Statement Of Solidarity With His Grace Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis, The Christian Community And The Democratic Forces Of Liberia

Issued by the New Democratic Alternative For Liberia Movement (NEW DEAL MOVEMENT)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

November 18, 2002

The New Democratic Alternative for Liberia Movement (The New DEAL Movement), takes great delight and satisfaction in the overwhelming, unequivocal and fearless solidarity stance being taken by the Christian Community and the democratic forces at large in face of desperate attempts by representative of demonic forces to launch a smear campaign against the Catholic Church in particular and the Christian Community at large. Certainly, the singular most effective language that tyrants and their cronies, the World over, understand is mass action; mass solidarity; and fearless, decisive rebuff in the face of provocation. Liberians must always be fearless and resolute in their stance against all demon - possessed, blood - sucking, wicked, but cowardly forces, who, by historical accident, have arisen in society and are of the thinking that they can overwhelm the children of God.

The New DEAL Movement sees the attack on His Grace Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis By Sando Johnson a product of the NPFL and an official of the NPP Government not only as a well-calculated design by Liberia's contemporary forces of evil to besmear the Catholic Church, which has convincingly demonstrated to be one of the most organized, consistent and fearless fighters within the Christian Community against evil, but also to confuse the Liberian people and the international community on the real circumstances surrounding the callous and gruesome killing of the five Catholic Sisters during the infamous Octopus Attack of 1992, an attack during which time Mr. Johnson was actively involved in combat. The New Deal further sees the attack on the Catholic C and the Christian Community as an attack on all forces of good intention and peace. If Mr. Johnson and his likes are thinking that by engaging in a pre-emptive strike and an unfounded campaign of slander will prevent attempts at establishing the true circumstances surrounding the gruesome murder of the Catholic nuns and all callous massacres of Liberians, then they are certainly living in utopia.

Mr. Sando Johnson and his patrons, whom the New DEAL Movement sees as a typical embodiment of evil, must be fought not only politically and legally, but spiritually as well.

Sando Johnson claims Bishop Francis is bringing war on the people of Liberia. May we also ask: which war? Was it Bishop Francis that trained and armed Liberian dissidents in Libya and Burkina Faso and launched a bloody war into Liberia that has left more than 250,000 of the sons and daughters of our motherland dead and thousand more in perpetual refugee camps and displaced centers? Is it Bishop Francis who is bringing war by recruiting and arming children the future of Liberia and sending them to the war front, thereby leading to their untimely deaths? Why play on the intelligence of the Liberian people? Do Sando Johnson and his patrons, in their state of naivety and callousness, believe that the people of Liberia do not know the actual masterminds and executioners of the Duport Road Massacre, the Carter Camp Massacre, the gruesome murder of the five Catholic Nuns, and the callous slaughter of patients and workers at the Phebe Hospital after the retake of Gbarnga by the NPFL in 1994? Who, in their sound mind, would believe such cheap, unsophisticated lies and smear campaign against a man of Reverence?

The New DEAL Movement wants Sando Johnson and his likes to be mindful, as the day of judgment is at hand!

The Movement meanwhile urges the Catholic Church, the entire Christian community, and all democratic forces to remain firm and united in this latest cowardly trend of attack on the forces of goodwill and peace in Liberia. Certainly, the forces of good will triumph over those of evil. The children of God will triumph over Lucifer. Those who have ears to hear, let them her.

Issued this 16th day of November A.D. 2002 by the Secretariat of the New DEAL Movement, in the City of Monrovia, Republic of Liberia.

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