Liberia Nation-State: A Ticking Time-Bomb

Bai M. Gbala, Sr
Contributing Writer

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
July 23, 2017


Given the century-long, continuous path of hypocrisy and political infidelity by the nation’s political rulers, the Liberian State is heading to an explosion much, much more deadly and all-inclusive than we have seen and experienced in the past, we argue and predict that, if and only if, nothing is done, now, to arrest and prevent the prevailing risen/rising level of lies, deceit, thievery, dishonesty, graft & greed, and indeed, general moral decadence on the part of the very same political rulers and their associates.

This negative socio-cultural, economic and political behavior is so self-evident, known and felt by the majority of the nation’s population - poor, hungry, un-educated and exploited - that it needs no elaborate lecture or delineation.  However, for emphasis and to capture the negative impact of this behavioral condition, it is necessary to cite a few, relevant, significant examples:

1) Slum Democracy
This condition is the result of ignored, unplanned rural-to-urban migration by parents of the under age-30 children. Although relatively un-educated, they populate Monrovia’s slum enclaves. Now the nation’s angry, hungry, unemployed and forgotten majority, they dominate and control, will dominate and control, the politics of today and the future. Recently, the youths of Clara Town Community attacked VP Boakai, who was invited as an honoree.

2) The National Legislature – First Branch of Government
This law-making Branch of Government makes laws with loop-holes intended for obedience-disobedience. The Code of Conduct debate is an excellent example. Others are Legislative violations of the laws against dual citizenship (Alien & Nationality Law and Article 28 of the 1986 Constitution) and law against foreign citizen’s membership of the National Legislature (Article 30 of the 1986 Constitution).

In addition to their generous salary/wage allowances, the Legislative County Caucuses have taken into the private pockets of its members Social & Economic Development Funds provided by the National Government. Examples are the J. J. Dossen Memorial Hospital and the Cape Palmas High School in Maryland County and the Bong County Technical College, now closed by the President for a reported US $6 million fiasco. Indeed, the law-makers, lawyers and their political associates are the Major Law-Breakers in the country. They flout the PPCC law at will in procurement of goods and services.  These are, simply, examples, the tip of the iceberg or excesses against the country and people.

3) The Executive – Second Branch of Government

This exposure may, very well, include Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the 12-year term President of Liberia, now retiring, may, perhaps, have served illegally as President of Liberia in violation of Article 52(a-c) of the 1986 Constitution. Moreover, there appears to be several, troubling questions regarding diplomatic, political, economic and executive management decisions that require answers.

This exercise must begin with the President herself, and her (1), Special Development Fund; (2), Foreign travel allowance; (3), Housing & Offices, since, for almost twelve years, the President has been holding offices at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; (4), Accounting of the Executive Mansion rehabilitation/repairs.

 It will be, and is, exposure of all the Honorables holding management positions in the political leaderships of government who are, also, citizens of foreign countries in violation of Law. The Executive Branch of Government leads with, almost, all ministers, agency heads and top executives of state enterprises who, apparently, are foreign citizens:

a) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Liberia’s “diplomatic face” to the world, is apparently infested with foreign citizens and “Liberian permanent residents” of foreign countries.

b) The Super Ministry of Finance & Development Planning (or Development Stealing) is dominated by foreign citizens. This Historic corrupt agency is over-staffed, over-paid and the senior-most dishonest agency of government.

c) The Liberia Revenue Authority (or Revenue Stealing), the off-shoot of the Ministry of Finance & Development Stealing, is, also, dominated by foreign citizens, over-staffed, over-paid Revenue Stealing Authority.

d) State-owned, revenue-generating Enterprises – notably, the NPA, LPRC, NOCAL, LWSC, LEC and related others – are known enclaves for foreign citizens, public dishonesty with corrupt practices.

e) The National Elections Commissions (NEC) will occupy the spotlight of this very important undertaking, because the NEC makes, apparently, subjective, corrupt decisions about issues, the objective facts of which are hidden from the people.

4) The Judiciary – Third Branch of Government

Cllr. Jerome Korkoya, Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC), dragged before Associate Justice Philip A. Z. Banks, III, of the nation’s Supreme Court, in Chambers, on charges of being citizen of a foreign country (USA) with overwhelming, validated evidence.  The Supreme Court Associate Justice, His Honor Philip A. Z. Banks, III who, himself, is highly likely to be US citizen, dodged the inevitable decision of guilty verdict against Cllr. Korkoya and issuance of the requested Writ of Prohibition, by recommending that “Petitioner (prosecution) takes advantage of the statue by filing a petition for Declaratory Judgment at the Civil Law Court”, a lower court.

This suggestion appears to be consistent with Liberian, traditional “legal gymnastics” which baffle, delay and, eventually, deny justice, because sending the case to lower court, the proven, traditional Den or Storehouse of Liberian “legal gymnastics” of  jury-tempering for cash payments; judges’ decisions in favor of the highest bidder; massive public dishonesty and corruption; baffling, delays, and denials. The suggestion is tantamount to sending a hungry cat to a house of mice or a hungry lion to a den of antelopes!!

Examples of political control and manipulation of the courts by politics are shown in implementation of the law - Code of Conduct – proposed and guided by the Executive Branch and passed into by the law-makers. The Supreme Court, earlier, held that the law is constitutional and, therefore, legal. But in the law’s application, the Supreme Court rendered it toothless and useless by “legal gymnastics”, based on politics and political control. For, the Court held, recently, in the case of Messrs. Kanwea, Sulunteh and Mills Jones that although they violated the law, but must be permitted to contest.

Indeed, these are the reasonable basis for our argument and prediction that unless we act, now, this nation and people will be in for a re-awakening of another disaster, much, much more destructive than what we had seen and experienced. Because “Prevention is better than Cure”, we recommend the followingpeaceful and patriotic action:

1. That Cllr. Jerome Korkoya be prosecuted and removed as Chairman of the National Elections Commission(NEC);

2. That the President of Liberia be prosecuted as an “accessory”, because she knowingly-appointed Cllr. Korkoya who is legally incompetent to hold such position and, thereby, aided/abetted Cllr. Korkoya in the commission of the offense. Therefore, the President must resign or be impeached upon refusal; 

3. That the entire corrupt NEC, dominated by illegal dual citizens, be removed and that a new NEC be re-constituted; and

4. That the October 10, 2017 scheduled Presidential/General Elections be postponed to a reasonable date to include superintendents and chiefs of counties, and mayors of cities, consistent with the announced Policy of National Decentralization & Local Governance for necessary Change, Reforms and credible Transformation, for the survival of us all                                                


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