The Butcher of Liberia (West Africa) Still Doesn't Get It

By Charles Charbay Newton, Jr.


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

October 27, 2003

Sacrificial Lamb! Whipping Boy! History will be kind to me! I have fulfilled my duties! God willing, I shall return! Etc. Etc. Etc.

How sickening and shameful it is to hear such utter rubbish. Actually, the above words make me sick to my stomach. This only highlights the fact that Charles Taylor still doesn't get it. Here is a man and his band of thugs, thieves, and killers who on Christmas Eve of 1989, plunged our beloved country into a cycle of death and destruction---a virtual Killing Field--- uttering such phrases and statements without shame and remorse. He joins other so-called African Leaders in their prevailing African form of Governance - Kleptocracy - plunging the country of Liberia into nothingness. In essence, he created a pariah nation, which has become the laughing stock of the civilized community of nations.

After fourteen years of this carnage that has reduced Liberia and the Liberian people to a beggar position, Taylor has the audacity to characterized himself as a Sacrificial Lamb and a Whipping Boy. Yes, Charles Ghankay MacArthur Taylor, you are definitely in the history books, but so are Hitler, Idi Amin, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge Party and Attalla the Hun.

Mr. Obasanjo and all the other dictators in Africa should be ashamed of themselves. I have heard all of the rationale about granting Taylor asylum, but I do not completely buy those arguments. Individuals like Taylor are cowards and delusional. They believe in using their Machiavellian tactics to massage their egos and get their way. If strong-willed and decent people do not stand up to them, they will continue to use their craftiness and deceitfulness to achieve their objectives.

A case in point is the efforts he is currently making via cell phones to control events in Monrovia from exile in Nigeria. For God's sake, this man and his family plus cohorts were booted out of Liberia on August 11, 2003. Why doesn't he get it that every decent Liberian and the rest of the world community want him to turn himself in to the UN sanctioned Court to face his accusers? Why is he still pretending to be a leader of a nation that he has raped and plundered?

Now he is living in a hilltop mansion in the Cross River State City of Calabar, Nigeria. - a reward for the killing, raping, and stealing that he brought upon the Liberian People and the sub-region of West Africa. In his vanity and lack of self-worth and self-respect, he indicated that he has fulfilled his duty. Hitler "fulfilled" his duty also and we all know what history has to say about him.

Mr. Taylor, enjoy your hilltop mansion and everything else that comes with it. I imagine this must be your "just desserts" and reward for the dubious "well-done" duties that you performed. - No electricity, running water, hospitals, schools, roads, and any kind of infrastructure that every human being hope for and deserve. In addition, your "well-done" duties resulted in 200,000 plus dead Liberians, countless internal and external refugees, child soldiers, maimed and deformed kids, untold wealth, etc. What a legacy!

Finally, the UN sanctioned Court might not be able to bring you to justice now that you are hiding behind Obasanjo's flowing robe; however, the final Judge and Jury will mete out His form of Justice in due season. As a self-proclaimed Lay Preacher in the Baptist tradition, I am quite sure you will get the gist of this last statement.