Liberian Community Leader In The U.S. Calls On Fellow Liberians To Denounce Act Of Supporting Terrorists In Liberia...

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January 9, 2003

The President of the Association of Citizens and Friends of Liberia (ACFLi) based in Sacramento, California, Mr. J. Siaka Konneh is calling on all Liberians in every part of the world to strongly denounce and condemn the ugly acts of aiding and abetting terrorists of Al Queada in Liberia, if the intensive story published in the Washington Post newspaper about a week ago is true.

Mr. Konneh made this call over the weekend (Saturday, January 4, 2003) when he and other newly elected officials of ACFLi were being inducted into office during a an elaborate ceremony held at the Rancho Cordova Recreation Park in California.

Mr. Konneh further appealed to the gathering to please pray for Liberia because Liberia and its President have being aligned to terrorist operatives. He said whether it is true or not, it is a bad situation for Liberia. “I don’t think and believe that we should have a country with a leader that are involved in terrorist activities”, he cried out.

The Liberian community association leader then noted that “if this intensive information from the Washington Post is true, then we should stand ready to strongly denounce this ugly act. Our people in Liberia are already suffering and going through carnage. I don’t think they are prepared to undergo any more sufferings”.

He later disclosed that elections in Liberia have been slated for October 14, 2003 and that it is very important, he said, for eligible voters in the country to follow through and vote for the right person who will save Liberia and will not get the country involved in terrorist activities.

Earlier laying out the platform of his new administration, Mr. Konneh informed the gathering

which comprised of Liberians, Sierra Leoneans, Americans, Filipinos, and other friends of Liberia, that in a couple of days his administration will host a one-day workshop at which time a-3-year plan of action and a one year budget for the Association will be formulated. He said ACFLi wants to become a real NGO this time.

He revealed that the main goal of his association is to acquire an office space which will be the National Headquarters of ACFLi and will house the After School Tutorial Program for Children, the Old Folks and Refugee Assistance Program for the elderly in the community, the ACFLi Immigration Clinic and the Sports and Cultural Program.

Mr. Konneh then called on all Liberians and friends of Liberia to support ACFLi in achieving it goals.

Earlier, the Guest Speaker/Installing Officer, Mr. Malachi Smith who is the Director of United Way Gifts in Kind and Combined Federal Campaign, praised ACFLi for its many works in the community during its 12 years of existence.

He said United Way of the California Capital Region is always ready to work with ACFLi in achieving its goals.

Those inducted into office were members of the Board of Directors of ACFLi, which included J. Mwah Polson-Chairman, Mrs. Wohma King, Rees Morgan, James Gray and J. Siaka Konneh as Ex-Officio. On the Executive Committee, those inducted into offices included J. Siaka Konneh-President; Gus Wolo-Vice President; Ruby A. Adorkor-National Secretary; Leanette A. Adorkor-Treasurer; Julia Smith-Assistant Treasurer and Sarah Larmina-Chaplain.

ACFLi is operated exclusively for charitable and humanitarian purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the State of California in the United States.

During its 12 years of existence, ACFLi has made gracious donations to the National Red Cross, Salvation Army, NAACP, the Women’s Civic Center of Sacramento, Victims of the September 11, 2001 crisis in New York, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Liberia, the VOA Displaced Camp in Liberia, five orphanages in Liberia and Liberian victims of fire in Sacramento, among others.

Ruby A. Adorkor
National Secretary
Association Of Citizens And Friends Of Liberia
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