded and is our Ambassador to Germany and Mills Jones stayed on as Governor until last year for his desire to run for the presidency. So much so for Jones ' "failed government." To add insult to injury, the government wasted yet another $80,000.00 on a former US FBI signature reading expert to compare the forged signature to Ellen's official signature. Like Jones, I am also from Sinoe County but Liberia is bigger than that. Da me say so.

About the Author: Jerry Wehtee Wion, Journalist and Political Commentator, Washington, DC, USA

Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
And then when the National Legislature foresaw the CHRONIC DISHONESTY and duplicity of the very Mills Jones and put in place a regulation forestalling any would be CBL governor, the WARLORD Jones Nhinson Williams aka William Hanson had the temerity to want the people to believe the move by the National Legislature was a "Selective and baseless discrimination dangerous for Liberia’s prosperity."
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 02:46AM, 2017/02/24.
Kpanneh Doe

It's time for Dr. Mills Jones to reckon with Dr. Mills Jones! Who is the real Dr. Mills Jones?
Kpanneh Doe at 11:20AM, 2017/02/24.
Sylvester Moses
Cousin Kpanneh Doe, granted that Dr. Mill Jones made a self – serving statement; notwithstanding, it’s hard to find his attitude abnormal among our politicians, or those elsewhere. Unfortunately, hypocrisy seems to be the norm as evident in one of the best spaces of deliberative pluralistic democracy: Which doesn’t mean that author Jerry Wehtee Wion was wrong in calling out his fellow Sinoain. Perhaps, that’s the strength of us Southeasterners: the willingness to give kin, friends, and neighbors their just desserts.

Our point, though, is that politically - engaged Liberians concerned about concord in our country should focus on exposing EJS’s chameleon roles and serpentine moves regarding ID Cards, Voter Registration, the pivot of ECOWAS, foreign elections’ Monitors, and so on for October. For instance, hundreds of thousands of illiterate Liberians born in rural communities don’t have birth certificates, and never saw clinics or hospitals where records of their births would have been kept. The question is: how can this demography prove citizenship? Should they be prevented from voting?

Not to mention that EJS won two elections without ID card requirement for undocumented Liberians. Why this proviso now when she never thought of a population count – census - in twelve years of rule, and just dumped on the Legislature essential bills that could have ensured responsive, responsible, and decentralized governance?

Somebody wants to take Liberia toward the precipice again, and that’s not Dr. Mill Jones by any stretch.

Thinking of it, our greatest regret was the inability to successfully convince others then that EJS’s near self - sponsored 1985 invasion from Sierra Leone was on track as previously reported. To ensure its success, she had used the African Development Bank (ADB) to fund a road project (near the Mano River Union Bridge) which was given to few conspirators. Of course, that’s how those guys were able to penetrate the Sixth Battalion of the AFL quartered in that region for the invading force to enter Monrovia with minimal resistance except for one fatality – former Army Cpt. Biah.

We flashed back to underscore that EJS is calculative, and a long view planner armed with disparate options at any given moment. Jumping ship from UP to LP, and “conveniently” becoming ECOWAS Chairman, as author Jerry Wion noted in a comment on FPA, wasn’t “coincidental”. And like a Daily Observer editorial cautioned, “eternal vigilance on the voter registration process” should be the priority of all law – abiding Liberians. In short, Dr. Mill Jones is the least of the worries of a "fragile factional state" facing potential existential crisis from the diabolical exertions of a very cunning mind.

Sylvester Moses at 11:21PM, 2017/02/24.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Yes, opposition political parties etc. must ensure a free and fair election is held under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who stole two elections! Nyt equally so, Liberians must not be blinded by the incompetence, lies, thievery, despotism, and chronic corrupt mind of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and allow other power-seeking manipulators and lying-hypocrites to have us believe they are saints and angels because they are no more at the National cake! Mills Jones is more of AN EMBLEM of this wicked, corrupt, greedy, SELF-DEALING, SELF-SERVING GOVERNING ESTABLISHMENT as is Ellen' VP Joe Boakai! Given the context THE SCOLDING wouldn't have been said better than Jerry's!
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 01:41PM, 2017/02/25.
Sylvester moses
Elections - related violence precipitated the conflict in next door Ivory Coast, and, according to some observers, any attempt to steal the coming elections in Liberia could trigger one. Hence, for those of us in the public safety field, unmasking the suspicious projections of the instigator of our nation's own civil war trumps "scolding" any politician's double standards.

