Second Coming Of Charles Taylor (Jewel Taylor tells us) – WEAH?

By Gbe Sneh

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 3, 2017


What is about to happen, my People?  There is a very good chance Senators Weah-Taylor ticket will win.  But, before any Liberian casts his/her vote, we have a civil duty to recap for the People.  We must point out any plausible reservations to this ticket in the Presidential Race. We start with the head of the ticket, Senator George Weah: 

This man “Born to be President”, has been chasing the Liberian Presidency before hanging his football boots.  We should hand it to him, he saw suffering, very early in his youthful life then, and decided to leverage his national fame to speak up, get involved, and here he is at the verge of becoming President.
Not so fast, my People!

The chapters above, only describe intent, quite different from ability.  What has Weah done since he started chasing this Presidency, for over twelve years?  He entered the First Campaign on mere fumes, counting on his popularity to forgive his daunting flaws, and just make him president.  He was woefully low on education, low on confidence to present and defend his case.  The Liberian People saw that.

The Second Campaign, that saw him with a Graduate Degree, was a failed spring board attempt to inch closer to the Presidency, running as Winston Tubman’s VP.  A successful senate campaign against a not-much-liked Robert Sirleaf followed. One would think, this would have been a forum to act like the leader-I-want-to-be.  But what has Weah done with this?  How many bills has he introduced and championed as a senator?  A bill to curb corruption would have been a worthy one, and a clear prelude to aspirations to lead.

The glaring show of fright and/or inability to articulate and present his case is a serious handicap for one running for President of The Republic of Liberia.  AWOL, as in NO SHOW, in all debates!  Besides deficiencies to hide, what about the respect for the People who are yearning to hear his plans as a presidential candidate?  We have a humongous task ahead as a nation, and it will take a President with both the vision and the plan to execute it, to lead us.

Questioning some key judgements made by Weah, we begin with his choosing of Senator Jewel Taylor as his VP, who eventually sucker punches him by revealing to the Liberian People and the world that Weah’s ascendency to the Presidency is, so to speak, a “Resurrection of The Taylor Administration”. This insinuation is drawing international attention, but ironically, not an uproar from the Liberian People. Who would be in charge in that administration?  Jewel or Charles Taylor, from prison? Or, was it really a sucker punch, rather than the plan to set up a Triumvirate, all along?

With this move, is Weah showing how much he cares for the masses that Charles Taylor terrorized on his way to bloody riches?  While it makes political sense to covet and lasso a potential huge block of votes that Sen. Jewel Taylor would bring to the party, lest we forget, there is an ethical side to politics. How much vote is Senator Jewel Taylor worth, so much that Weah would sell his soul to the Taylors for a complete disregard of the feelings of the Liberian People, who suffered a brutal disruption of their lives by husband Charles Taylor? 

The argument that Jewel is a separate individual from Charles, that which won her sympathy to become senator, no long holds.  The last time we checked, “Till Death Do Us Part” is still true for this couple.  She just told us and the world that we should expect the “second coming” of Charles Taylor.

Another move called to question. Would Senator Weah explain to us what he hopes to accomplish with meeting a chronic dictator like Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo Brazzaville?  This man who has rule his country for 33 years!  What was it, money?  Advice on how to rule for life?  What is the message Weah is sending us?
Liberia, whichever way I go, how I slice it, Sen. GEORGE WEAH is not the person to lead our country, now.


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