The Perspective Congratulates President-Elect George Manneh Weah


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
January 20, 2018


President-Elect George Manneh Weah

The stakes were, and are understandably very high - pulling the nation from poverty and polarization - thus the political battle was fiercely fought. We must say upfront that because of concerns for stability and peace, we endorsed the UP ticket during the election. Anyway, as they used to say in ancient Rome: "Vox populi, vox dei", meaning the voice of the people is the voice of God. Put another way, man proposed, God disposed, and you've been validated as the chosen of our people.

Mr. President-Elect, steering the ship of state will be passed onto you in less than a week, and considering a dozen years of nothing much towards providing equality of opportunities for most Liberians, yours is an unenviable task. It is our hope that Our Father in Heaven, who made this triumph possible, will help you choose honest competent aides, and at the same time forge a more impactful relationship between Liberia, MRU, ECOWAS, AU, UN and the international community. But, Mr. President-Elect, a word of advice: Please, chart your own course.

By this editorial, The Perspective online magazine is giving its support to your Government because we want it to succeed. We are doing this because of faith that the greater good of our beloved country will be your main focus, hence elated to forward the undermentioned pieces of advice for your consideration:

1), Overhaul accountability institutions and equip them with credible and incorruptible individuals who will conduct robust audits of all government departments, state corporations, etc., and those found liable be prosecuted according to the law.

2), Invest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program, because this is the way Liberia can progress and compete in this 21st century.  Pursuing bilateral partnership with India, Arab League, Japan, China, European Union, ECOWAS, Africa Union, and the United States of America will be the way to go.

3), Support the establishment of an economic and war crimes court.

4), Invite Cuban doctors and have them assigned to all major hospitals, clinics, and to teach at the medical college at the University of Liberia.

5), Ensure Compulsory primary and secondary education program.

6), Request Technical aid from both China and Israel for the agricultural sector to domestically produce our staple food and other food items.

7), Consider the construction of road and railroad networks in the country.

8), Consider the provision of the Internet for all public schools in the country.

9), Review the 66 flawed concession agreements or sweet-heart deals that the present government signed.

10. The provision of electricity throughout Liberia needs to be given high priority on your development agenda. As Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank, stated, “Africa is tired of being in the dark. And Africa cannot develop in the dark.” Localizing his statements, Liberia too is tired of being in dark, and cannot develop in the dark.

And, 11),“Your agenda must make room for our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora to return home without the many huddles they face at the ports of entry. Your education policy must include a plan for rural and slum dwelling children. Some difficult choices must be encouraged.The banks must find a way to prioritize lending for Liberian businesses, and not just those who know how to work the system...", says Dr. Elliott Wreh-Wilson

Finally, our farmers and rural dwellers need help just like the youths and young adults that voted overwhelmingly for you. Remember, the ball is now in your court, and the success or failure of the administration rests on George Manneh Weah's head alone; we are rooting for you, Mr. President-Elect!


“Our eyes are opened; the time of the people has come!"

" In union strong success is sure, we will over all prevail.”

Gwe feh kpeh!



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