As Liberians Vote Today - "Virtuous motives, trammeled by inertia and timidity... are no match for armed and resolute wickedness”, Said Winston Churchill  

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Atlanta, Georgia
October 10, 2017


"Virtuous motives, trammeled by inertia and timidity”, Winston Churchill once wrote, “are no match for armed and resolute wickedness”; an observation which acuity was apparent when local resistance and ECOMOG intervention forced NPFL to seek power through the ballot box, instead of by the barrel of a gun, as originally planned.

But it cost us the lives of about two hundred fifty thousand human beings, about fourteen percent of the Liberia population ninety. It is why the re-emergence of a Charles Taylor agenda proclaimed by his wife, Senator Jewel Taylor and CDC’s prospective vice president, has gotten European and American officials concerned about stability in the sub-region.

Of course, “the Washington Post”, “New York Times”, or CNN won’t be neutral when the national security of the US is perceived to be imperiled, therefore, to expect us to sit on the sideline and wallow in self – pity seemed so silly that it is laughable.

 Thus readers would recollect that in our editorial endorsement of the UP ticket, we unequivocally stated that “For several years, The Perspective fought against those who launched and perpetuated the senseless Liberian civil war that slaughtered over 250,000 hapless Liberians including women and children. So, it does not make sense for The Perspective to be complacent when it becomes obvious that those who administered those war crimes against our people are now controlling and manipulating the ensuing elections”. Well, imagine our disquiet yesterday when unsubstantiated reports reached us from some sources in Monrovia that a plot for NEC to announce the results in favor of CDC is being set in motion, as we go to press, by some propelling invisible hands

Obviously, we don’t have enough time to confirm this story, because the polling centers open at home in less than twenty – four hours; however, we’re appealing to the conscience and patriotism of President Sirleaf for voters’ choices, as expressed by their ballots, to be the only determining factors for victory tomorrow. If CDC or any political party, for that matter, win the presidency, let that party gets its legitimacy from our people, not through Ellen’s patronage nor the wishes of foreign interests. Lest we forget, bridging the gulf between any future government and the populace starts tomorrow by the president respecting the mandate of the latter. Often, a handful of elites presume they know better what’s good for the marginalized multitudes, ironically, who put them on the pedestal of authority, but the violent reactions to such arrogant miscalculations have been tragically self - evident in West Africa.

It is troubling that the publication of the voter registration enumeration (center by center enumeration) has been delayed, which is contrary to 2011 when President Sirleaf was running.  To compound this, there are a plethora of news articles alleging that our president is not supporting her own vice president. While it is mind-boggling to fathom the logic of leaving her party to surreptitiously support another candidate(s) as alleged, we feel it is her pejoration to choose whosoever she wants to support. But, it will be fair for such to be done openly and the reason well-articulated to assist Liberians in making informed decisions in these elections. However, we appeal to Liberian politicians and the public in general to be mindful of the miscalculations and manipulations that led to the senseless Liberian civil war. We also call on the Liberian press to be very objective and meticulous in their, as Donald Trump once put it, "covfefe" or coverage of the elections. The bigger picture is and must be Mother Liberia.

Our final advice is enough is enough, fellow Liberians, hug credible elections for peace!



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