Church Ends Boycott, Government Searches for CIA Allegedly Sent to AssassinateTaylor

By A Correspondent

The Perspective

November 20, 2002

Officials of the Liberia Council of Churches have ended the boycott that closed schools and health centers operated by churches. The just ended boycott was felt all over the city - Monrovia was practically dead. The children and wards of the so-called big shots in government do not attend public schools beside those schools that were justly protesting against the attack on the Catholic Church. Up to this point Taylor is telling the Archbishop that he and Sando Johnson should "settle their Gola matter" since both of them are from Bomi. This is an indication of how callous and treacherous the man is. He even referred to Bishop Francis as a boy. What Taylor fails to realize is that the Archbishop has credentials that he can't come close to.

It is open secret here that Mr. Taylor pumped Sando Johnson to come out with such an outrageous attack against Archbishop Francis and the Catholic Church. Many people feel that Taylor is a coward who throws rock and then hide his hand. Sando Johnson, an 11th grade degenerate who carried out an arson in 1988 at the C. H. Dewey high school in Bomi Hills, is also noted for being one of the notorious killers of the defunct NPFL. His victims were mainly people from Bomi County. Left on their own, the people of Bomi would never have voted for such a criminal to represent them in the Legislature. But Taylor has a tendency of rewarding his vicious cronies and this is why Johnson is now member of the Liberian Legislature.

Last year Johnson accused former senator Charles Brumskine of bankrolling LURD, while early this year he accused Cllr Tiawan Gongloe and Cllr. Benedict Sannoh of be LURD collaborators, saying that those who defend criminals are criminals. We saw what happened to Cllr. Gongloe few months after Johnson's statement.

Meanwhile, security sources told me yesterday that Benjamin Yeaten invited them to a meeting two days ago and told the group that the "Americans have sent in some CIA to assassinateTaylor." Yeaten, Taylor's bodyguard who masterminded the killing of Sam Dokie and family, went on to say that they will instead get at the alleged CIA. As I write this article, there is serious inspection of vehicles in Monrovia. People are practically stranded in the streets because of the tedious process of inspecting the vehicles.

Many here believe that Taylor is his own CIA. He and his cronies orchestrate stories with ulterior motives.

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