When Greed and Desperation Overshadows Rationality; A Response to Opposition Political Parties Declaration of Support for Jerome Korkoya

By Jappah Maxwell Hooks

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
April 19, 2017


Charles Taylor, Jewel Taylor and George Waeah

Liberians are anxious to see how a CDC Government will project itself at the helm of governance and how it will take steps towards achieving critical policy and law enforcement issues when it takes state power in 2018, with specific reference on clamping down on criminals who will violate our laws when CDC and its leadership have remained blatantly inconsistent on critical national issues that have the potential to and continue to harm the progress of our country and people.

The recent action by the CDC and other political stooges who congregated and proffered a resolution in support of the NEC Chairman, Cllr. Jerome Korkoya on his alleged citizenship on reasons of delegitimizing the gains made by Mr. Korkoya if made to resign are not only repugnant, they are  irresponsible, baseless and the highest degree of stupidity.  If any of these individuals-driven political parties who concocted this resolution while skewing historical facts are privileged to take state power, Liberia will not only digress from its forward-march traction towards achieving national development and progress, its laws will be disparaged and will put the country in a  long haul towards national recovery.  I am not only troubled by the backing of Korkoya by this group of political nuisance, I am sickened by the fact that people who claimed to be “so-called” politicians and agents of change are misleading our people.

Nowhere in the world have laws, policies or regulations formulated and put in place by an official of government were ever delegitimized when that official was removed from office for acts of incompatibility and actions that circumvented and violated the laws of that country. Except Mr. Mulbah Morlu and his misguided politicians can prove me wrong, they are a disgrace to Liberia’s progress and democracy. Here are the facts.

In October 2011, the Congress for Democratic Change, or CDC, accused James Fromayan (then Chairman of the NEC) of manipulating the vote in favor of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and said it would not take part in a November 8 runoff, if Fromayan continued to head the electoral commission. When the chairman of Liberia's electoral commission resigned Sunday of October 2011, he did so not mainly as a result of threats by the country's leading opposition party to boycott November's presidential runoff, it was also the result of public outcry and citizens’ pressure that Mr. Fromoyan committed a crime that was deemed to have violated our elections laws. Even though Fromoyan resigned, that did not delegitimize the elections results as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was declared winner.

When US Senator, Larry E. Craig, Republican of Idaho (Washington Post, 2007), was arrested in June by an undercover police officer in a men’s bathroom at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in the case three weeks ago. According to records, Mr. Craig has served the US Congress for 18 years (1991-2009). Since his arrest and forced resignation, nowhere are there records that Mr. Craig’s sponsored and co-sponsored legislations were delegitimized as a result of that “disorderly conduct”, a crime considered misdemeanor.

Richard Nixon was President of the US from 1969-1974. During his presidency, President instituted many policies and reforms amongst which are the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Affirmative Action Program, the Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the civil rights reform, etc., etc. When Nixon was forced to resign as a result of the Watergate Scandal, nowhere in history have those policies and reforms he instituted were delegitimized or are to be delegitimized.  In fact, the Equal Employment Opportunity or EOE continues to be the hallmark of employment by many multimillion dollars corporations including states and federal governments.
Let us bring the argument to base.

The late President Samuel Kanyan Doe can be credited for the 1986 Constitution which replaced the old-aged 133 years settlers’ constitution. Even though Samuel Doe was accused of and committed egregious criminal offenses of human rights abuse, summary execution of perceived enemies, slaughtering of innocent people and rampant corruption which precipitated the 1989 rebel invasion, the ousting and slaughtering of President in 1990 has not produce any records in our history that the 1986 Constitution has been delegitimized nor has our history delegitimized that fact that Samuel K. Doe was Liberia’s 21st President.
In 2003 when Charles was ousted, arrested and tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity, nowhere in our history or any legislative document (both 53rd, & 54th  legislative sitting ) that a bill has been proffered to delegitimize Mr. Taylor’s policies and/or to delegitimize him as the 22nd President of Liberia.

