Human Rights Defenders lobby Canadian Government on the terror and human rights tragedy in Liberia

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

February 10, 2003

A Liberian human Rights Activist James D. Torh and Mr. Alex Neve -the Secretary General of Amnesty International, Canadian Section - will on Tuesday, the 11th of February, 2003 hold three hours discussion with the Canadian Secretary of State for Latin America and Africa at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Mr. Denis Paradis on the terror and human rights tragedy consuming Liberia and its people. On October 5, 2002 Mr. Torh in collaboration with Amnesty International-Canadian Section wrote a joint letter to the Canadian Government through Mr. Paradis to draw the attention of that government on the suffering of the Liberian people and the human rights tragedy that has emerged since Charles Taylor launched his armed struggle in 1989.

Torh who will be presenting a video recording on the war crime of Taylor against humanity- the mass murder, torture chamber at Gbatala base, rape and the looting of Liberia natural resources and gunrunning for blood diamond in Sierra Leone will plead with the Government of that country to work with other nations to bring Taylor to book, indict him and drag him before the war crime tribunal in Sierra Leone in order to provide hope for the Liberian people and save humanity. With available evidence, from Amnesty International, human Rights Watch, UN panel of international experts and other international organizations, Taylor is the centre of destabilization and chilling horror in the Mano River basin, Torh will argue.