Brumskine and the Native-Congua Debate

By Jerry Wehtee Wion
Contributing Writer

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
September 2, 2017



Charlie Brumskine with Charlie Taylor

So, who actually started or reignited the dreaded Natives versus Congua divide in this election?  I certainly did, and Mr. Joseph Nyumah Boakai have been blamed by Liberty Party presidential candidate Charles Walker Brumskine of making this ugly divide in our history a campaign issue.  I will set the record straight.

Mr. Brumskine is like the proverbial man who lives in a glass house and throws stones at by-passers, and cries wolf when the by-passers return his favor.

This hypocrisy by Brumskine needs to be exposed after he and the Congua have thrived on this divide at the expense of the native majority since the beginning of our nationhood nearly 200 years now.

Ironically, Mr. Brumskine who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth as a result of this divide wants to blame the victims (natives) in this debate.  And as a victim I am not going to sit by and let Brumskine get away with his lies.

Mr. Brumskine is on record for raining insults of "nonsense" against native presidential candidate Joseph Nyumah Boakai and has accused Mr. Boakai of "encouraging the Native-Congua divide."

But the record will show otherwise that Mr. Brumskine is deeply entrenched in this dogma of Congua superiority and Native inferiority.
As recent as in 1998, Mr. Brumskine as Senate Pro Temp in the rubberstamp legislature during the Charles Taylor bloody dictatorship, espoused this false doctrine/dogma and preached the rebirth of Congua superiority and domination in his official capacity as Senator.

Official records in documented Senate communications revealed that Senator Brumskine referred to a fellow (native) Senator, Bedel Fahn of Margibi County in 1998 as a "Country Fool."
In the widely circulated letter on the Internet and debated on radio stations in Monrovia, Senator Fahn's letter of complaint dated February 3, 1998 and addressed to then Vice President Enoch Dokoleah, noted how an enraged Senator Brumskine stormed into Senator Fahn's office and belittled him like his houseboy in the pre-1980 era of Congua domination and the marginalization of natives, an era he still fantasizes today.

Senator Fahn's "crime" centered around a simple issue: money to facilitate the foreign trip of a Congua senator (Evelyn Diggs Townsend).
Senator Fahn stated in his letter that Senator Evelyn Diggs Townsend, the wife of a former prominent congua official wanted to travel to Brussels, Belgium to attend an international meeting.  As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, Ways and Means, Senator Townsend requested for funds to pay her trip to Belgium.

Senator Fahn politely told Senator Townsend there was no money in the budget to pay for her trip.  But Mrs. Townsend would not have that talk from a "country/native" man to deny her from traveling.  She wanted something done at once. Senator Townsend went to see Senator Brumskine.

An angry Brumskine stormed Senator Fahn’s office as his fellow native senators were present with him. And Brumskine, emboldened by his friend Charles Taylor as President, barked at Senator Fahn: "Your [y’all] country fools killed her husband in 1980 and a Fahn is trying to stop a Townsend from traveling?"--Fahn quoted Brumskine as saying.

Brumskine again went on a tirade: "this is why we are taking our country back from you country fools; and I will see to it that you are removed as committee chairman;" Brumskine arrogantly told Fahn.
Yet, Mr. Brumskine is accusing Mr. Joselh Nyumah Boakai  of "encouraging this nonsense of Congua-Native divide; that Congua-Native will put food on the table, build good schools, build good roads, provide good healthcare system, provide good jobs," Brumskine retorted.  But these are the necessitates the Congua refused to provide for the citizens when they ruled the country for over 130 years.
Mr. Brumskine, his family and the Congua benefited from native exploitation and their slave-like treatment. Both Brumskine and Boakai are old enough and saw the marginalization of natives by the Congua before 1980.

Natives were forced at gun-point to pay taxes that paid the salaries of Brumskine's father who was then a Representative in the Congua-only legislature, and by extension paid for Brumskine's education.
Natives were forced like human horses to carry on their heads in hammocks Congua government officials to collect the dreaded hut tax from natives in remote areas where the government neglected to build roads.

When you have witnessed your fathers being humiliated by the Congua; when you witnessed your fathers auctioned off for $20 00 per person to slave plantations in Fernando Po, Sao Tome & Principe and elsewhere like a cattle rancher would sell his cows; when your father is called a "boy and country ass" by Congua....and Mr. Brumskine is talking about "taking our country back from you country fools," then you will agree with me what the elections are all about.

Therefore, it is not by accident that the arrogance of Brumskine and the Congua to return to the ugly days of native marginalization are manifested in the manipulations of some so-called "educated natives" by encouraging the natives to abandon Mr. Boakai.

How else does one justify the exodus of natives who faithfully served under a Congua President Ellen Johnson to now abandon the ruling Unity Party because a native Joe Boakai is heading the party only for them to run away to serve as vice president under Congua candidates?

But in his King Solomon-like wisdom, the humble and fatherly Joseph Nyumah Boakai has not returned their venomous hatred with hatred, but with love and respect. He has been provoked, lied on, called all sorts of names but Uncle Joe has kept his dignity, reputation, pride and cultural discipline intact.

Mr. Brumskine rained insults of "nonsense" on him. Alex Cummings calls him an "obsolete race car."  Beninoi Urey calls him a "rebel warlord" and wants to send Uncle Joe to a war crimes court, but promises to protect and not to prosecute Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who publicly confessed to funding the 14-year Liberian genocidal holocaust. All from Urey who got rich from gun running for his boss Charles Taylor?
George Weah says Boakai is too old and belongs in a nursing home, and then he accuses the oldpa of wanting to assassinate/kill him Weah without any evidence to back up his claim.   Joseph Joe is a killer? You see our trouble fellow Liberians? 

But look at the people Weah surrounds himself with: Taylor's NPFL-NPP remnants and Ellen's gravy train chasers, Milton Findley, Gayeeah McIntosh and company. Those are the people Weah needs to worry about.

I rest my case on why me and my family members and friends...and the majority tribal/native people are staying with Uncle Joe. So, called me a tribalust all you want because it is who I am and all I have known and continue to experience and will die a native.  Da me say so again.

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Jerry Wehtee Wion, Journalist and Political Commentator, Washington, DC, USA.


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