Here comes the CDC with its outrageous, inconsistent political agenda. First the CDC claimed itself as a “grass-root” political party. The party’s inconsistency, coupled with greed and desperation for power has diverted the “grass-root” philosophy and ideologies to surrounding itself with criminals and economic vampires, the likes of Alex Tyler and Jewel Howard Taylor who recently craved for salary increment when 85% of our people perish in penury. 

In a 2011 Elections Conference to Mitigate Elections Violence, the attendees identified and agreed, amongst many issues that characterized elections violence in Liberia that elections violence were occasioned by the following:

  1. Ethnic mobilization
  2. Cross border voting
  3. Media irresponsibility
  4. Political parties’ irresponsibility.

We emphasized count 4 of political parties’ irresponsibility as exemplified by the CDC and other political stooges to knowing subject our laws to a “floor-gate” where criminals who violate our laws should go Scott free because according to the CDC and the framers of the resolution, their gains will be delegitimized as in the case of Jerome Korkoya if he Korkoya resigns and is dismissed.

During the same conference, Nathaniel McGill, Chairman of the CDC presented and made the following statement: “the NEC has no respect for leaders of political parties and has therefore lost the trust of the latter”. McGill accused the NEC of several election malpractices including double voter registration and ballot stuffing. He stressed that the CDC supports the model of accountability and transparency. Accountability and transparency are distinct ingredients to espousing laws.

In the CDC’s assertion, for the NEC to lost trust of political parties leaders, engaged in several election malpractices and other elections “double-dealings” were legitimate election offenses on the one hand but on the other hand the CDC considers it no offense for a criminal, Jerome Korkoya who has violated our aliens and nationality laws, including the elections laws is not a violation and should not be removed because two successive by-elections Mr. Korkoya conducted will delegitimize sitting senators and representatives. What a callous disregards of our laws.
Mr. Korkoya has violated our laws. He needs to resign or President Sirleaf needs to have him fired. No amount of gibberish and aspersion cast against peaceful citizens as “confusionists” will deter our resolve to request the removal of Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya. He has lost credibility and the trust of the Liberian people to preside over the pending elections. We call on the civil society organizations, pressure and intellectual groups including the media to galvanize their resolve and join this movement not only against Jerome Korkoya but against those who have violated our laws. Mr. Korkoya needs to GO! We will proceed with the drafting of the necessary documentation and petitions that will compel the USCIS (United States Citizenship & Immigration Services), through the Freedom of Information Act to avail the names of Liberians who hold American citizenships to ensure that our laws bar them from holding positions of trust in government.

Finally, let me digress and close with this legal scenario: Our laws and that of the he United States forbid polygamy. A man is married to his first wife and moved to another county or state and marries the second. The relationship with the second produces four children but it was later discovered that the man committed an offense and violated the laws. Now that the law nullifies the second marriage and forces the man to return to status quo ante. Does that delegitimize the four children the man had with the second wife? Are the children not the children of the husband?

Sylvester moses
We say thanks, Mr. Jappah Maxwell Hooks, for your seasoned, reasoned, and rapid response to the reported CDC support for NEC Chairman, Counsellor Korkoya. The 2017 presidential contest seems to have all the markings of an unexploded bomb, yet some want to treat it like business as usual.

Fortunately, however, in a telephone interview given to Frontpageafricaliberia yesterday, Representative Moses Kollie, Chairman of the Governing Council of the CDC coalition of political parties, issued a disclaimer on the Mulbah Morlu statement. And according to FPA, he said "The coalition is not part of any statement of support for the embattled NEC Chairman ..."

Once again, Jappah, thanks for the timely take, because eternal vigilance of the electoral process, by all peace - loving Liberians at home and abroad, is the price to pay for long - term stability and sustainable national solidarity. Needless to say, many of us are grateful to find you firmly on the right side of history: peace, not profits at the expense of our poor people.
Sylvester moses at 04:05PM, 2017/04/19.
Jappah-Maxwell Hooks
Thank you Sylvester Moses for your timely response. It is important that individuals of like-minds join the fight to ensuring that our country does not slip backward and placed in the hands of political nonentity.

