Is Liberia a Country of Laws or a Country of Men- the case of George Howe

By John H. T. Stewart, Jr.

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 21, 2017


If Liberia were indeed a country of laws and not of men, by now Slum dog millionaire George Howe would have his sorry self-locked behind bars under a host of fraud related charges including that of misapplication of entrusted funds, Specific Performance, etc.

Having won a U.S.$ 2m bid through fraudulent representation of capabilities of his janitorial services called Libra Sanitation Services located in the slums of Perry Street, expectations were high that this Liberian company chosen to partner with the Ghana-based Zoom Lion to complete the Wehn Town Sanitation Project was going to perform given all the hoopla about Liberian participation.

True to form, but contrary to expectations, Mr. Howe instead went on a spending spree, buying himself a Hummer Jeep, expensive jewelry, and of course splaying cash on a host of girlfriends and hangerons. In the process, he took thousands of bags of cement from CEMENCO and other materials including a few dump and garbage collection trucks from local suppliers which he diverted to his personal use.

Not surprisingly he was unable to complete the project and his contract award was terminated and he was compelled to make some restitution particularly cement which he stored at various places around Monrovia. No longer are his street cleaners seen cleaning the streets of Monrovia as before and it appears his euphoria of sudden wealth is fast vanishing and fears of a return to the drudgery of the slums of Perry Street must be haunting him.

Not surprisingly, desperation has set in. His Patron Charles Taylor is no longer around so his hopes of revival of fortune hinges on one single outcome-the election of Charles Taylor's ex wife as Vice President of Liberia. For his loyalty and perhaps battlefield exploits (killing of innocent civilians) Taylor rewarded him Deputy Ministerial posts at Labor and at Finance.

And like other Taylor loyalists who are posting all kinds of insults, Mr. Howe has come out charging at me like a wild bull in a China shop and probably the only thing that could stop him is CDC's defeat in the runoff Elections. Portraying himself as an accomplished man he goes on to draw my late wife into his line of fire with bogus claims of my not owning a house in Monrovia or anywhere else and by his yardstick I am "useless".

But he pretends to forget that the properties in Gbarnga (rubber farm estate) where he once served guard to Enoch Dogolea and which was illegally occupied and christened V.P. Mansion by his Charles Taylor NPFL, is John H. T. Stewart's property. And George Howe knows this as he once lived in Gbarnga with his mother, the late Mary Howard on the Gbarnga-Ganta Highway not far from me.

This is the same George Howe who, on the morning of April 11, 1996 during the April 6 war in Monrovia, led three (3) heavily armed men to the home of Dusty Wolokolie in Gaye Town Old Road where I was seeking temporary refuge after being displaced on April 10 1996, by the fighting on the By-Pass between Roosevelt Johnson's forces and combined NPFL-ULIMO forces. The house Dusty lived in then (the ground flat) is owned by the mother of Onike Gooding- Freeman and they were all at home upstairs when the incident occurred.

Mr. Howe and his armed posse actually entered Mrs. Gooding's fence and demanded that Dusty come outside to answer for remarks he had made calling his boss Taylor a "terrifying despot".Fortunately for Dusty and me, the two young men in the house, Othello and Paul had gone out and confronted Mr. Howe and his gang while we escaped by scaling two fences and taking a back road behind the American Cooperative School.

While enroute we passed right near the home of the late Bedell Fahn who immediately recognized Dusty and realizing his (Dusty's) predicament, offered him shelter and protection as well which we politely declined and pressed forward to reach the Nigerian Embassy. From a friend's house on the Tubman Boulevard, we made contact with the late Nigerian Ambassador Joshua Iroha who sent a vehicle with two (2) soldiers in board to take us back to the embassy. Even then we had to keep low in the back seat to avoid recognition or detection by Taylor's men as Taylor's home was lying right adjacent to the Embassy.

An ECOWAS delegation was in town and we profited by riding in their convoy to the ECOMOG base where we remained safely out of the clutches of armed marauders like George Howe until the cessation of hostilities.

I have provided this background for the public to know George Howe as an ex NPFL fighter spilled innocent blood and he shall one day be called to account. And let him (George Howe)and his gang of killers be informed that we know what their game plan is all about and this time around, we shall not roll over and play dead or scale fences to escape his wrath. Had Liberia been then a Country of Laws would such have happened?

As we are now seeing, especially the arson attack on the home of journalist Smith Toby of OKAY FM, the armed attack on Liberty Party members in Nimba and other similar assaults in Monrovia, this just a foretaste of what to expect under a George Weah- Jewel Howard Taylor regime.

As Senator Prince Johnson has declared, the election of a George Weah-Jewel Howard Taylor ticket would mean a return to war why because there is definitely going to be resistance to the implementation of Charles Taylor's Agenda of rape, torture, pillage and murder which Jewel has vowed to do.

And if ever such a situation should arise (God forbid) the homeless, the useless and the Slum dog millionaire shall meet at the gates. And what a meet that shall be!

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