The Emerging Liberia: A Responsible Government

(Open Letter to Chairman C. Cyude Bryant)

By David K. Flomo

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 29, 2003

Charles Cyude Bryant
National Transitional Government of Liberia
The Executive Mansion
Monrovia, Liberia

Dear Chairman Bryant:

Please accept my congratulations for your election to the chairmanship of the National Transitional Government of Liberia. The task of restoring lasting peace, national reconstruction, and rehabilitation of Liberia will require the collective good will of all Liberians.

This is the perfect opportunity for the NTGL under your able leadership and your business background to develop a comprehensive plan for effective and efficient governance of Liberia. This comprehensive plan for good governance in Liberia must contain policies and programs that cultivate fiscal responsible, control corruptions, and inefficiency in government.

The National Transitional Government of Liberia must institute the policies to create the atmosphere of fiscal responsible, control corruptions, and inefficiency in government. The NTGL will be remembered for policies that create the responsible governance and reforms that will impact the attitudes of Liberians toward government. Therefore, I am recommending the following policies and reforms.

· The establishment of National Revenue and Public Utilities Payment Centers outside of the ministries, public corporations, and institutions to collect government revenues thereby eliminating revenues collections by ministries, public corporations, and institutions,
· The introduction of Government Vehicles Assignment Policy. This policy requires one vehicle per government official and a fifty percent payment of the price of the assigned vehicle thereby creating co-ownership and saving government revenues,
· The introduction of the Small Size Government Policy requiring reducing the size government employees and expenditures. The government must outsource to reputable institutions chauffeurs, janitorial, security guard, and maintenance services and eliminate unnecessary positions, i.e.(filing clerks, paymasters, assistants/special operations etc)
· The consolidation of employees of the motor vehicle license division of the National Police Department and vehicle registration of the Ministry of Finance within the Ministry of Transport,
· The creation of the Ministry of National Security through Legislation for the consolidation of employees of the Bureau of Immigration & Naturalization, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Investigative Division, National Security Service, and the National Police Force,
· The appointment of Government Lease/Agreement Review Board to review government lease and agreement of private homes buildings to house government ministries, agencies, and corporations over the years. The committee’s findings, and recommendations will be useful information for future government to owe rather than lease.
Mr. Chairman, these are my contributions to the emerging new Liberia and the challenges we face as a nation. I do believe with the commitment of the signatories to the peace agreement and the Liberian people, we can began the task of reconstruction and rebuilding of Liberia with a sense of nationalism free of tribalism, sectionalism and greed.

God Bless the works of our hands and save Liberia.

Sincerely yours,

David K. Flomo
North Carolina/USA