Let's remain focus.
Jappah-Maxwell Hooks at 06:43PM, 2017/04/19.
Kandajaba Zoedbohn Zoedjallah
It is indeed unfathomable how and why Mulbah Morlu would come in defence of LAW BREAKER Jerome Kokoyah a political creature of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who stole two elections from his Morlu´s PARTY -THE CDC!

That said, Mr. Jappah Maxwell Hooks, you do not have any moral grounds to write about democratic frauds or political unlawfulness, when according to you, the semi-apartheid TWP Congau Tyranny(by the 2% settlers inflicted on the majority indigenous) was legal and legitimate!

Kandajaba Zoedbohn Zoedjallah at 03:53AM, 2017/04/20.
Kandajaba Zoedbohn Zoedjallah
Just revisit the distorted and very lopsided reasoning and very silly conclusions from you, Mr. Jappah Maxwell Hooks:

"Many will disagree that pre-1980 era, though blinded by our illiteracy rate and self-conceited way of life, was abundantly pleasing than post 1980 era, especially since the end of the 14 years of civil unrest that have heightened the ideals of self-consciousness and intellectualism in many Liberian communities, villages, towns and amongst Liberian academia protégés. In April 1979, following a major political riot, we saw the rise of a period of militancy and self-acclaimed social justice, economic and political rights advocacy. These self-style progressives were the fore-bearers and “eyes-openers” of our time against the constitution, rule of law and the style of governance that were deemed to be suppressive. They said Liberia’s Constitution (at the time) denied Liberians their basic fundamental rights as embodied under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Human Rights Laws and many UN Charters that subscribe to the Human Right and to the Geneva Convention."

Mr. Hooks, no life is "abundantly pleasing" simply because of some economic relief MADE POSSIBLE BY THE WEST amid THE TWP CONGAU TYRANNY`S political oppression - most especially inflicted on the majority!

Besides, not only in Liberia, but on the whole of the continent of Africa and beyond, the economic relief enjoyed by third world countries disappeared immediately after the end of the COLD WAR!

With the two superpowers competing around the world (bi-polarity) economic relief for "smaller countries" was the obvious! But under a uni-polar world, and the erections of MULTI-PARTY DEMOCRACIES, the victorious West withdrew their investments immensely! PERIOD!

Kandajaba Zoedbohn Zoedjallah at 04:18AM, 2017/04/20.
It used to be believed that running the undertaker out of town meant that no one would die.

I hope people don't believe that running NEC out of town will accrue to their benefit.
Efessayf at 05:03AM, 2017/04/20.
Kou Gontee
Getting rid of a foreigner (Jerome Korkoyah an individual) out of the NEC as prescribed By the Liberian Constitution IS NOT the same as running an undertaker or the NEC out of town. The NEC is a constitutionally sanctioned and erected INSTITUTION of the Republic of Liberia. Jerome Korkoyah is BAD NEWS, since he is an alien, and the Liberian Constitution prohibits and forbids an alien for working within or heading the NEC. And its simply a matter of time! That phony or no intergrity - Jerome Korkoyah HAS ALREADY BEEN SHOWN THE DOOR!!!!
Kou Gontee at 06:36AM, 2017/04/20.
Ergo Manning

Political, economic, social, and spiritual rectitude and deliverance begin with the substantive and procedural realization of the mental or physical shackles of subjugation. Or both.

Furthermore, the existential, rational desire, spurred by the inner voice dictating that no man is conceived in and bound by slavery to another, to be free AND to stay so.

After that, act.

Severally, the 15 Constitution-ignoring political parties try to organize and control Capitol Hill and the executive branches of government via a set of leaders. But where is the ethical, legal, or moral character or reputation of the parties and leaders?

What hope does the future hold, what meaningful change and common good, if blatantly, the parties ravage and subordinate the Constitution, and statutes of the land? At best minuscule; at worst, none; and more dangerous than the Ellen administration.
Ergo Manning at 11:55AM, 2017/04/20.

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