Heartman, Bo-yo: The Ignorance Base Of This Criminal Ritual


By Gbe Sneh

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
September 30, 2005


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In Monrovia and thereabout, he is called the “Heartman”; Bo-yo”, is what he is also known as in Maryland County. But throughout Liberia, we know him as the one who kills for human body parts purportedly used in sacrifice. The sacrifice is for any of an array of selfish desires, notorious among them, sacrifice for government positions. The practice of this criminal act that is deeply grounded in sheer ignorance and absolute disdain for human life must be abhorred, categorically denounced, fiercely prosecuted, and bluntly punished in our society.

There are no kind words to describe this horrible act in which a human is butchered and dismembered while the victim is alive, all in the name of “making medicine” for elected or appointed Government Positions. And when this despicable act rears its ugly face close to home, as in recent times, it makes it personally harder to fathom. The reference is to the dismembered human bodies that were found in Gbetah (Picnic Cess) recently.

The oldest person hailing from Gbetah today would be lying if he or she would stand up to tell the nation and the world that during his or her lifetime, in the history of the sub-tribe, there have been human sacrifices made to acquire public posts. This practice has been foreign to the sub-tribe until now. It is General Elections campaign season, and all of a sudden, we are finding Gbetah women (2) killed for their body parts, and their lifeless bodies arrogantly thrown for the whole community to see.

The outcry of the Gbetah citizens needs to be heard, and the Liberian Government must swiftly and decisively investigate and bring to justice the person (s) responsible for these wicked acts. If we are to live up to having an “all inclusive government”, let the long arm of the law reach out to even the remotest regions of our nation. It is discouraging that media coverage of these criminal incidents has been practically unheard.

One might argue that the two women could have been sacrificed for some other reasons. OK. But the timing of these cowardly acts places them squarely in the realm of Human Sacrifice for Government Positions. Is it not campaign season? It cannot be discarded as a mere myth; this practice is nationally acclaimed. At any rate, let it be a thorough investigation that busts the myth. Too many of these murders remain unsolved. For the sake of a new Liberia, it is imperative that we make a conscientious effort to tackle this barbaric ritual.

Knowing that this heartless deed is predominantly practiced by some so-called “book people” among us seeking jobs and positions, makes its ignorance base times two. Yes, “book people”. They are the ones who seek public positions, not the ordinary people. These are the very ones that the ordinary people hold in high esteem, especially in remote parts of the country.

The cowardly nature of this ritual stems from inability of the perpetrators to compete fairly. Rather than campaign feverishly like their challengers, or hone their skills to measure up, they seek instead an ill-advised, criminally motivated, ignorance based short-cut; THEY KILL. If one needs help of such diabolical magnitude in order to compete he should not be in any race at all. Is this what we are to expect from some prospective leaders? What if, by some chance, they win the positions sought, and wish to graduate to others higher? Are they going to kill again? Yes. That is why investigations leading to the administration of justice have to be seriously mounted.

Is this how we want posterity to judge our epoch? Are we going to be looked upon as the generation that would kill humans for anything, especially for POWER? Education, Education, where art thou, Education? Is one really educated, if all that education does is simply confer upon him or her a High School Diploma, BS, MA, PHD, all the way to XYZ, but leaves him or her incompetent to distinguish between myth and science? How does a live human body part help win election, or get one hired for a big position? Enough questions asked. Pray tell us. Give us a link to the theses in support of this area of “African Science” so brutal..

For all the innocent victims of Heartman in Monrovia, Bo-yo in Maryland County, and now Weedio in Picnic Cess, Grand Kru County, and all others throughout the country during this campaign season, we are calling upon the Liberian Government to put an end to this criminal ritual. For all reported cases, investigate and let justice be served.

Mr. Bryant, you are being hailed for signing one hundred and three International Treaties documents, in one sitting in New York. That’s fine. But we hope that “Carpo-Tunnel Syndrome” did not grip your hand, because you need to sign one more document, right here at home, in Monrovia. Revisit your promise to deal ritualistic killings a death sentence. Introduce the document, cram it through the Legislature, as time is running out, sign it, and let the investigations begin.

We want justice.