Who Do We Follow? The Insipid-Coalitions Or The Up- Continuity Of Leadership

By Daniel T. Bestman
Contributing Writer

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
May 3, 2017


We are approximately one-hundred sixty (160) days plus away to the issuance of the expiration verdicts to those political convicts whose manifestos seem opposite to the plights of the people. The wide range of disagreements and condemnations that have stretched through corridors of the nation’s social, economic, and political hemispheres flavored the outcome of these Elections to be crucial and above all a boost for our struggling democracy. Yet, the vast of people are still in a state of dilemma as to who to entrust with power come October 10, 2017. As the political screening fervently progressed, anxieties to terminate the Unity Party continuity of Leadership have taken the demand curve abnormal. This abnormality bred the Ganta Resolution --- opposition political parties forming a united front to defeat the ruling Unity Party. The core value that formed the creed of this so-called resolution was later thwarted by political Desperados, thus forming coalitions outside of the Ganta Resolution. This then ask the question, who do we follow? The insipid-coalitions or the UP-continuity of leadership.

If the people are to follow those insipid-coalitions there are lot more things that those Coalitions will need to venture in convincing the people that there has been a regime change. Change of power is not from one bureaucrat to another rather it is the alteration of a course of events the people deem unfit for their survivability as a sovereign people --- Unemployment, Poverty, Deform Education etc. We have not heard the voice of the coalitions in regard these unfitnesses to the people’s well being. We haven’t heard that they took a side to protect the people’s interest but were not ushered the mantle. We haven’t heard that they introduced bills for the reduction in benefits of Legislators but were sent in committee room. The Coalition for Democratic Change seems watery for the claim of the Presidency in October 2017 from all indications. What has really been the result of a CDC and NPP coalition? What morale of Leadership has former Speaker Tyler brought to the coalition?  Corruption or Witch-Hunting. The Weah-Taylor-Tyler (WTT) Coalition is a replica of failure. These three are offsprings of a failed branch of government, Legislative Branch. The people might not want to dance in the ill-gotten money of the Coalition. CDC should be ashamed of partnering with a Corruption KINGKONG, Hon. J. Alex Tyler.

Sincerely, it was a holiday film of panic among opposition politicians for the re-amalgamation of a Charles Taylor NPFL and a Prince Johnson INPFL. But this juvenish coalition between Hon. Benoni Urey and Sen. Prince Johnson saw a power struggle that brought the essence of the coalition to an impasse. Are they truly serious for Leadership? Sen. Johnson, the bearer of a false prophecy is still spewing his prophecy --- a woman with three children. Why do they need our votes? What have they done to merit such ascendency? Killing of former President Doe or the Depleting of national Vaults. Will the coalitions implement the TRC report? When will Benoni Urey try to fulfill his promises to the people. The people are tired of being victims of broken promises.

Entertainingly, stalwarts and partisans celebrated the erroneous-phone call decision made by a purported Bassolian, Cllr. Brumskine. The decision of picking Hon. Karnwea as running mate by Cllr. Brumskine wrongs margin with real political principles. The LP had earlier on maintained that there should be a change in leadership name but there shouldn’t be change in leaders. Hon. Karnwea who is an offspring of the so-called failed regime has tentacled himself to Liberty Party given his failure at Forestry Development Authority, FDA. There has been over seventy (70) concessions signed most of which involved the FDA Private Use Permit (www.leiti.org.lr). Under the Administration of Hon. Karnwea our wild lives were scared away. We have experience an alarming rate of deforestation. Why would Liberty Party pick a man hooked by the controversial Code of Conduct? Is the Counselor accustomed with the laws of our Motherland? Has Counselor Brumskine answered the question that denied him ECOWAS VP-ship? I mean when he was Senate pro tempore his denouncement of International Peace partners to Liberia. All these attributes suppressed the people’s conscience in coming over to Liberty party. When will Liberty party stop tribalism? Has Cllr. Brumskine dispelled the five Bassa Boys Final Decision Maker Committee? Should we follow you or remain?

Surprisingly, Elder Joseph Boakai is still soldiering on with his snail technique to retain the confidence of the Liberian people. He has argued that it is inherent in any post conflict society to suffer defeat to Corruption and Reconciliation. But had later promise to restore hope to our cold-shouldered tradition, to maintain the peace and security we enjoy, Youth Empowerment, Infrastructural Development, Reinforced HealthCare, Resounding Moral Education, a Rejuvenated Grain Revolution, Free Press and the Preservation, Protection and Promotion of the Sacred Dignity of Humanity in general. What will be the cup of rice next year? Will Elder Boakai punish corrupt officials when he is president? Is VP Boakai ready to do Business with the south-East? Will the UP Continuity battle and subdue Corruption and Reconciliation? Why should we trust UP with another six years? Will you lobby for WARDA headquarters to come back in full swing? Will your government subsidized for private institutions to drop high tuitions? Will you be able to control price?  Who should we follow? The insipid-coalitions or the UP continuity of Leadership.

Finally, the innovations for Liberia’s transformation are diversified to the extent where not a single party seems fit to claim this crucial victory. All because they don’t have the people’s trust.
Who do we follow?

The Insipid-Coalitions or the UP- continuity of leadership

Author Contact Information: Daniel T. Bestman, OGBM, can be reached at: dtbestman@gmail.com
Contacts: 0880618248/0776811809

Mae moore
Follow THE COALITION OF THE PEOPLE - THE COALITION FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE! This is a coalition which is bound to take its ACCOUNTABILITY TO THE PEOPLE seriously, since it is fundamentally supported by the largest grass-root following! ANY CONTINUITY of the Unity party is a folly after 12 years of guaranteed security and huge funds from the international community and government revenues!

All coalitions and or political parties must be based in the legislature, so rejecting a coalition or party simply because it is based in the legislature is unreasonable. Liberty Party is a mere Charles Brumskine´s business entity accountable to only and simply Charles Brumskine selfish and wicked agenda as evidenced in his complicity in the murder of the young Edward Gberie in the 70´s. Like Joseph Boakai he will never implement the TRC recommendations, since in fact, he has to do do Ellen´s bidding.
Mae moore at 04:09AM, 2017/05/04.
“If talking made muscles and nerve, the Republic of Liberia would rule the world.” (p. 76) [My explanation] He did not say the region, but THE WORLD

Liberia, The Inside Story by Luther Henry Lemley, 1963
Efessayf at 05:27AM, 2017/05/04.
Ergo Manning

“The Life of the law has not been logic. It has been experience.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Gucci Attire, broken guarantees, and self-absorption--useless.

Africans create demi-gods of lousy flatulence that unfortunately grow to clip innocent nose hair(the populace)victims.

Is the conviction rate of the robber barons by the LACC exemplary to some?
Ergo Manning at 06:30PM, 2017/05/04.
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