Maintaining The Peace And Keeping The Tolerance, The Best Option For All Liberians

Daniel Tlokon Bestman

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
July 23, 2017



VP Boakai (L) & Speaker Nuquay (R)
Photo - Courtesy of FPA

It was to raid The Americas of black domination after the abolition of Slave Trade, that the U.S. Congress through public opinion passed a resolution in 1819 to empower the American Colonization Society (ACS) to purchase a land for the establishment of the territory called Liberia today. One Hundred Thousand United States dollars (US $100,000) obtained from American citizens taxes was given to the ACS by the U. S. Government for the establishment of a land that could host the replica of her creed ---her flag, anthem, allegiance pledge, justice system, bicameral legislature, and constitution etc. Establishing Liberia was solely for those Americo Liberians to live freely off the bondage of inferiority that kept them away from exploring their worth in a territory where they would direct their own itineraries and steer their own affairs without the stasis of subservience reflecting as sign of suppression on their brows. Liberia was founded so that those repatriated FREE SLAVES (Americo Liberians) could live in peace by enjoying their God given dignity. Those happenings of the past that appeared indispensible and correlative to our quest for a peaceful Liberia must be duly mentioned so as to calibrate the impulse and venture them as present day issues of concern. Peace has been the key starter to the emergence of Mama Liberia; therefore, holding to its main spoke lands an achievable vision 2030.

Peace as a requirement to the survival of mankind could not be escaped by our generation, or even generations after. Even though our disagreements on issues keep us in an appalling and massively fruitless conditions but the corrections to those disagreements bring the hope of harmonious coexistence which would consequently attain peace and the full resourcefulness of the individual citizen will be properly highlighted.

 As a people, our fourteen years of peace measured fathomable achievements, as well as the will to explore and develop rest squarely in the harsh truth that there has been no harmonious coexistence without peace as it frontrunner. Sustaining the peace and dispensing tolerance signal a lot for all Liberians if we continuously thread on the path of peace and civil obedience. Nations around the world that flourished to acclaimed-heights did not smolder their ideas on peacefulness rather they kept peace as a fundamental and unifying force to their vibrantsocieties. Liberia must follow suit if we will need reform in Education, resounding Health sector, and an Agricultural reawakening etc. Enduring peace as a nation during and after the October 10, 2017 Elections should be our passionate prayer. Anyhow the result reflects it is Liberia that wins --insofar all the contestants are Liberians. Absconding from peace and tolerance as a people certainly will revert to a Peculiar Order where harmonious coexistence was threatened and the free dialogue of issues were greeted with fear and resentment.

Maintaining the peace and keeping the tolerance should be appreciated and possessed collectively by all Liberians. This will build the foundation for the full insight of the resourceful ability of all sundry, viable bargaining, cherished culture and tradition, and the safety of all sundry. Peace rests at the apogee of understanding; it is knowledge of higher esteem. It is the height of our knowledge that the coverage of our dream is determined, the profundity of our exploration is elevated, the degree of our advancement is measured and the limit of our perfection is fairly established. Tolerance as an accessory to peace is an induce thought to the conscience of the people, that is why throughout history those who oppose peace went against the people conscience and those oppositions to the people happiness perished by themselves.

Maintaining the peace and keeping the tolerance should be pivotal in creating an order that represents egalitarianism and common reliance, maintaining the security and justice of the people. With our peace, we could fuel an economy system that will stimulate shared profit to punctuate class struggle and local imbalances. Keeping the tolerance to defeat the army of antique partiality among our tribes and cultivating an atmosphere where the integration of the tribes will involve dialogues and interactions to integrate and heighten alliance. Without peace, reciprocated dogmatic confidence and pecuniary profit are ordinary schemes to the uprightness of a peaceful society. Therefore the amalgamation of a peaceful people is of unrelenting perseverance to Mama Liberia reform. Promoting peace is a collective upright mission and great cause for all Liberians to shackle the partial divide (Congua-Native divide) of disintegration and bring to a stalemate the taste of dissatisfaction. If we unite in one spirit to promote peace, then the fate of posterity will be guaranteed and the forward Ambassadors of peace will be empowered by responses to explore more and more approaches in other to save the crusade for lasting peace and harmony.

Peace brings many profits to a wholesome society, if we are clever enough to allow those benefits surface as they have surface for the past fourteen years, then it is a far better position from fragility to stability. Imagine all the developments we could make if we were to have lasting peace throughout ages. It might be tough to achieve but together we must all long for it. Peace could not be showered in any society without adding the purity of common understanding. Common understanding is a key component to the advancement of peace, for without common understanding we Liberians wouldn’t be able to resolve our clashes and they would reoccur, which would deepen more hardships and wrecked the peoples’ expectation.

Finally, if we maintain the peace and keep the tolerance, the brighter prospect of Liberia that awaits us all after these elections will be duly experienced and enjoyed by all sundry.








Daniel Tlokon Bestman, OGBM
A Concerned & Peaceful Citizen
Wroto Town Community, Airfield, Sinkor/RL


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