The Political “Country Devil” Dancer
Is Enough “Enough”, Given Our Political Country Dancer?

By Bai M. Gbala, Sr

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
September 30, 2017


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

In our African-Liberian, social cultural tradition, there several “Country Devils” practices – the Griots, for story-telling, oral history, masked/unmasked, political praise-singing; masked/unmasked general singing, dancing and merry-making at town/village weddings/festivities; and the Kwee, a non-masked but the ultimate source of traditional norms, belief systems and practices or foundation upon which tribal culture of loyalty, allegiance, patriotism and bravery rest.  Aides, servants, guides and protectors of the “Country Devil” are dressed in colorful African prints, some cover with palm branches, faces adorned with white chalk and carefully selected by and represent the people.

The Kwee “country devil” rarely come out, only on occasions which require final, binding decisions regarding woman palava, land, war and peace locally with neighboring towns/villages and with external, neighboring tribes. Usually, the town/village Crier announces, in advance, the coming-out of the Kwee, often during the night hours, with instructions for all women, minor children, male/female, and non-circumcised males  to remain in closed doors. Tradition forbids all women, minor as well as uncircumcised males to see or know the identity of the Zhoe of the unmasked, “Kwee Country Devil”.   For this purpose, Kwee voice to the people is veiled through a reef.  Anyone, as described, found out-doors during the Kwee come-out is ceremoniously tried and punished by death.

“Country Devil” Impact
Thus, the socio-cultural, political, religious and, by extension, economic impact on the majority of the Liberian indigenous citizens cannot be over-emphasized; because all trust, hope, dependence, socio-economic and political protection of their welfare, placed and vested in the traditional powerful masked/unmasked Political Country Devil Dancer are now transferred and vested in the modern Political Country Devil Dancer, symbolized by the highest political leader, usually, the President of the nation and all of aides, servants, guides and protectors.

In its Editorial the New Democrat newspaper (New democrat, September 29, 2017) writes, “Enough is Enough! EJS Must Not Be Allowed to Handpick her Successor”. But she did!

Zhoe of the modern “Political Country Devil Dancer”
EJS took her Zhoe graduate degree from the dreaded, banned Americo-Liberian True Whig Party as Minister of Finance. She conceived, planned, financed and led the most destructive, historic civil war nightmare not only Liberia, but also, the Continent of Africa has ever seen.

Now, as the “Political Country Devil Dancer” she is surrounded by the following aides, servants, guides and protectors:

1. The Civil War Machinery that made and left Liberia a Broken Nation.

2. The Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs have not yet accounted for the millions of US dollars provided for renovation of the Executive Mansion due to the fire incident of about 12 years ago.

3. Bribery, Corruption, deceit and Dishonesty

a. Ministry of Finance & Development Stealing (MFDS)

b. Liberia Revenue Stealing Authority (RSA)

c. National Investment Commission (NIC)

d. National Elections Commissions dominated by foreigners

e. Public procurement Concessions Commission (PPCC)

f. National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL)

g. FDA, LPRC, NPA, RIA (Airport Authority)

h. Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA)

4. The Political Courts – Judges, Prosecutors and Police

5. The national Legislature dominated by foreigners, EJS/ACDL/TALOR/NPFL/INPFL “Generals” and former child soldiers.

Apparently, worried and scared to death over the possibility of a trial and conviction for alleged war crimes and joining Charles Taylor in his prison pent house, EJS has chosen a favorable successor  or on the verge of doing so at this moment, just a few days away from the elections.

First, it was, reportedly, Presidential Candidate Charles Brumskine of the Liberty Party. But putting her retirement and family protection eggs in a single basket was not a rational approach. So, she turned, reportedly, to Senator George Weah of CDC Coalition, also, Candidate for President. Hence, the Senator’s recent whirlwind special jet-trip to the African sub-region, financed by mysterious. Now in the US and the UK, also, seeking support and credibility.

For a while, EJS and Governance Commission, the Doctors’ Club fiddled with the Transition bill thing, but it did not wash. But one that is a sure-thingis Cllr. Korkoya and the National Elections Commissions (NEC). EJS is in firm control here; he who she says win, wins the election, irrespective of her “democratic talk” on CNN.

 Cllr. Korkoya told the High Court, earlier, that those who brought charges against him “want to open the (Liberia’s) Pandora Box” and that they must “take the issue up with the President who appointed me”; but we did not take the challenge, of all time, to clean up the mess in our country.

Now the “Political Country Devil Dancer”, with EJS as the Zhoe”, is dancing on its own terms, served, supported and protected by its chosen aides.


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