Change or Chance - the Ludo-Playing of George Weah- the Best from Him

ByAlfred Perspicacious Bombo Kiadii
Contributing Writer

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 19, 2017


Indications are rife that a George Weah ‘s ascendency to the summit of state will be a colossal nightmare and catastrophic faux pas, as he is a conspicuous contradiction to everything leadership represents in this current approach of globalization. The CDC project will stagnate us in the cesspool of political sclerosis and the cul-de-sac of economic profligacy gleamed on the world like the mene tekel upharsin of Belshazzar.

Whether the colonized acolytes of the Coalition for Desperate Crooks like it or not, on the one hand the shibboleth of change is perfunctory, on the other hand; it is a jingo that is only in the periphery, falling short of addressing the structural imbalances in the state. Evidently, the festering contradiction in the Coalition, especially the faces of change, makes the entire change narrative a façade. In order to make the change mantra a relevant issue for discourse, internal hygiene needs to be ignited in the rank and file of the Coalition, or else everything about change is nothing but a conditional reflex.

For example, in the arena of soccer, a player is deemed surplus to requirement when he/she experiences freefall and shrinking performance, coupled with either intermittent or consistent blunders on the pitch. Similarly, in marketing, a hard-to-sell commodity is one that either does not meet the consumer taste, or it is one that is substandard. So, this is the case with George Weah in the polity of the homeland.

While elements in the Coalition for Desperate Crooks play possum with leadership by equating the scandalous Ludo-playing of their debauchee to down-to-earth leadership, others in the sub-region and including this writer do not share such sentiment. A simple and down-to-earth leader is not one who engages in entertainment on an industrial scale, but one who engages with his people in organizing community-based initiatives, adult literacy program, teaching of morals, having a forum to engage with the people about their worldview, organizing knowledge sharing engagements with millennial, etc. No! Our man refuses to engage in these activities as he has this notion that knowledge is his anathema and he thinks leadership is about entertainment as opposed to rendering service to the people. It is redundant to emphasize, however, the transfer or acquisition of knowledge is pivotal to the reconstruction drive of the homeland. Make no mistake, change, although the change of the CDC is perverted, can only occur except there is a transformation in the consciousness of the people.

This writer argues that John Pompey Magufuli is hailed by many Tanzanians not because he organizes sport jamborees, but because he engages in activities geared at exorcising vices that serve as a logjam in the collective transformation of Tanzania. For instance, this servant-style leader has been seen in street corner cleaning his country. Similarly, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, another former leader of Tanzania, would regularly sit to engage in talks about the direction their country should take. On the contrary, as for their George Weah, is all about entertainment, entertainment. For him and his followers, ideas do not matter to them. It is all about the frenzy of entertainment.

Of course George Weah is not only a soccer dullard whose leadership proclivity could make up a good trash for the ash heap of history, but he’s also an anachronism to leadership whose ideas about statecraft is littered with mercenary tendency and commercial zealotry. He can make up more for an artifact whose display at full throttle in the museum will lend quick dollars in contrast to venturing in a terrain where he is mahoosivelly challenged. 

Just as the libertine in George Weah suffered from split personality, so his supporters smoldered with chauvinism. The coalescence of these two vicious forces will purge civil liberties, muzzle dissenters, hound opponents, and engage in massive looting of the state treasury. The notion of our time buttressed by the bellicose rhetoric against individual with whom the economic parasites in the CDC disagree with confirm this inference.



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