Dream War NO More And Build A New Nation


Moses M. Zangar, Jr.
Accra. Ghana

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 20, 2003

Liberia’s Ambassador at large to the Caribbean area has spoken of the need for Liberians to disabuse their minds of acts inimical to the development of the country and cultivate the tenacity of love and courage that would allow them to dream war no more and build a vibrant society.

In an interview at the M-Plaza Hotel Tuesday, Ambassador Rafael Martinez said Liberians are too small in population to allow political persuasions to separate them.

Ambassador Martinez who is said to have also been negotiating with parties to the armed conflict as well as other Liberian stakeholders has encouraged stakeholders to put the past behind them and set the stage for a new country void of jealousy, tribalism, nepotism and destruction.

Besides, he said Liberians have scattered and are living in destitute life as refugees in other countries as a result of decades of tribal feud and policy differences both of which he said have ravaged the country.

Upon arrival at the peace talks in Accra, Ambassador Martinez was met by a group of Liberian women who pleaded with him to use his influence in finding a lasting solution to the long running saga in the country. They craved his indulgence to help with medical and other relief supplies for Liberian refugees in Ghana.

Additionally, the women group cited the poor sanitary condition due to congestion on the refugee camp in Ghana coupled with the high cost of living, as problems confronting them.

Moreover, a group of Liberian youth described Ambassador Rafael Martinez as a “good man” and his brothers’ keeper. They admitted being supported by the Liberian envoy.

Speaking to a cross section of Liberians attending the Accra Peace Talks, the renowned businessman turned diplomat welcomes the signing of a comprehensive peace deal and said it should mark the beginning of togetherness amongst Liberians.

He expressed the hope that whoever is chosen as chairman and vice chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia would foster sustainable peace, socio-economic, and political development in the country.

Amidst applause from the crowd, Ambassador Martinez praised Liberians for their resilience in the past but finds it difficult to fathom as to why they have allowed war and selfish greed to override their love for the country.

At the same time, the former Liberian Ambassador to Haiti has said the signing of a comprehensive peace deal should culminate into a workable framework for peace and stability in Liberia. He also thanked ECOWAS and the international community for responding to the cries of the Liberian people by deploying a vanguard force to quell the violence and police the ceasefire.

He hoped the transitional leadership would follow international norms and respect and uphold the rule of law as well as the human rights.