The Herculic Task Of Re-building The Infrastructure Of The Country


A Letter From Adolphus G. McCritty

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
September 16, 2005


Dear Mr Editor:

As I gather information via your website, or others on the world wide web, I read about the candidates for the Liberian presidency relentlessly quenching their thirst for this high office.

In the process, they say, reiterate, debate, utter rhetorical sentiments that they think the voters would like to hear.
I read nothing about anyone of them acknowledging the herculic task of re-building the infrastructure of the country, most especially in Monrovia, which is essentially a city built in the early '40's. I read no dialog amongst the lot of them concerning Urban Planning, City Planning, Mass Transportation, Storm Drainage Systems, Sanitary Sewer Lines, Underground Utilities, Secondary Power Distribution Systems, and the list could go on and on.

I see photos of buildings built, or being built in and around the City, and I have to ask myself.."Are there no innovative Architects, or Engineers in left in the country?"

With the millions of dollars pumped into that country from foreign aides couldn't the current regime, or "Interim Government" as they call it, have done any better than what we now have?

I guess we all know the rest of the story. I certainly do hope and pray that the next elected president, who ever that happens to be, would be very interested in rebuilding a nation that has been ravished, raped, and stripped of all decency, that they will go down in history as the one who redeemed Africa of its very first Independent Nation.

To the Liberian people, I say to you.. My fellow citizens, let us all come together, go out and vote for the candidate that has Liberia at heart, and not one that is on a get rich, or richer quick scheme. No matter who wins, we must all rally around that individual, and support the winner.One must not take to anger in defeat, and start down the road to war and destruction all over again lest we all lose. We all have a very large task ahead of us, one and all. The President cannot do it all alone, let us prove that when we sing the refrain " In Unity, Success is Sure" we really mean it, and we will not fail.


(Atlanta, Georgia)