Tipoteh Makes Big Promise, Says He will deliver


By Josephus Moses Gray
Monrovia, Liberia

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
September 14, 2005


The presidential candidate many referred to as the only man on the ground”, Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh has promised to serve the interest of the Liberian masses when elected, come October 11 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Dr. Tipoteh, the flag-bearer of the Alliance for Peace and Democracy (APD), made the declaration last Friday in the Electoral District # 11 on the Bushrod Island.

The APD flag bearer recounted some of his numerous activities including the famous “Gun for School Program for ex-combatant”, “Street to School”, and advocacy for peace”.

Propounding further, Dr. Tipoteh reiterated that if elected president of the Republic, he would assure that civil servants salary payment is current, improved their welfare and address the needs of the Liberian people.

Besides, the APD standard-bearer told the audience that he was dismissed from the NPA board because he reportedly refused to allow Chairman Charles Bryant to do business in the port, allegedly that on July 21 he received a communication to that effect.

Amid applauds from the crowd, Dr. Tipoteh said he did not buy car from the Port, neither did he build a house, buy generator nor receive security benefit. According to him, it is the Management of the NPA that is indebted to him in the sum US $17,000.00 for services rendered as salary

During the program, the APD standard bearer provided one scholarship to little Nahdi Nyemah, a student of the St. Edward Catholic School in Logan Town for her brilliant performance during the program.

Meanwhile, district #.11 chief organizer of the program, Mr. Brown Slewion in his presentation told the audience that he recalled that when a rocket dropped in Logan Town, killing twelve persons, only the APD Standard Bearer appeared to talk to the aggrieved crowd to give them courage.

Mr. Slewion said the APD is the symbol of Justice, equity and transparency. He told the participants when the APD is elected into office, the Liberian will not suffer again as they (APD) are ready to do everything possible to prevent war.

Speaking further, the vice chairman for Administration for the national campaign of APD Mr. McDonald Wlemus said that the APD has committed people and high profile people that are well respected in the society and promise victory for APD.

The APD Campaign Manager , Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh told his partisans that the Executive Mansion is not a dump pile or place for proud people. He said in 1980 after the coup, he was appointed Education Minister and Dr. Tipoteh Planning Minister by the People Redemption Council (PRC). He said when he heard of the coup, he and the APD Flag Bearer went to the Baptist Church for prayer to take courage. He warned all voters to be careful of whom to vote for as their vote is their future.

Dr. Fahnbulleh said as planning Minister, the APD Flag Bearer was instrumental in putting stop to the Hut Tax. He said he was given a Mercedez Benz to use, but Dr. Tipoteh advised him to use a smaller car because as he put it, the people were suffering.

Explaining some of their past records, he informed the audience that he and Dr. Tipoteh traveled for eight days out of the country to do some work for Government but upon their return, Dr. Tipoteh gave back to government US$700, while he Fahnbulleh give US$ 400 back to the Government as the balance of their travel allowance.

He then assured the partisans and Liberian that the APD Standard Bearer is not a thief and will therefore not play with the Liberian people money. The Campaign Manager told the crowd that upon his (Fahnbulleh) return to Liberia in 1978, he was offered a chance to join the True Whig Party, but said he refused to join the TWP.

He name Varney Sherman as the man who asked him to join the TWP, the party that inhumanely exploited Liberia up to 1980, Dr. Fahnbulleh said. Don’t gamble Liberia, the best candidate is Tipoteh. This man cares for the people and the Nation he concluded. Two-because of what you do for people and not what the people can do for you. Don’t sell your vote, vote right he warned.