Taylor's Mercenaries Treated at Duside Hospital

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

October 1, 2002

Report reaching The Perspective speaks of several wounded ex-combatants who were sent to Guinea by the Taylor regime to fight alongside with dissidents attempting to overthrow the Guinean government. According to reliable sources, the Taylor regime had recruited several ex-fighters to join Guinea dissident force in its effort to topple the government of President Conte.

Credible information reaching our sources from Harbel indicates that dozens of recruits lost their lives as a result of fighting in Guinea, and a score of wounded ex-combatants was reported. Those who sustained injuries were brought back to Liberia and sent to the Duside Medical Facility in Firestone. Some had their legs amputated; others received gun shot and shrapnel wounds.

The wounded Liberians were sent to Firestone so that they would not attract attention, thereby ensuring the surreptitious nature of their involvement in Guinea.

But our sources say the news got around in the community, especially among the ex-combatants in the Firestone area. As a result, people began trooping around the hospital, which in turn made Mr. Taylor uneasy about being exposed. He therefore ordered hospital authorities to discharge the wounded fighters.

Sources say each ex-combatant was paid US$300 dollar for taking part in the Guinea fiasco. Most of these men are said to be recruits from the Harbel area of the Firestone Plantation Company in Margibi County.

Again Taylor is sacrificing young Liberians for personal selfish interest.

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