And on that note, we end our engagement with this topic: adios good people.
Sylvester moses at 09:17AM, 2017/02/26.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
For those of us in the national political leadership province, simply "unmasking the suspicious projections of the instigator of our nation's own civil war" but by all IMPLICATIONS latently MASKING the "suspicious projections" and of Course the "double standards" of those (eg. Mills Jones, Joe Boakai, Brumskine etc.) who aspire to succeed "the instigator of our nation's own civil war" is tantamount to both a "suspicious projection" and a "double standard", on the one hand; and on the other, playing down that master concept of political thought - JUSTICE!
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 02:54PM, 2017/02/26.
sylvester moses
If you can wade through that pond of mud, be the judge!
sylvester moses at 03:27PM, 2017/02/26.
Kpanneh Doe

Cousin Gbayaforh, we don't differ at all on where the burden ought to be placed for the nation's current problems that is looking and leading to a near existential threat and could well plunge us into another civil crisis if this upcoming elections runs amok. Clearly, the country has been wrecked by poor national leadership, which is undebatable. However, what I find unnerving about some of those seeking the highest office in the land, is to absolve themselves of being a part of the problem. I think it is the height of hypocrisy on the part of Dr. Mills Jones who relishes being called the "Poverty Doctor", and was one of the major economic architects for ten(10) years, now distancing himself from the economic mess the country now finds itself. Should we grant him such Free Pass? I don't think he deserves such, because if there is anyone who has a Record, it is Dr. Mills Jones! And rather sadly, it is not a positive one based on the prevailing economic conditions of the country and people. EJS will inevitably have her day in court one day!
Kpanneh Doe at 11:19PM, 2017/02/26.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Don´t mind Mr. Moses´ unpatriotic attempt to divert attention away from the main issues under scrutiny via factual issues which are TOTALLY irrelevant under the given topic.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 04:49AM, 2017/02/27.
Sylvester moses
Thanks, Cousin Kpanneh Doe, we don't "differ" at all.

As for you, Mr. ZoedJallah, "Totally irrelevant under the given topic" is a wrong characterization of the concerns I raised. And reference "unpatriotic attempt", a response - in kind - is unnecessary. If bored, read something new, or exercise instead of starting a repartee you can't sustain without indulging in the same arguments ad hominem.
Sylvester moses at 10:32AM, 2017/02/27.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah

Mr. Moses, our argument was despite the negatives of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf whether at the ballot box or her misrule, the manipulation and power-seeking hypocrisy of those aspiring to succeed her must be condemned!

Instead of countering our argument or at least substantiating your claims, you chose to seek sanctuary in an extremely unnecessary ARGUMENTUM AD HOMINEN by labelling our assertion as a "pond of mud", and petitioned others to "be the judge": "If you can wade through that pond of mud, be the judge".

A JUDGE HAS HANDED DOWN HIS JUDGEMENT NOT IN YOUR FAVOR BUT RATHER IN OUR FAVOR. You have accepted your guilty verdict. The case is closed.

Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 03:06AM, 2017/02/28.
I must apologize that I didn't read this article pass the first sentence,

"'The government has failed,' says another Presidential candidate, Mills Jones..."

To me, INTELLENGE lies beyond identifying the problem. If the floor is wet, a child could tell you that much. What I need is for someone to get on the roof and plug the hole or tell someone how to do it. The person who marks the spot is usually paid more than the person who digs the marked spot.

If any of the candidates want to impress his intelligence, that person should be prepared to clearly state the steps that person will take to solve the problem.
Efessayf at 10:41AM, 2017/03/01.

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