By George Yuoh

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

July 26, 2003

Please allow me to make a case for ECOMOG, and ask Liberians to redirect their energies to convincing West African leaders to send in ECOMOG, to salvage the situation in our country, rather than expecting and looking for help from elsewhere that may never come.

It is hard time that Liberians accept the fact that America will not do what ECOMOG, especially Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, and Sierra Leone did for us during the 1990s. We were in a similar chaotic situation, with Charles Taylor’s rebels raining terror and bombarding Monrovia with missiles from the east (Sinkor) and northeast (Gardnersville and parts adjacent), the INPFL of the lunatic Prince Johnson in the northwest suburbs, and the desperate AFL with the murderous and satanic George Dweh and Tailey in the south. The civilians were similarly trapped in the middle, except that unlike now, the forces closest to the civilians refuge centers (AFL and INPFL) were not indiscriminately shelling civilian hideouts in Monrovia. They were not consistently and systematically bombing known civilian areas, as being perpetrated by the diabolical, inhumane, fanatical, LURD rebels.

I remember that fateful day of August 24, 1990. Taylor bandits had taken over the entire Freeway area and were in the Freeport of Monrovia fence, firing artilleries in all directions, killing every living thing in their paths to prevent ECOMOG from landing. But our West African brothers, especially the Nigerians and Ghanaians, took the poundings and fought back gallantly. They laid down their lives and fought to prevent deranged cannibals from committing more horror and genocide. I am a witness. Thank God for ECOMOG.

West African leaders made a decision of conscience, and not of interest. They didn’t ask what economic, political, or personal interests that would accrue to them, if and when they send troops to Liberia. They did not judge their actions on the effect it would have had on their political ratings. They did not insist that Samuel Doe leave, and that all sides cease fighting before sending in their troops, though they saw civilians dying in the hundreds. They had to do the moral thing first: build a protective perimeter around the dying civilians and give them hope of living to see another day. They undertook the ultimate sacrifice (laying down your life for another human being) because they knew we were one and the same. They knew we had the same flesh, the same blood, the same God, and the same future. They did not consider themselves as superior human beings, rather, they understood that we all belonged to one race: the human race.

I dare not judge and measure here the success or failure of ECOMOG. That is a different case. We know why ECOMOG didn’t achieve all that was detailed for the force to accomplish. From the questionable halting of ECOMOG (lead by Gen Joshua Dogonyaro) advancement in “greater” Liberia, to the unceremonious and acrimonious departure of the force from Liberia, our unwritten history is replete with the chicanery and vanity of so-called Liberian leaders as well as members of the international community, who, because of their personal interests, made sure that the efforts of ECOMOG were dented and tainted. We know them, and one they we shall testify to their conspiracy. However, my case here is to make Liberians appreciate the extend to which a brother can go to help another brother. Same flesh, same blood, one people. ECOMOG can be a successful African story. Keep out the bad people, and the good people will win.

Today, here we are forgetting all that ECOWAS and ECOMOG did for Liberia. I do not know Liberians to be an ungrateful bunch. Here we are turning to the USA for help, and even as they turn a blind eye to the killings right before their nose, we continue to crave for American intervention. And what have they done all through the crying, and the death, and the suffering? Take care of their own people, and leave the … to kill themselves. While dying Liberians cry for their help, they bring in troops to only protect their people and their embassy in Monrovia. Let the US pack up, shut their "precious embassy" and leave Liberia, never to return. At least then Liberians will accept never to look up to America again.

Do you think what is going on in Liberia today is because Africans hate to live in peace? It is all part of the legacy left behind as a result of the years of slavery, colonialism, and the theft and wanton depletion of the continents resources by those who enslaved and colonized the continent. They showed us hate, greed, and the abusive nature of absolute power. They thought us thievery and corruption and selfishness, and the use of wars to achieve a purpose. They thought us about apartheid, and racism, and nepotism, and the class system. Have they made any reparation to Africa for such cruelties? No! But here they are arguing over helping humanity, and preventing cruel men from annihilating a population. The blood of all Liberians will be on your hands for eternity! Woe onto you, with your arrogance!!

America and Europe should be indebted to Africa. They have refused to discuss reparations to Africa, but the Jews were paid billions of dollars for the suffering and persecutions they got from their own people. Africans received even worse persecution. We were enslaved in America and Europe, and then enslaved on our own soil. They ripped and scraped the continent clean of its valuables, and yet find it difficult to acknowledge the cruelties they administered to the people of the continent. But here we are asking them for a small but very meaningful and moral favor, but all you here is whether it is in their interest. For God sake, you are human beings and it is in your interest for you to help another human being to live and see another day.

As we have seen, Liberians must continue to say, “Thank God for ECOMOG.” Let’s pray that West African leaders summon the will and courage to commit and send troops to Liberia urgently. Once the troops get in and form a protective wall around the civilians, lives will be save. Cruel men are bent on destroying a whole nation just for power so as to plunder an already impoverished country. But like I always say, Liberia will survive one way or the other. We have seen the wicked people and posterity will judge you. Thank God for ECOMOG, and LONG LIVE LIBERIA!